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14 hours ago

After a chaotic few months I delight in purposefully taking this weekend as time to reset and refresh and establish a healthy routine again. I’m embracing some quietude and time for contemplation and that’s starts with restarting the practice of using my 5 minute journal. #restart #refresh #reset #5minutejournal #health #wellness #mindfulness

17 hours ago

The format has not changed much from my years of journaling. And my reset, my separation is getting only harder, yesterday I didnt want to keep my saliva and tongue in my mouth. I strongly believe my job site was built on an ancient brothel, because that is where my head stays in the gutter. 🤷‍♀️ #5minutejournal #bulletjournal #25MAY at Chesapeake, Virginia

1 day ago

When I was a little girl I had this super awesome fuzzy pink diary I would literally live in. It was the beginning of my love for journaling. That habit stuck with me into my high school years and now my adult years. At the beginning of the school year I purchased my the 5 min journal for kids for my daughter. Though she’s just learning how to write. It was important for me to teach her the power of journaling. Every single morning and night her favorite thing to do with me is her journal. Tonight we will finish the last page. Which means tomorrow we will be heading to @indigo to purchase the second journal of the year. Super excited for when she’s a bit older and she’s able to have her own fuzzy pink diary to fill. #5minutejournal #dailyhabits at Vancouver, British Columbia

2 days ago

HELLO bank holiday Weekend!! 👋👋 . I hope you get a wonderful mini-break busy lovelies! I'm looking forward to my 5 minute journaling....the 5 min. time-frame spoke volumes to me, as do-able for busy mums 💖 & landed in my Amazon cart quickly! . . . . 📸 @nealsyardremedies at Huddersfield

4 days ago

Are you tired of working hard to make someone else rich. Have you heard or thought these this before... – go to school and get good grades so you can find a safe, secure job with good pay and great benefits -work hard so you can buy the home of your dreams. After all your home is an asset and your most important investment -by now, pay later -no money down low easy monthly payments ... When we blindly follow these words of advice, we become 1. employees-who make somebody else rich and make their dreams come true 2. debtors-making banks and money lenders rich 3. taxpayers-making the government rich 4. Consumers-making many other businesses rich ... Instead of creating our own financial freedom and health, we help everybody else create theirs. We end up working our whole lives as slaves to somebody else: our employers, our banks and creditors, and our “stuff”. ... Let’s create our own financial Fastrak together. 1. Create a personal financial statement 2. Set long term (5 yr) financial goals and short-term (1, 3 ur) financial goals 3. Re-create your personal financial statement with your new goals to see what your life will look like after achieving your goals ... To help us with our financial transformation, we are using a proven business system that helps people live healthier, happier, fulfilling lives while achieving our financial goals of... 1 yr goal-decrease debt and increase cash flow 3 yr goal-create a passive income stream 5 yr goal-be a Financially free full-time family ... What do your goals look like and how are you going to get there? ... Happy Wednesday!! ... ... ... #activefamily #healthyfamily #healthydad #christiandamily #fulltimefamily #travelingfamily #ergobaby #hikingfamily #5minutejournal #miraclemorning #preworkout #noles #audible #robertkiyosaki #coloradosprings #youversion #mindfullife #constructionmanagement #engineers #travelwork #travelworkout #aftershokz #oncloud #airfryer #instapot #sushirolls #nutribullet #perfectbar at Delicate Arch

4 days ago

Anyone can be motivated to do something that positively affects their life for a few days, but motivation alone will not stand the test of time. Life will test you on a daily basis. Will test your will to stay the course. Make a habit of that action and it will stick. Incorporate it into your routine so it just seems like the logical thing you should be doing next. Speaking of, time to meditate! Thanks @c.hylton for posting this. @fiveminutejournal #fiveminutejournal #5minutejournal #journaling #mindfulness #selfawareness at Sarasota, Florida

4 days ago

Today I am grateful for..."Dad, I was out in space"... ••• I recently started a new routine that I have been starting to do each morning which is writing down 3 things that I am grateful for and today my number 1 thing I wrote on my list was that I was grateful for my husband prioritizing our family. ••• Tonight when I showed up to the soccer field to do the kid shuffle (pick one up and drop one off) these two came walking over after practice. I could tell the little one was full of it and was all smiles after a good practice and schooling dad for not passing to her "Dad, I was out in space". The moment I heard this, saw the smiles and this image of these two my mind immediately went back to the first thing I wrote down this morning. ••• I am grateful that my husband has volunteered his time to coach her team and get this quality 1x1 time with her over a shared passion. I am grateful that as two full time working parents who work high stress corporate jobs that we are able to prioritize our family and that my husband plays an equal (sometimes I think even greater) role in this prioritization. ••• I could tell you how hard soccer days are and sometimes I do whine about it. But today, today I took that stress and I re-channeled it to gratefulness for my husband and his strong devotion to our family. ••• #5minutejournal #grateful #reflection #parenthood #ihavethebesthusband #soccermom #workingmom #gratitude #ilovemyhusband #bestdadintheworld

4 days ago

i won’t sit here and say it’s easy. ➖ focusing on yourself, your health, your mindset, your wellness journey. ➖ it’s not easy. but it’s so worth it! ➖ i’ve been there with the brain fog, migraines, anemia, vertigo, etc - and feeling like crap! ➖ if you’ve never had vertigo - just imagine the room is spinning while sober and it doesn’t stop when sitting or lying down. oh, and then the nausea that comes with that too. sounds like a fun time, right ➖ i’ve also been there with getting tired of all my crap - and knew i needed a change. ➖ it’s up to you if you stay stuck where you’re at - or you make that change towards your growth. ➖ i will never say it’s easy - but it’s so worth it. YOU are worth it. ➖ your health. your nutrition. your mindset. it matters. it can truly change your life if you’ll let it. ➖ and we get this one life - what are you waiting for? truly - stop putting off things for “tomorrow” because you think you’ll feel more “ready” then. ➖ Healthy and Happy Squad - 21 Day Challenge starts Monday - nutrition. mindset. workouts optional. online community. focus on lifestyle changes. focus on the life of happy and healthy! you ready to join us too? ➖ PS. because i love this group so much and i’m all about spreading the love - anyone who joins us by tomorrow will get an extra little gift from me too! at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

4 days ago

This is why I read everyday, it’s fuel for my soul. - While reading this, I realized that sometimes in life you just have to move, you just have to push. You’re going to fail, you’re going to get hurt, you’re going to be rejected. - But life isn’t that about what happens to you but how you respond to these challenges. - No matter what you’re going through, or where you’ve been, you can be healthier and happier. You can be great. It’s in you. It’s in each and every one of us. I believe that we were made to rise and shine. - And yes it’s going to be hard, and scary and you’re going to have ups and downs, but you know you were made to do something great. - So why quit now, you’ve come so far. You can quit anytime, so keep going! - Happy Tuesday! . . . #activefamily #healthyfamily #healthydad #christiandamily #fulltimefamily #travelingfamily #ergobaby #hikingfamily #5minutejournal #miraclemorning #preworkout #noles #audible #robertkiyosaki #coloradosprings #youversion #mindfullife #constructionmanagement #engineers #travelwork #travelworkout #aftershokz #oncloud #airfryer #instapot #sushirolls #nutribullet #perfectbar at Colorado Springs, Colorado

5 days ago

A Monday well spent brings a week of content 💛 Today I am so grateful for spending the day with my little man, starting my day with a workout that gave me energy for all day, the gorgeous weather, playing with new friends and the flexibility of working for myself!✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We’ve had a productive day filled with play, cleaning/decluttering & work! This doesn’t always happen, so today I feel proud! 🙌🏼 AND I wrapped up our coach info session here on IG, and I’m so excited to help the new babes joining our team build businesses of their own! 🎉 Tell me what you’re grateful for today!?💗👇🏼 at Brandon, Manitoba

5 days ago

Four years ago, I joined my wife to build a health and fitness business where we could help people and doing something that we love, while creating the time and financial freedom we want in our lives.👍 . But...I let fear and doubt overcome me. I quit, and since then I’ve been trying to figure out something else I could do. I’ve let the fear of past failures and worries about what others will think about me keep me from taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to live a healthy, fulfilling life.😬 . So, last week, I decided no more FEAR!!🥳 . Because of this business. I no longer have the fear of -being stuck in the rat race forever -not seeing my children grow up -not being there to raise them -not having an amazing marriage -not being able to give back to my parents and family the way they have given to me -waking up every day without a purpose and thinking, is this really it? 🙌🏼 So, no matter what happens now, I have a new hope, a plan, and a future. And I believe you do too! We were made to do great things, and for those of us willing to press through fear, we will do great things together!💫💫 . Happy Monday!!! . . . #christiandamily #fulltimefamily #travelingfamily #ergobaby #hikingfamily #5minutejournal #miraclemorning #preworkout #noles #audible #robertkiyosaki #coloradosprings #youversion #mindfullife #constructionmanagement #engineers #travelwork #travelworkout #aftershokz #oncloud #airfryer #instapot #sushirolls #nutribullet #perfectbar at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point

5 days ago

I guess friends and no friends will drop me for this pic and it is ok. 😁😄Too much bragging? 🤨Too much skin? 😎😎The truth is, I’m very thankful of my body and I’m proud of how much I have accomplished so far in my exercise routine. The key for me has been planning, organizing and scheduling my food and my activities every week... @brilliant_balance I have been doing this since 2013. Baby steps, trial and error. I know, it has been a looong journey 😩😩😩Lost 40 pounds and haven’t go back 😋. People called me crazy to dream on having a six pack at my age... well, I’m glad I keep pushing every single day👊🏽 Today, I don’t want to go to the gym and I don’t feel like eating clean but I’ll push again! 💪🏽 #mindsetresetmondays Haven’t reach my six pack just yet but I have Aztec-warrior- fighter-blood in me and I will keep pushing 💪🏽👊🏽💪🏽 #mexicanaporelmundo #mexicanwarrior Happy Monday! 😆🤣😀💖 #mindsetresetmondays #5minutejournal @ryderwear

6 days ago

We love hiking, so Colorado Springs has been an amazing experience for us🤩 . We’ve gone to a new place every weekend and I so look forward to these moments with Ashley and Christian all week long😍 . Today, we did Mount Muscoco Trail at Mt Cheyenne. It was beautiful and challenging😎 . I can’t wait until next weekend, AND the day when we get to do this every day as a family. What do you and your family do for fun? . . . #activefamily #healthyfamily #healthydad #christiandamily #fulltimefamily #travelingfamily #ergobaby #hikingfamily #5minutejournal #miraclemorning #preworkout #noles #audible #robertkiyosaki #coloradosprings #youversion #mindfullife #constructionmanagement #engineers #travelwork #travelworkout #aftershokz #oncloud #airfryer #instapot #sushirolls #nutribullet #perfectbar at Mt Muscoco

6 days ago

Smiling because I have the attitude of gratitude As a healthcare provider we see so many illnesses that I find more things to be grateful each day. I am grateful to leave my house, arrive at my destination & arrive back home safely each time. I am grateful I can breath & swallow on my own I am grateful I don’t take any medications I am grateful I have the opportunity to move my body each day I am grateful I can see, hear, taste, smell & feel An important change to my daily life is using the @fiveminutejournal book or the app;. The layout is such: 🌞: I am grateful for.... 🌞: What will I do to make today great? 🌞: Daily affirmations. I am... 🌚: 3 amazing things that happened today... 🌚: how could I have made today even better? Having this perspective on life doesn’t mean I am bubbly, don’t have bad days or unrealistic but I appreciate what I have & work each day to find ways to make my mental health better. Of note, May is mental health awareness month. It’s important in my opinion to do your best each day & recognize the good in your life. I’d love to hear one of your answers to the 5 minute journal, please share below one answer because I love learning & sharing with you all ⤵️ at Windsor, Colorado

7 days ago

We all tend to think about how everything else around us Should change…our spouse, work, boss, church, sports teams, friends, family, community, even our country and the world the world. 👍 But we rarely think about that change starting with us. 🤨 if we truly want a better life, a better family, a better marriage, better work, better friends, better health, better finances and a better future… 🤔 We “better” start changing ourselves. You can only change you and I can only change me, but if we both commit to changing for the better, like Mr. Trump says, we will make America great again. 🙌🏼 Always be, do, and give your best, and and we will have the best regardless of what everyone else is doing. . Happy Saturday! . . #activefamily #healthyfamily #healthydad #christiandamily #fulltimefamily #travelingfamily #ergobaby #hikingfamily #5minutejournal #miraclemorning #preworkout #noles #audible #robertkiyosaki #coloradosprings #f250 #youversion #mindfullife #wholefoodsmarket #constructionmanagement #engineers #travelwork #travelworkout #aftershokz #oncloud #airfryer #instapot #sushirolls #civilengineer at Colorado Springs, Colorado

9 days ago

Win Objective: Win every day. Do one productive activity every day this week that will move you closer towards achieving one of your larger life goals. Visit my blog (link in profile) for the full post. Photo by Manuel Meurisse @manuelmeurisse #win #wintheday #earntheday #rise #riseandgrind #overcome #fitness #fitnesschallenge #workout #workoutmotivation #selfdiscovery #selfimprovement #grattitude #personalstory #change #perseverance #journal #attitude #5minutejournal #mindful #mindset #thoughtful #thankful #everydaypsychology #personaltrainer #aubreymarcus #joerogan #dailymotivation

12 days ago

매일 아침쓰는 아침일기📒 #5minutejournal . . 조금씩 발전하는 아침이 되길 바라며

12 days ago

매일 아침쓰는 아침일기📒 #5minutejournal . . 조금씩 발전하는 아침이 되길 바라며

12 days ago

매일 아침쓰는 아침일기📒 #5minutejournal . . 조금씩 발전하는 아침이 되길 바라며

13 days ago

I can’t remember the last time I felt so wiped out. Spent literally all weekend in bed... tried to catch up on work at the shop today and lasted about an hour and nearly passed out 🤣 I’ve never had surgery before so not really sure what to expect but this can’t be normal right? It’s only a nose for goodness sake and it was 4 days ago... why has my whole body gone into shut down mode?? 😭 wishing I could teleport myself to this dreamy spot with a cuppa and a good book! 📷 @bellalulu.interiors 🖤 . . . . . . . . #theartofslowliving #theartoflivingwell #morningslikethese #journaling #gratitudejournal #inspiration #goodvibes #liveinspired #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #nourishyourself #inspirationdaily #lookwithin #justbreathe #lookwithin #5minutejournal #mindfulness #morningroutine #growthmindset #selflove #progressnotperfection #gratitudeattitude

14 days ago

"Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives" - @brenebrown . Do you practice gratitude daily? I personally started filling this #5minutejournal back in January and I love it! It's simple, makes you focus on what is important, set intentions and keeps you in the right mindset! 😌 . . . . #gratitude #journaling #joy #morningroutine #detoxtea #herbaltea #sundayvibes #lifestyle #inspiration #empower #dreamers #selfgrowth #leader #montreal #focus #motivation #positive #confidence #mindset at Greater Montreal

15 days ago

“Who you spend time with is who you become. ⁣ ⁣ Finding a positive peer group of people who challenge you ⁣ ⁣ and who are smarter than you will help you become a real-life superhero.”⁣ ⁣ That's a quote from my good friend @jimkwik ⁣and I was reminded of it when we were visiting with him yesterday!⁣ ⁣ 👇Tag a friend who you are grateful for and makes you better! 👇⁣ ⁣ P.S. Even Jim's dog Rocky is smart :) . . . . . . . . . . #learning #gratitude #inspiration #motivation #entrepreneur #dreams #lifequotes #quotes #business #success #mindset #5minutejournal #health #kwikbrain #kwiklearning #jimkwik #superbrain #lesson #reading #books #readersareleaders #feedyourmind #masteryourmind #productivity #selfcare #superbrain #kwikchallenge #1bookaweek

16 days ago

Journey Objective: Reflect on your life’s journey. How have you strayed from your original plans and what have you learned along these detours? Visit my blog (link in profile) for the full post. Photo by Vlad Bagacian @bladvagacian #journey #adventure #personalstory #workout #workoutmotivation #grattitude #change #journal #fitness #fitnesschallenge #challenge #change #selfdiscovery #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #everydaypsychology #thoughtoftheday #thoughtful #family #riseandgrind #perseverance #5minutejournal #journal #journaling #attitude #resilience #goals #goalsetting #objective

17 days ago

How do you start your day 🧐?? I’m up at 05:00 Monday to Friday and jump on the 06:00 train to work. For me, this 70 minute journey is MY time. It’s when I really start my day. I use my #5minutejournal to reflect on the day before, document my gratitude and set some affirmations for my day 💕. Then I listen to podcasts 🤓 and drink my coffee ☕️. For me, setting your day up with mindfulness and positivity is incredibly important in world which is so fast paced and almost too convenient. For example, what’s to stop someone from taking a healthy approach to nutrition, exercise and improving their lifestyle☀️?? The answer is themselves a lot of the time. I believe, that in order to plant belief in others that they can change, they need support 👯‍♀️ and educated ⚡️. Whilst this is something I feel I’m good at, I recognise the need for bringing others along the path with you rather than firing ahead like a tornado 🌪. I’ve exciting times ahead and want to share this with you, more so, I hope some of you will join me!! #newchallenge #reflection #positivevibes #startyourdayright #gratitude #lifestyle #wellness #bonbabe #arbonne #morning

17 days ago

I’m back on my journaling game. Making sure to start and end my day with gratitude! . . Our daily habits have the greatest effect on overall health and well-being. . . My most effective daily habits are: . 1. 8 hours of sleep usually 6.5-7 at night and then a nap during the day. #naplife 2. Five Minute Journal - it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you constantly remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for. 3. Exercise - see my previous post for my thoughts and feels on exercise and it’s importance. 4. Tracking my food - pay attention to what you eat, how it makes you feel, and how you perform. 5. Find a way to be helpful in some way. I love feeling useful not used. at Lawrence, Kansas

18 days ago

The daily quote from The five minute journal. It is a gratitude journal that I’ve been doing every morning for the past two years. It’s made a huge positive impact on my life and I feel the difference every day. #5minutejournal #gratitude #gratitudejournal 😀

18 days ago

I have really struggled finding a morning routine in the last few months😐! I hear it all the time that if you want to own your day, you need a morning routine(The Miracle Morning: Hal Elrod)!The more I heard that and saw people being consistent AF in the morning, the more I just accepted the fact I’m a snooze alarm shit show🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . Turns out, I was trying to just copy others routines and make them into my own instead of finding what works for ME! I also did small steps towards what I really wanted my morning to look like and I am finally getting there🙌🏻 . . . It’s not perfect, I mean I slept in yesterday and didn’t do ANY of my routine🤣 But today while drinking my pre, in my workout room, I filled out my 5 minute journal, read for 10 minutes, and got my sweat on before 4:30am. . . . This has taken me almost 3 weeks to nail, a lot of trial and error, and I will keep tweaking it! So do what lights you up, what fills your cup up, not just what you see other people doing ✌🏻

18 days ago

🤫 [2019.05.07] #gratitude It doesn’t happen everyday that your child gets injured playing a catcher and somehow a ball finds its way to hit his knee to move his kneecap! And it doesn’t happen everyday that he’s due at bat soon after that, facing a tie game with two outs! And it’s not everyday that he gets a biggest hug from his coach for bringing home a win for the team!!! So proud of him! * I am grateful for… 1. Cameron who wants to improve and progress! 2. All his coaches who believe in him and invest their energy and time in him!!! 3. my husband not being at the game today that I was recording this video for him to capture this awesome moment!!! 🤣👍 #thankful #gratitudechallenge #gratitudejournal #thekimfamilystory #gratitudechangeseverything #5minutejournal #momlife #momofboys #mybabyforever #baseballmom #baseballmomlife #littleleaguebaseball #littleleague #capturedthemoment #gamewinning #ghll #proudmama #gamewinninghit #teamhuddle #야구스타그램 #littleleaguemom #baseballboys #momblog #walkoffhit #losangelesangels #goangels #letsgoangels #angelsvsdodgers #dodgersvsangels

18 days ago

Repost by @reposta.app_ ——— Being grateful takes effort sometimes I know! It’s hard to find things to be grateful for in your life right now but when you truly look, You will find plenty. . . . Be grateful for the air you breathe, the clothes on your back, the weather; rain, hail or shine, your family and friends around you, the roof over your head, the bed you sleep in, to be alive, your health, your motivation, your love for others, feeling loved, to feel heartbreak, for the lessons learnt, for the wrong turns, for the fire in your heart, for each and every day, for everything in your life right now. . . . Being grateful will change your perspective in an instant and make you much more appreciative for what you have. Get out of the negative mindset and start LIVING today. . . . . What are you grateful for in your life right now??? . . . . . . Happy Monday! . . . #selfcareseptember #selflove #gratitude #grateful #positivity #personaldevelopment #yoga #positivevibes #mentalhealth #mentalclarity #happiness #thinkbetter #mentalawareness #positivethinking #thinkpositive #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #treatyourselfbetter #lookafteryourself #pregnantyogi #appreciation #yogapractice #yogaprinciples #yogalove #yogi #before5amclub #5minutejournal #before5am #mindsetiseverything #mondaymotivation

19 days ago

How many of you take time out to reflect on what you want to get out of the day ahead?? I recently started this 5 minute journal and it has helped me be more focused and intentional in the day ahead! It really works especially if you are not big on writing! 😊 The days I don’t sit and write a few things down and pray I feel really frazzled.😔 I just wanted to share a bit of what I’m learning. I know, I know...your thinking Melissa, I’ve heard that before. but have you really done it for any length of time and consistently? I challenge you to do a simple journal if you have never done one. Just to get your feet wet! I think you will be amazed at what God can do with your day! Have a blessed day!🙏🏻 #apricotlanemb #coastalgrandmall #5minutejournal #beintentionaleveryday #Godisgreat

19 days ago

Do you practice gratitude? . I’ll be honest I currently have stressors in my life that I’m trying to handle. I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more negative minded with certain things and this journal was a recommendation to me. . I know it can help and work. I’ve heard it time and time again how affirmations and gratitude can change your mindset and perspective on life. I guess I just need to try it for myself and see if they are right. . What’s the worst that can happen?

21 days ago

Sunday is a time to reflect on your week and take notes of what should be done for the next. I’m absolutely not an organized person but I try to be. I think successful people are usually very goal oriented and thats what I’m trying to be! On that note.. Ramadan kareem 🌙 Enjoy ur family and friends and try to be a good person. Make sure you always respect yourself first. Do what you think is right for you. Be there for those who love you and support others even if they dont support you. Empowering others makes you stronger and thats a fact! Love you and to my muslim loves, be strong this month and enjoy!!💕 It is truly a blessed month, I can always feel it🥰 at Greater Montreal

21 days ago

☀️Helllooo Sunday ! So happy about the sunny weekend! 😎 #success is making progress 🙋🏻‍♀️even if slowly but surely #journal writing 📝is probably the best way to track progress and make your #gratitude increase your #happiness and be more #zen 🙏 This week was tough with the rainny weather and excess days of work in a row... Reading back on my January 2019 written #goals made me realise how much I had accomplished in 4 months 🙌🙌although at that moment I was feeling the opposite 🤔😯 #5minutejournal #compounding happiness : be 1% kinder, more generous, 1% at a time - @anilguptausa . #objectifs2019 #objectifs #progress #journalwriting #keeptrack #bonheur #ecrire #buts #naturopathe #betterversionofyourself #mindset

21 days ago

Loved this 5-minute Journal from @aloyoga. It’s the perfect gift 🎁 at Alo Yoga

22 days ago

Looking at the weekend like... ☺ . . Saturdays are my fave, especially Saturday mornings. Morning routines, I love them! Depending on how busy my day is looking it could include: writing in my #5minutejournal where I practice gratitude, reading an inspiring book, listening to motivational podcasts or of course Netflix! There's something about the total freedom the weekend gives me that excites me. . Love this shot with the open door - every step of the way during the good and the bad challenges a door opens in front of us and we don't totally close it behind us as it serves a reminder of how far we have come ♡ . . #communion #firstcommunion #saturday #weekendishere #saturdayvibes #communionseason #motivation #lifemoments #naturalpose #candid #creative #happiness #smile #family #familymoments #torontophotographer #toronto #torontophotography #toronto #mintroomstudios #mintroomballroom #styled #torontostudio #photoshoot #lucky #blessed #passion #inspiration #grateful #blessed at Toronto, Ontario

22 days ago

My hubster , our Fanny , our home 🏠, happiness, health , family and good friends is all that’s really needed ! I feel truly blessed tonight thinking of all the things I’m lucky to have in my little piece of the planet 🌎 I’m grateful for the creative and wonderful people we are surrounded with and the creative energy that propels us to make our dreams come true ! #lucky #blessed #future #grateful #thepowerofnow #5minutejournal #smiling #proud at Mississauga, Ontario

22 days ago

YOU SHOULD BE KEEPING A JOURNAL ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A lot of us kept journals or diaries as a kid. For me, it was a way to sort my thoughts out, whether they be happy, sad, angry or glad. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As an adult, journalling has continued to be an extremely effective tool. Personal thoughts, business thoughts, fitness and nutrition tracking, etc. A journal has helped in all situations. Life moves fast and it's easy to let small but important information pass by unnoticed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Journaling can be a way to rewind for a minute and look at your thoughts and experiences with an outside view. I have seen journaling make a MASSIVE difference for myself and so many others. Like most things, it's sometimes uncomfortable and difficult to start. If you need help getting started, reach out!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Please let me know in the comments if you have tried journaling and how it helped! at Calgary, Alberta

2 months ago

While walking and chatting with a good friend today we thought of another thing a handmade book could be used for: Start a practice of really listening to your kids' questions (I don't mean the "why is it bedtime" questions ). Start writing those questions down in a book. Here's an entry I'll add to James's question book: How do you become the ruler of the world with just words? But I'll also add ones like: What is hemitite? The kinds of questions we can come back to. What would it be like to look back on so many of the questions you asked as a kid! #preservingcuriosity #handmadevoices #books #journaling #kidsbooks #bookstagram #bookcovers #bookarts #thingskidssay #5minutejournal