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16 hours ago

💕🎂Joyeux anniversaire à mes 2 amours que j'aime plus que tout au monde et qui me comble de bonheur de jour en jour 🎂💕 Une journée parfaite et inoubliable en famille avec de la bonne humeur, du soleil, un bon repas et des cadeaux à gogos 🥰☀️🍰🍾🥂🎁 #anniversaire #pèrefille #mesamours #meschéris #bonheur #amourinconditionnel #1an #34ans #famille #vieà3 #souvenir #inoubliable #happybirthday #1year #34years #double #fatheranddaughter #myloves #love #happiness #forever #familytime #sunnyday #bluesky

18 hours ago

Celebrating this amazingly beautiful woman on our 34th wedding anniversary today! I truly am not worthy, but am so grateful and blessed to share my life with the greatest woman I will ever know. I love you so much!! #happyanniversary #34years #420

21 hours ago

Happy anniversary to the most amazing people in my life, although my father is gone his love was so great that it will forever live on. I pray for a love like this. #34years

21 hours ago

GRÀCIES Feia dies que no penjava res, així que aprofito l'avinentesa per agrair a totes les persones que, des dels canals més convencionals fins als més inesperats, amb més anticipació o més retard, amb regal o sense, van trobar el moment per recordar-se de mi i em van felicitar pel meu aniversari. I també als que no em van felicitar, perquè una cosa no treu l’altra i absolutament tota persona que forma part de la meva vida i a qui estimo té un lloc al meu cor. La data del meu aniversari em porta molts records i no tots agradables. L'any passat en aquest dia estava enfonsat en la misèria i ara miro enrere, veig la diferència abismal entre llavors i ara i no puc estar més que agraït, agraït i agraït a totes les persones que d'una manera o altra m'heu fet companyia i m'heu ajudat a avançar en aquest tram tan dur del camí. Si no fos per totes i cadascuna de les vostres aportacions segurament no hauria arribat fins aquí. És només per vosaltres que segueixo endavant. #gracies #gracias #thanks #aniversari #cumpleaños #birthday #34 #34anys #34años #34years #retrospectiva #retrospective

23 hours ago

Happy Anniversary to this guy💘 #34years

1 day ago

#Repost @hustlechiefskillz · · · · #GMWorld 🙏🏿 34 years ago they ain't know who I was 🤔..... #34years later they came out with this #searchengine #google ... I said I'll be on that #bih #nolie ..... anything to do with #Chiefskillz👽 I made it... #trusttheprocess #believeinyourself #OnGod #MyKids #MyBoo #selfmade cant shit stop me,I been counted in since I kicked in da door.... Iam me... #mybrotherskeeper been him... 💨💨💨 #420 #Happy420 #kush 💨💨💨💨💨💧🌊🦉🐐 smk sunnin for me anyway... #WatchMe at Michigan

1 day ago

#GMWorld 🙏🏿 34 years ago they ain't know who I was 🤔..... #34years later they came out with this #searchengine #google ... I said I'll be on that #bih #nolie ..... anything to do with #Chiefskillz👽 I made it... #trusttheprocess #believeinyourself #OnGod #MyKids #MyBoo #selfmade cant shit stop me,I been counted in since I kicked in da door.... Iam me... #mybrotherskeeper been him... 💨💨💨 #420 #Happy420 #kush 💨💨💨💨💨💧🌊🦉🐐 smk sunnin for me anyway... #WatchMe at Michigan

2 days ago

34 ans qu'un homme dur et fort est né, homme respectueux avec des valeurs, monsieur Karim Zenoud, passé par de nombreux chemins difficiles dans sa jeunesse il a réussi à s'en sortir et à devenir le meilleur rappeur Français, encore bon anniversaire el tigre 🎉🐅❤️ ! #DZ #LACRIM #ELTIGRE #34YEARS #RAPGAME

2 days ago

Συνεχίζουμε το γενέθλιο μήνα μας, οδεύοντας προς το Πάσχα με νέες παραλαβές, καινούργιες προτάσεις γεύσεων και πάντα με μεράκι και παράδοση στον καλό καφέ! ☕ #coffeetime #coffeeroasters #coffee #kafekopteio #34years #kafesmantziris #instacoffee #volos #greekcoffee #coffeecorner . We continue on our birthday month, getting closer to Easter, with new arrivals, products and always with respect and tradition to the best possible coffee experience! ☕ #roastery #friday #birthday #coffeeart #tradition #newarrivals #coffeelovers #espresso #brew #quality #specialtycoffee at Vólos

2 days ago

One of the most amazing things in life, are your parents. They make you who you are and who you aren’t. Personally, I never grew up with material things or money. Even though I grew up in a city where all of my friends had everything $ value from the moment they were born, I was lucky to even get onto a sports team. But here is what I know. My parents always did their best by me. Never perfect but perfect to me. A lot of my teenage years I didn’t understand why I couldn’t have what everyone else had. I have known now for long ass time that all of those things don’t matter nor will they ever. They listen, they care and they love me immensely. They are my best friends and always have been. We laugh and FaceTime every day. Joke as if we have been friends forever. For those reasons and many more, I am rich. I am so rich I don’t know what to do with it! #pitbullsarelove loveconquersall #family #parents #life #momanddad #richwithlove #appreciationpost #34years #mypeople #instapost #familyblog #justathought #myblurb

3 days ago

Hello friends! 🙋🏼‍♀️ A lot has changed this past year and I haven't been on social media much, so I figured it's a perfect time for a fun fact update! 🤗 So, here you go... . . 1. Where did you grow up? We moved every few years or so, but I spent the first 7 years in/around Annapolis, Maryland, then 5 years in Virginia Beach, then moved to Amish Country Pennsylvania for high school. (This might finally explain a few things about me) 😜 2. Where do you currently live? San Diego 🌴🌞 . . 3.Dogs or Cats? Definitely dogs 🐾 4. Funniest moment throughout high school? I honestly couldn't pick one. I got in trouble a LOT for laughing 😬 5. Are you in/have you gone to college? Spent 7 years working through school and only ended up with an Associate's Degree. Then got into Real Estate investing and the rest is history 🏡 6. Tell me about something you really regret? Not keeping in touch with old friends when I moved after high school (Where was Facebook back then?) 👭🏼 . . 7. What is your spirit animal and why? A Butterfly 🦋 I felt super lost as a kid... kinda hiding in my own shell for the longest time.  As I started living on my own and figuring out who I had become and who I actually wanted to be, I sprouted wings and found myself.  I sold all my stuff, moved across the country to sunny California, married my best friend, and never looked back. 💕 8. You’re wearing perfume, what scent is it? CLEAN Reserve: Amber Saffron 9. Pet peeves? Disingenuousness 🤨 10. Have any books you read changed your life? "Enders Game" - the 1st book to really shock me. Made me completely fall in love with books 📚 11. What is one mistake you've made recently? Thinking it was a great idea to renovate our new home with a brand new baby 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . 12. How would you describe your fashion sense? Depends on the day 😂🙈. . . 13. What scares you the most and why? Falling. I have developed this INSANE fear of heights since having a baby 😱 . . 14. Do you have any bad habits? Leaving glasses of water everywhere like the girl in "Signs". I mean, you never know when you'll need them, right!? 🥛 15. Tell us one thing about you that we wouldn’t know?  I am secretly shy 🤫 at The Flower Fields

3 days ago

It has indeed been an emotional year for me, my family and some close friends. The blessings are many, the testimonies are uncountable. And there has been so many sober reflections too. This month particularly has been exceptional. April just has its way of bringing beauties to my family (extended too) and I. So, I can only be grateful for these and many more. Thank You Jesus. Happy 34th Birthday to me. Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary in arrears (2days ago) to my parents ...and to you Omoby and Ttops @omobyy @awoyemi_ta ... Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary in advance. #swipe #birthdaygirl #34years #wiserandyounger #thankyouJesus

5 days ago

I nehinei, ua piha nā makahiki he 34 i ka Pūnana Leo o Honolulu kekahi, ʻo ia ke kula ʻelua o nā kula ma ka moʻokūʻahau o nā Pūnana Leo he 12 e kū nei. Hauʻoli Lā Hoʻokumu i ka Pūnana Leo o Honolulu! 15 ʻApelila 1985. Mahalo i nā ʻohana a pau i komo a kōkua i ke kula mai kinohi a i kēia lā. #PūnanaLeoOHonolulu #LāHoʻokumu #Piha34Makahiki #34Years #AHuaAPaneAPaneAHua #HawaiianMediumEducationPreschools #EOlaKaʻŌleloHawaiʻi #YearofIndigenousLanguages #IYIL2019

5 days ago

Hj eu tô de parabéns! #34years

5 days ago

Je ne suis pas riche d'argent ni de matériel. Mais je suis gâté en Amour, Amitié, Valeurs... je ne sais pas ce que me réserve l'avenir mais on m'a paré de bonnes armes... #34years #changetherules #mylife

5 days ago

Happy anniversary, mom and dad! Thankful that there is a middle point between Lansing and Sand Lake, makes weekend dinners easier to get all 9 of us together! #34years #soblessed #godgavemethebest

6 days ago

Hoje completo mais um ano da minha vida, e não poderia estar mais feliz por isso. É mais um ciclo que se fecha,e outro que se inicia, foram infinitas oportunidades, muitas bênçãos, muitos sorrisos e também algumas lágrimas. E tudo acumulado é experiência que assimilei, amor que ganhei, tristezas que deixei partir... É bom viver e melhor ainda é saber viver! Obrigada, meu Deus, pela vida e pelos instrumentos que tenho à minha disposição para poder viver! #34years #happybirthday #blessed #happyday #I am growing up #god #monday #Myday #smile at Natal-Rn ( Cidade do sol )

7 days ago

This was a great conclusion to a great weekend. Launching this music was the perfect end to my 33rd year of life and a fantastic beginning to my next season. Tomorrow I forge ahead with a new posture and a new perspective on what God is getting ready to accomplish in my life!!! I thank everyone who came to celebrate today and those who supported my music all weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do and I’m so glad that I have so many great people in my corner to help me accomplish it! #BirthdayParty #AlreadyDone #April15 HappyBirthday!! #LaunchWeekend #TyrusBush #34years

7 days ago

Sunday Selfie.. My family time is most important and I try my hardest to be my best self..to have balance is so hard as a Working mom, I couldnt do it without my amazing Family, Friends and Clientele.. To have my Salon voted best in four categories is an incredible moment 1)Best Hair Salon ( voted for the last 3 out of 4 years) 2)Best Beauty Professional (Clare Master Esthetician) 3)Favorite Spa 4)Favorite Professional (Kynda Hair Designer) ..all the hard work, long hours and incredible teamwork, is recognized by you, is just so humbling.. I am so thankful, for my family that supports my career that I love, through my long hours, giving up personal time to help me with Salon maintenance, supplies and responsibilities, understanding that I cant make everything because I have responsibilities..The hard work that I have given my career has hit my goals out of the park. Being a Hairdesigner has been so rewarding, I have made so many friendships behind the Chair, grown as woman. And my dreams, goals came true that I made so many years ago. This is a major milestone in my life, and I am so thankful..and dam proud of myself, and my team. #redkenartist #hairnerd #hairdesigner #hairstylist #salonowner #hairextensions #makeupartist #34years #dream #believe #achieve #graysharbor #aberdeenwa #seabrookwa #montesanowa #olympiawa #smalltown at Studio II Hair Designers & Day Spa