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1 day ago

Noah at church ⛪️ yesterday looking all fly. 😉 Who we use to call our little bear 🐻 has become our full of life lion 🦁. I thought I’d update you on him since it has been a while. 👇🏼 🦁He told me he was going to the store. I asked him which store. He told me Target 🎯. (I may have a problem. 😶) 🦁He was trying to put on his shoes and told me he was going to work. 🦁 He told me he wanted to go on the plane ✈️ to Arizona. Then named all his cousins. 🥰 Then freaked out when he couldn’t go that second. 🦁He is starting to take bites of new foods and says he is big and strong like his daddy. ☺️ 🦁He put on one sock and shoe all by himself today. He is super determined. 🦁You know he is your son when you go to the store and he chooses a beef stick over M&M’s. 🤣 🦁He is doing very well potty training for number 1. Number 2 is going to take some time. 😳 🦁 Recently he has been very interested in helping me cook. 🦁 He has been working on chores. Setting the table, feeding Ruby, puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, takes his shoes/socks off and puts them away, tries to dress himself, throws trash, carries a bag for me when we get groceries, vacuums, and picks up his toys. Sometimes he will wash the dishes with me. He LOVES to help. 🦁 He knows all of his primary colors, can count to 10, (Working on 11-20), can hold up 2 when asked how old he is, and does very well sorting and putting puzzles together. 🦁Favorite sport: Hockey 🏒 🦁Favorite requested food: Soup 🥣 🦁Favorite dessert: Ice Cream/Cake pop 🦁Favorite toys: He bounces from his trains, cars, and Superheroes. He is doing more imaginary play. He will change his voice really deep. It’s so cute! 🦁Favorite crafts: Obsessed with stickers right now! But likes to color daily. 🦁Favorite Movie: The Incredibles 2. He calls it “Guy” 🤣 or “Trouble” and The Grinch. 💚 🦁 Favorite Song: All songs. He is like is mama. 💃🏻 🦁 Bad Habit: Recently thinks it is funny to put his finger in his nose. 😳🤢🙅🏻‍♀️ (Trying to stop that real quick!) He is our strong willed boy but also has the most loving heart. 💙 #noahmichael #fulloflife #2andahalf #update at North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

3 days ago

Playing with popsicles sticks... this activity is so easy to setup - just take 4 popsicles sticks and put them together while drawing a shape on them then mix all the sticks and let your little one find the shapes and put them back together ! 🌟❤️ #brightonmums #kids #instakids #toddler #kidsactivity #kidsactivityideas #happykids #happykidshappymom #playlearngrow #activitiesforkids #activitesenfants #activitesmanuelles #enfants #enfantsheureux #viedemaman #momlife #mumandson #2andahalf at Brighton

5 days ago

Happy Valentines Day to the first person who literally has a piece of my heart ♥️ Zoè Madelyn is my first born, and has changed my life. I wish I could say I couldn’t imagine my life prior to her, but to be honest, I have always looked forward to being able to bring my kids everywhere, and do everything. I know that kids mimic everything they see and hear, and that is why I’m excited to always have her around me. She gets to see me, for who I truly am. I am looking forward to instilling her the foundation that will empower her to be a smart, confident, indepndnent woman that knows her worth in the world! I love you! #happyvalentinesday #valentines #love #zoe #daddysgirl #daughter #family #1stborn #2andahalf #forever #vday #happy #daddy #baby #blessed at San Diego, California

6 days ago

Happy 1/2 Birthday To My Babygirl Kaylee Marie 💝🎉 I Love You So Much Princess 👸🏽🎊 #2AndAHalf 🎈

7 days ago

To the girl that made us parents...you may be a terrible two lately but we love you so dang much. Just know even though you’re a crazy little pea you will always have your daddy wrapped around you’re cute little fingers. We love this stage with you and enjoy watching you learn and grow every single day!Happy half birthday Maloree Jules. #halfbirthday #2AndAHalf #MaloreeJules #MaloreeIs2 #terribletwos #airforcefamily #sanantonio #sanantoniomoms #sahm #wahm at San Antonio, Texas

8 days ago

Today we ticked off Williams eye test off the list of appointments and people we have to see. Will was great and the optometrist was amazing! She was great with children and they had ample toys and distractions. We would highly recommend her to anyone! William obviously didn’t like what was happening and at times really didn’t want to be involved but we got there in the end enough to know that his eyes look great! She now wants us to come back in 1-2 years to re check, but other than that we can pretty much cross that off the list. . While waiting for the eye drops to work we waited in the waiting room where we enjoyed a good 40 minutes of LEGO play, we all loved it, even Oscar was getting involved. . Usually my mum watches Atticus for us so we are able to get through the appointment a bit easier, I’m so grateful for this, today she picked him up at 6:45am and let him accompany her for the day. He loves his nanny 😍 @jajabinax3 😘😘 . Thankfully Doug has always prioritised being there for us, he always makes a big effort to make it to these appointments to be a support for not only me but William. We both appreciate it 💕 . Yesterday I received the letter that lady cilento hospital has received his hearing test referral and he will receive an appointment within a year. He has to be put under general anaesthetic so I’m happy with this as it’s not a concern, just a precautionary measure. Although it needs to be done, I’m not keen to rush it. Towards the end of this month and the next we have a lot of appointments🙈 Two with the speech therapist and occupational therapist, a social worker visit to the house and a developmental paediatrician appointment. Hopefully after all of this we will have more of insight in what may be happening in this little guys head 😍 . . #eyetest #optometrist #bigboy #2andahalf #toddler #ourjourney #raisinglittlecrowleys #eyesatnarangba #roadtodiagnosis #speechdelaykids #speechdelay #smiles

12 days ago

The light of my life is 2 1/2 today! Half way to 3! Where has time gone?! She brings soo much love & joy to my life. She is so silly, funny and loving & I am so incredibly in love with the person she is becoming and the person she is. I love you, Caroline! #carolineaugust #2andahalf at McAllen, Texas

12 days ago

I’m raising a free thinker. Conscious of not planting my own opinions + beliefs into Orlando, many of those my own stories + beliefs programmed into me from childhood, I want him to always know that he is enough. That he is loved more then he can ever imagined + that he is perfect the way he is. We are all imperfect humans here on a journey of growth so embrace it! Be you, authentically you, allow your children to be authentically them + question everything, settle at nothing 🖤 #conciousparenting

14 days ago

Oh my, the energy these 3 toddlers had tonight in their short get together was adorable while little baby Troy enjoyed getting snuggles from grandma and Auntie Bee! I heard grandma so many times (which thrilled me) trying to get my attention .... like maybe I'd forgotten them for 5 seconds! Lol! Another memory was made tonight! 👣👣👣👣❤❤❤❤ #oliver #2andahalf #kora #2years #tessa #2years #troy #5weeks at Omaha, Nebraska

14 days ago

Is it just me or is anyone else out there sooooo not a selfie person 🙈. But today I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, making peace with my current metal mouth + putting my self care first! It might have taken me half the day to get ready in between toddler wrangling, work, cleaning (which the place has been trashed again 😭) + being a little dude’s snack organiser, but I’m about to head out the door! Meditation, @shaktimats + journaling done! Shower + exfoliation, face mask + makeup done and I’ve even brushed my hair - winning! Multitasking at its finest! Now to take the little guy out for sushi and the movies. We were hoping to watch How to Tame Your Dragon (my choice obvs) but it looks like it’s not on so Mary Poppins it is. Let’s see how this goes! x

15 days ago

This girl lives for crafting and snacking. I wonder who she takes after? 🤔😂 2 and a half is a wonderful age 🖤 #MarthaElsie