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Happy Birthday Jojo I love you so much. It's crazy how fast time goes, you're already a teenager what the heck. I remember when you were born and I wasnt the baby anymore and I was confused why Lol but it's ok I got over it anyway I love you my handsome guy. From your Favorite Tia / Big Sister ❤ #13yearsold

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Tournament time!!!

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13 YEARS AGO🙀 in a small hospital nestled in the middle of Iwakuni Japan, we welcomed our first blonde haired boy into this world and into our family. Weighing 7lbs 9oz, 19 inches long. In true Nathan style, his birth was the most unique of all 4 and everyday since he's used the world as his stage. His dramatic outlook on life and the way that he lives every day, is that of a true entertainer. Watching him find who he is and grow into such an amazing young man (full teenage attitude and all) has been incredible and having him as my son, has been such a tremendous blessing. I’ve learned so much from raising him so far and I can’t wait to see what tremendous things you accomplish in the years to come. With that, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Nathan! I love you more than any Facebook post can express. What an amazing 13 years you’ve had! #13yearsold #happybirthday #birthdayboy #ilovemyson

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Another busy Sunday Limerick slow dance 2019 , poor psige was not well today Burning a temperature with the flu but still did so well 1st place u14 champ slow top 3 in open champ/prem slow and also made freestyle finals super proud of her and grateful to her teacher gilly oyt fitz at on your Toes now to get her better for next weekend x😘❤️🥰🏆 #dancecompetition #competitivedancer #winner #finalist #champ #13yearsold #irish #beautiful #proudmom #dancersofinstagram #livelifelovedance #freestyle #freestyleslowdance #3trophys #toughcookie #poorlygirl #limerick #diamond #oyt #culturekid

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thank you allah for giving me the age of 13 years. hope that at the age of 13 I can become a better person. stay focused on education and boast of my parents. hope I can achieve what I want to achieve. thank you for 13 years God. . . . . . #happybirthday #18february #13yearsold at Dimana-Mana Hatiku Senang

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Happy birthday Kesselhaus at Kesselhaus

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That my team👅 aka my birthday is tomorrow😘😘 #13yearsold 🙈🙉👅👅

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Ti je.. tik taku i zemres time ❤ je finalizim i cdo endre...... qe kisha thurur me pare per jeten, se ti solle gezim ne familjet tona,Aleksi jone cdo kush do ta donte nje djal te embel dhe te edukuar si ty ti bir deshirat i ke te medha shpresoj shume ti arrish synimet qe i ke ven vetes. Gjate 13 viteve jam perballur me shum pyetje nga ty qofte dhe nga ato te veshtirat fare qe te len me shpatulla pas murit😃po cdo gje ka kaluar per mrekulli dhe une mendoj se te kam dhen informacjone dhe keshilla te mjaftushme........mbase nuk jam ajo mami ideale qe femijet e saj i kenaq me patatina dhe lengje te ngjyrosura apo ushqime te pashendetshme nuk kam dashur vet te jem kaq perfekte bir .....te betohem nuk e kam len kurre per para ......e kam bere per tju mbrojtur per te qene me te fort per te qen femij me imunitet te hijshem te bukur ashtu sic ju ka fal i madhi Zot ne qofte se do me jepej ndonjehere nje medalje ata jeni ju😘😘 qofsha apo jo ne kete bote do jem gjithmon pran jush si mbeshtetja me e fort ju dua🤩😘😘....... . . . . . . #myson #mumlove #13yearsold #sport #basketball #talent #fotomodelt

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Nie mam idealnego wyglądu, Nie mam idealnego wzrostu, Ani idealnego charakteru. Nie jestem idealna, bo nikt nie jest ideałem. I nie zamierzam się zmieniać 😏 #girl #baloons #13yearsold #instaphoto

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Okay so you’re finally 13, which is honestly such a mood. But honestly though you’re really good at iMessage games like honestly how?! But you’re super fun to hang around, even tho you did give me the wrong address and I went to the wrong house which was mad weird.😂 But no, your a good friend and always have quality meme content. I hope you enjoy being 13? I dunno what to say like yea. You’re really good at taking boomerangs in Central Park too, like woah! My all time favorite memory has to be New York with the guy selling the Ponchos.😂 But yea, Jacoby your finally 13. And hopefully this year brings amazing new adventures.🦖🦖🦖🦖 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #followforfollowback #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #cool #pal #friend #13yearsold #1 #3 #February #life #school #now #funny #memes #imessagegames #weird #awesome #cool #hashtag #break #weekend #instagram #explorepage #explore

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i spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open, looking for answers. also food.