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2 days ago

Solid week with the team and friends testing at Jers track. Place is unreal

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3 days ago

TBT To when Jer won the deshambault national. I want this picture at my house but there is zero chance my mom gives it up.

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4 days ago

Happy birthday to this lunatic ! @huber191

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5 days ago

Testing week in Ottawa, nice to get back to the ranch.

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12 days ago

It’s nice that it’s nice.

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15 days ago

I was feeling rage about how terrible the rental service was. Just before I opened my mouth with something subtle and sarcastic some dude spoke from the heart. Smile grew like the grinch.

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20 days ago

In the battle. Things were rockin all night, bike was awesome and felt great. Came together with another rider in the second turn of the final and race was over. Gotta put the pieces together next week then onto the real deal racing outside. @monsterenergyastarskawasaki @lissimorephoto

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28 days ago

Poppy’s 2nd birthday! Xoxo @joanneacooke came through with the Peppa cake

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2 months ago

Almost time to ride up home

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