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@supershara  Black poet. Teaching artist. Vegan snack champ. Former stoop kid. Aspiring world traveler. Fashion enthusiast. #butimcrazy

27 days ago

This is a thing many people don’t allow themselves, #grace. We live in the time of oversharing, thanks to social media. We think we have to be “perfect”, or our paths LINEAR... & that’s just not real life. Some of us learn (and apply) lessons early & for some of us it takes a lifetime. Whatever the case, allow space for the grace to make mistakes, figure it out, and get aligned with yourself. Forget perfection, get together with grace. #homefrequency #youcandoit #alignment

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1 month ago

To my #roommates: thanks for all the late nights of watching “A Million Little Things” and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago”, laughs, 4AM bars, opening the door when I forgot my keys, wine, snacks, and #girltalk. It’s been a blast. Let’s schedule some FT dates and come visit soon. Love y’all! 💗✨ #itssohardtosaygoodbye #babies #chicago at ISA Studios

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1 month ago

A #vibe for 2019. Selfies that are super or super selfies. Super as a word for the new year & this #super I possess is effortless, is not to be fucked with, is growing, is grounded, is knowing that to be super you have to #unafraid to be a bad bish. ✨ #baddie #selfie #glowedup at Chicago, Illinois

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2 months ago

In 2019, I’m not bothering with resolutions or saying “new year / new me” because truthfully old me got me here. It was the pain and the heartache that got me here. The thoughts of self-doubt and unworthiness. The betrayal, the endings that got me to this beautiful beginning. So much of my life has been about people pleasing, about making sure other people were good, about apologizing, making excuses, worrying my health away. I’M DONE! I choose me. I retire as a people pleaser, a person ridden with anxiety and worry, a care giver, a self-sabotager, doormat, a comparison. I’m doing me. I’m aligned with my greatest & highest good and I’m not worried about what 2018 did (or didn’t do). I’m gracefully moving on PROUD of how I have opened my heart and have actively worked towards removing my negative blocks. #goodvibesonly #isaidwhatisaid #hello2019 at Chicago, Illinois

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