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Our first Cherry Bop Kit (18,14,12,14) just landed in Sweden. I received this note soon after: “Dear Jeff, I got the sweet babies today. I am close to tears. My God what a delicious instrument you make. I just tuned them up and boy they sing. And as you said the tree is so beautiful. I will play this instrument until they put me in a cherry coffin! And I will pass them on to the next generation.” Even long winded me doesn’t have much to add, except perhaps, I’m lucky in love with my job. #swedish #bop #kit #cherry #drums #family

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2 days ago

Opportunity. One of our November students just got the call he’s been waiting on for years and is heading out on the road. We wish him all the luck and hopefully, will see him in the January class. That means we have room for one more in the November class so come join us for drums, woodworking, coffee, cookies, tacos, dogs, old cars and snacks. We’d love to have you. #custom #snare #drum #build #workshop #woodshop #november

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3 days ago

Been awhile since posting about car progress. Much woodwork of late has cut into Porsche time but little by little she proceeds. More parts bolted to the engine, headlights/taillights mounted, dashboard and other vinyl work completed, half the wiring connected, all the love still intact. Someday ‘soon’ she’ll leave the shop without needing a push. #porsche #project #little #by #little #100 #sundays

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4 days ago

Private Stash Special. Last year’s namm show was a vile crapfest. That said, amidst the 32 hours of cacophonous hellfire, over zealous/power hungry noise police and shamefully dismissive organizers I met a handful of beautiful people. One of those was Brandon who owns @philadelphiadrum , a small but beautiful drum shop in Pennsylvania. We were talking recently and he asked if I ever built with Walnut. I said occasionally, but that it was a tricky tree that doesn’t always grow straight and subsequently has a low yield of quality material. Then I remembered a couple years back I got my hands on a spectacular chunk of figured Eastern Walnut milled in, of all places, Pennsylvania. I built a single snare from that precious plank and planned to bury myself with it. After talking with Brandon the other day, re-appreciating him from our namm meeting, I decided to send her his way. This little 14x6 circumference of glory will be in his shop on special thank you sale this week. Go see him. Hug him for me and thank him for all his efforts running a concise business in a sea of superstore megadumps. He’s good people doing good things. Also, bring him donuts because mom says never show up empty handed. #custom #walnut #snare #drums #philadelphia #drum #shop #donuts

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5 days ago

My friend, @cianthreetimes , produced a record by the @minimansions . It just came out and it’s stupid good... not like ‘Hey, my simple friend has a hobby and he miked up his chickens and called it an album... more like “my full pro studio wizard friend crafted a beautifully lush and delicately complex record.” Go get it so your life is better. #engineer #producer #family

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13 days ago

I made a jewelry box many years ago. It was a 9” Holly cube with 15 drawers and 192 handcut dovetails, each the size of tines on a small fork. It had one pull on its top, behind which sat a magnet used to access the metal-imbedded drawers, otherwise indistinguishable from their neighboring panels. It took me 2 months working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was much younger then, massively anxious in a field still new to me, desperate to garner the attention of those far better. I weathered countless migraines and buckling self doubt, all the while watching to see if my heroes were taking notice. It was both miserable and glorious. It still ranks in the top 5 times of my life. It still ranks in the top 3 things I’ve ever made. Crippling insecurity can be a wonderful catalyst for undiscovered ability. @thekrenovschool #tbt #pre #drums #woodworking #furniture #school #salad #days

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14 days ago

Build one of these. Any jackass can do it........ with 2000 sq ft, $80K in tools, 21 years experience and enough coffee and cookies to kill a small horse. We have one spot left in the Snare Build Workshop, 11.12-14. Come join us. Link in bio, sign up at js@sugarpercussion.com. #coffee #cookies #tacos #wood #snare #drum #build #workshop.

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Still miles to go for women in this pig headed, male dictated, goat effed world. In a seemingly hopeless situation these two preserve my optimism. #daughter #niece #strength

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