6 days ago

1. Yes, please! 2. No fucking thank you. 3. See U(tah) later.

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8 days ago

K’ass-a-roll along to Utah.

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13 days ago

He said, “There’s a spot open in Idaho on Monday; go to this town and call this number.” So I did. Now, the whole crew is from New Zealand so I don’t understand anything anyone is saying. I do, however, understand that they all sheared 70-80 sheep before lunch. ... ... ... I sheared 14. Uhhh...Idaho what I’m doing? #sugarfield #shearyoursheep

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25 days ago

So much much-needed laughter today with my nearest and dearest; wish she weren’t so far away.

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29 days ago

Well, well, well. Look at this handsome fella featured on the agri.CULTURE Facebook page from April 12. A bunch of other folks from the Washington State Shearing School are also featured. What a crew of bad-ass babes! #sugarfield #sweetlife #modernshepherd

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1 month ago

Finally trying out this dehydrator on some freshly picked pedicularis.

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1 month ago

Pacific Northwest job interviews look like this.

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1 month ago

I don’t have anything else to show you about my week so far at Washington State Shearing School because it’s really hard to take selfies while shearing, but this course is taking me to the next level. I’m learning how to build upon and refine my skills, use my hands, knees and feet more effectively and shear more efficiently. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to step away from the farm for a bit of professional development. #sugarfield #sweetlife #countryqueers #shearyoursheep

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2 months ago

Wish I could just get paid to trail ride. #countryqueers

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