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22 days ago

Just another day from the kitchen, how I made the famous bangalore style honey cake. Swipe ⬅️ for final product. In order : Before ➡️ After ➡️ Pores for the honey sauce and jam to soak in ➡️ Jam-Honey Sauce ➡️ Final layer of dessicated coconut. First time making a honey cake and wow, tasted so good, brings back the childhood memories. The honey-jam-coconut-fresh baked sponge cake combo, so perfect!! #BakersIndia #Caking #Cakes #Cooking #Yum #TravelDownTheMemoryLane #Coconut

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3 months ago

7 years ago, @always.rpg coined the acronym for our group "S.U.G.A.R.S" which meant Secret Uprising Gang of Anish Rishabh and Stephen 🤣 The group remains true and intact till date. Always nostalgic and fun meeting the friends who shared an important phase of life. Happy birthday @karthik_amgoth @anishvarma93 @always.rpg missed you @aryachakravarthy

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