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@steven.north  Invented a light in sound technology for life transformation, loves travelling and love the planet. @heartactivationmusic & @starpoint9 #mentalhealth

9 hours ago

Another experiment, this time with adding black sand and gold. The two bring a completely different feel to it and it feels like this should be part of the song that's being created. Time to walk around the lake and be in nature as with all the experimentation today, I feel wiped out. It's interesting when working with these grids, there was one time, i had an idea that worked so intensely, it felt like I was on fire. That I had to go for a more "lighter" approach. #stevennorth #amynorth #heartactivationmusic #spiritual #spirituality #crystals #crystalhealing #crystaltherapy #soundhealing #soundtherapy #soundhealer at Bibra Lake

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10 hours ago

Working with the light spectrum & consciousness can create big changes within the morphogenetic system. In this video, I am working with a selection of minerals to look at releasing the mental cluster f**k that we're feeling. I was also told to stop recording as we (Brotherhood of the OLM) have experienced that too much can be overwhelming. The group were also telling me today that soon, we'll be removing the mask for all to see... That has me nervous but dive on in. #stevennorth #amynorth #heartactivationmusic #spiritual #spirituality #spiritguide #newearth #originalearth #metaphysical #channelling at Bibra Lake

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14 hours ago

It's quite mind boggling right now as old experiences, patterns and emotions surface for the purpose of dissolving. For me, memories of a friendship that I once had years ago and what occurred have been surfacing. Memories that I locked away and buried because of not knowing how to cope with them and whilst it was painful and chaos was everywhere, it led me to meeting Amy. Amy really is the only person I trust on the deepest of levels. The only person that I will share my darkest of wounds and the brightest of joys with. She is the same with me, we always turn to each other. In this current experience, with her working in a different method, the human can feel quite lonely because rather than talking to someone externally and hugging them. It is more about going within and being in solitude. It really is quite a contrast to experience. As the group has said a few months ago, we suppressed so much of the human needs over the years that it's literally a shock for it all to surface again and as mentioned above... It's quite mind boggling. One thing I've learned as part of that old friendship & previous marriage, don't deny parts of who you are, don't suppress yourself, don't lock yourself up in a mental prison (like I did) to be accepted. Every person is a beautiful expression of light, each person, no matter the culture is capable of feeling a deep love with the earth, with nature, with the universe, with others. Love is about freedom, love is about expression and love is so powerful, it will change someone's world. It surely did mine. Unlock the padlock and be free. #motivation #life #emotions #depression #sadness #transformation #empowerment at Perth, Western Australia

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2 days ago

Currently laying down, unable to sleep, listening to beautiful instrumental music and experiencing changes happening in the body. Whilst the chest feel like it's being torn apart as expansion occurs, I'm smiling and feeling a very beautiful, loving sensation with a sense of excitement. Which, is a very unique feeling for me because often, I've walked with a heavy sensation. Tonight, I went outside in the garden, saw the full moon, saw a star system and turn around and looked into an empty space in the sky and began to dive deep into an Abyss. Where there is absolutely nothing, no physical form, no identity, nothing... It's like fading into absolute nothingness. It's such a beautiful place to be... It feels like home, movement in stillness. Decided to play with vortexes within the body and see where I could explore. It was such a beautiful night in the garden. Now to see what I can explore with these beautiful musical sounds. #stevennorth #music #meditation #spirituality #consciousness #magical #fullmoon #exploration at Perth, Western Australia

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4 days ago

Conditional Love. A topic that I should talk about in the next podcast too. Conditional Love happens all the time, it occurs everywhere, it is part of the overall experience and lessons we learn from during the lifetime. Even with a fully awakened memory and incredible ability to see everything. The experiences continue to occur, it cannot be avoided and is not always seen as it's part of the journey. With these intensive life changes occurring (should be used to it, it's a normal thing.. Right! ), the deeper I go into isolation for acclimatisation and to focus on my own journey. The more it is visible and can see it all connected. Waking up this morning and I was made aware of a few things as what usually occurs but the encouragement to remove the mask is still there. What is meant by "the mask" is the hiding of the true-self in order to "fit in" and by doing so promotes conditional love even more. We also often say things in life like... "I'll be happier when..." and it's a reinforced conditional Love belief for self. The last topic Amy spoke of was how we are the ones that block ourselves from things with conditioning. We feel sad and would say things... I will be happier if I had a partner but that places a condition on both happiness coming in from an external source and that you're not capable of being happy with yourself. Not really a healthy relationship before it is even started. What is sad, is that people tell me how they work with source, how they channel source and create an identity around what they do and when I'm standing next to them, that very source that they channel or work with, they get overwhelmed and begin to attack... They themselves have a conditional Love towards to the very source they connect with. Conditional Love is a sad and depressing experience. Ok, time to get ready and drink coffee. #stevennorth #amynorth #love #conditioning #conditionallove #yesitypeditall #stories at Perth, Western Australia

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4 days ago

The Earth is a beautiful place. I've travelled around it many times. Places such as Egypt, New Zealand, Italy (3 x times), Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, London, Netherlands, USA & Canada and I'm sure I've missed some places and I live in Australia. Where in this magical world are you from? #earth #stevennorth #starpoint9

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6 days ago

#MondayWisdom I've been working on this for some time and there was this one time, many years ago that I was living so far in the future that they had to teach me how to time travel to bring my consciousness back to the present moment to deal with the things that needed to be dealt with. The past is the past, we grow, we learn, we experience, that is how life works. Life is not designed to be easy, it never will be easy but it can be peaceful. There is no need to look at the past, there is no need to think of the future as it WILL lead to broken expectations. There is the now and ONLY the now. #spiritual #stevennorth #spirituality #mind #beliefs #love #quotes #amynorth #starpoint9 #consciousness

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6 days ago

There is nothing greater than unconditional love. To be able to look at someone and see the beauty in who they are, to see the love they are is truly a blessing. No matter where they are in life, no matter how troubled things are. Unconditional love is that feeling you can hug someone and know you're safe. It's the feeling of knowing you can open your heart and know that they're always there. It's the feeling of looking at someone and being witness to the beauty they are, in all their splendour, no matter what is going on with life. Unconditional love is seeing the coal but knowing it's the diamond and it is the most incredible feeling. We must give this to ourselves everyday and to others. It is such a beautiful feeling to have and to give... It's really beautiful. I'm currently listening to the song "Lumina Iubirii" as I lay in bed before I get ready and it's such a beautiful song. It's like a journey through the feeling of love. #stevennorth #amynorth #heartactivationmusic #love #unconditionallove #journey #music #beautiful #expression #magical at Perth, Western Australia

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