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@stephane_ashpool  Pigalle Paris - ppp|bop

2 days ago

City of love & emotion - dreamt about it last night so today I spent my day to imagine how things will be in 1000years. Maybe they gonna destroy things to rebuilt like Haussmann (even if it was a genius) or hopefully recreate around what already exist. 🤷‍♂️ draw? at Paris, France

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16 days ago

Nothing stronger than a woman .. and more than ever I’ve NO doubt. ❤️

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19 days ago

Energy energy.. You know it’s no other house like Chanel, with that level of elegance and excellence. They have an extreme gentle attitude, intelligent, they don’t run like other big fashion groups, they stay humble and create amazing things. It’s the best exemple for us to take in this furious game.. 💙 We lost a king! But not the mindset. @chanelofficial ’The beat goes on’ ❄️🇫🇷

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1 month ago

JAZZ by Matisse ~ the art of a color palette #pppdiary

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1 month ago

Forever alive🌹Mr Lagerfeld, a great life lesson. Hard work & create have no age.. at Paris, France

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