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1 day ago

Uber Elevate revealed its first air taxi cabin design.

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3 days ago

External side airbag deploys milliseconds before a collision.

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5 days ago

New fuel-efficient ‘Flying-V’ plane could change air travel forever.

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7 days ago

Atlas humanoid robot walks across narrow terrain using autonomous planning.

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11 days ago

This sink appears/disappears with the press of a button.

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13 days ago

Smarter, faster, safer way to remove and replace manholes. #mrmanhole

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15 days ago

Robot uses AI to identify recyclables in a material stream.

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17 days ago

How a human habitat could be designed and delivered on Mars.

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19 days ago

Germany opens its first electric highway for delivery trucks.

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21 days ago

Autonomous robot will deliver packages via self-driving Fords.

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23 days ago

Fully rotating house that generates all of its own energy.

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25 days ago

These fruit and cheese cutting machines are mesmerizing to watch.

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27 days ago

Graffiti removal solution works magically on a variety of surfaces. More info:

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1 month ago

Robot makes traffic stops safer for both police officers and motorists.

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1 month ago

These sheets help evacuate bedridden patients during an emergency. More info:

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1 month ago

This amazing machine can ‘print’ brick roads. #roadprinter

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1 month ago

This road patch helps extend the life of the repair by keeping the water out. More info:

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