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@srujan.shashanka  Music producer, Mix and Master engineer. Writer. Might survive on Tea, Poetry and Silence. Sorted in Hyderabad. Hopefully Human.

1 month ago

The Web. It's too fascinating, to see, How these nets hold you from the fall, Yet still blinds you away from freedom. The Spider builds it's home, As in its dreams, Now sits back, Feeling the Blues and Greens, Lost in the thoughts of existence. P.C : The Surprise Photographer @sandilya_pisapati #picturesofindia #poetsofinstagram #indianwriters #writerscommunity #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #indianphotography #indianpoetry #photographyinspiration #igramming_india at Hyderabad

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1 month ago

A fascinating view that was. A landscape by the window seat. Between those iron horizons, There was an infinite world, Which I was leaving behind. Then flew across that Bird. From nowhere, Parallel to my window, In its flight, Along with the winds of freedom, Looking at me. And everything stood still. I felt, there was freedom in my path, Where I was crossing everything, And bound on a journey, To the destination I had to travel. But there was that Bird. With winds taking it forward, As it's flying with its own might, And the destination, Where ever it feels Home. P.C @sinjigram #poetry #igramming_india #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #freedom #travel #indianpoetry #writersofinstagram #photographyinspiration #indianphotography at Hyderabad

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2 months ago

Under the foundations, Over the roofs, The bevels and the blueprints talk it over. The wind of the monument waits and wanders. The winkers of the morning stars count out cities, And forget the numbers. ~ Carl Sandburg Rearranged by @shruthi_apparasu Supported by @sinjigram #streetsofhyderabad #hyderabad #poetry #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #poemsporn #charminar #indiaphotography #picturesofindia #desiframes #travelingram #igramming_india #nokiaindia #_soi at Mecca Masjid مکہ مسجد

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4 months ago

#Repost A @sinjigram Brilliance.... Thank You brother for giving me this to write.. ・・・ The Reigns of Humanity, is beyond the clutches of Religion. Because God shines, not on the imaginary walls built, but on the foundations of Love, Compassion and Coexistence. - @srujan.shashanka❤️ . . #streets_storytelling #streetsofhyderabad #_soi #streetsofindia #pixelarmy #googlepixel2 #teampixel #photographers_of_india #writerscommunity #poetsofinstagram #poemsporn #igramming_india #writersofinstagram #indianwriters #indianwritersofinstagram at Hyderabad

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5 months ago

Because @_manasasrinivas injected me The Mani Ratnam bug, and I couldn't help but give a small self interpretation about a masterpiece called "OK Kanmani'. Please do read. ・・・ I think after listening to the album 8 times on loop. I just had to get it out of my system. @srujan.shashanka dissected the movie. It’s always a hoot to spazz about filmmaking with you! . . . . . . . . . . “With a Mental Madhi, Adi and Tara enjoy their freedom and their own company oblivious to the bustling Mumbai mood. I’d term this as the “Mani Ratnam Malady”. He sucks you into this vortex that makes you neglect the real world, and takes you into his narrative universe. In this frame, Ok Kanmani revolves around the universe of Tara and Adi and maybe their conflict with obligatory commitment. There are two stories, two narratives running in the film. All the time. The perspectives of love, One from Adi and Tara's eyes and the other from Ganapathy and Bhavani. The former about about staying together till they don't invest in each other beyond a point. The latter about staying together, as long as they can. Again, the former represented in the Electronic sounds and the former through the mellifluous company of Carnatic music, and both of them seemlessly blending into each other. One narrative through the story and one narrative through the visual representation. At the end, the audience get their closure when Adi goes, “Enna Vittu Pogaadhane Solra. Nee enga vendalum po. Nee Paris Po, Geeris po, Unnaku kalyanam pannikittu po.” Mani Ratnam wins here big time , believing his thought to be represented in all these ways, with his best team at work, “The Magician of Visuals” PC Sree Ram, “The Maestro” A.R.Rahman at his creative high and the perfect cuts by Sreekar Prasad.” . . . . . 🌸 #igramming_india #writerscommunity #poemsporn #writersofinstagram #maniratnam #story #narrativeart #art #artist #artistoninstagram #abstractart #abstract #artlovers #artnews #artoftheday #artreception #artwork #artshow #artfair #artgallery #artstudio #artinfo #agoragallery #abstract #abstractart #abstractartist #abstractarts #abstractexpressionism #abstractpainting #abstractphoto #abstractphotography #ab

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5 months ago

Stories are very fascinating. Some make you laugh, some make you cry, some make you think, and some make sure you don't think. But there are a very few stories, which make you live. They don't make your imagination sharp but the narrative makes you a part of the story. You become one of the characters, you travel. Or you relive your travel. And I experienced this phenomenon after a long time, with this purest form of art, the web series or our story called, "B.Tech". There have been many narratives about "Follow Your Dreams, Make your live large". Most of them just try to sound cool, but rather here, it's not about just to follow your dreams, it's about facing everything to reach that, to make that happen. And it's the same reason, I have connected to this. The privileges, the situations I had to go through, to reach that one step in the journey I wanted to. Each and every character, just gave me a tight embrace to be the same. Each and every moment just made me believe in the hope. I was searching for words to describe about this but what language can I use? I just don't have superlatives for this. Just can say Thank You @tharunbhascker for writing this and making this happen. And Upendra Varma for pulling this through. Hearty congratulations my favorites here @kaushikghantasala @abhaybethiganti @madhulathareddy @me_mrj, Vishnu, Chaitanya and all. You all have been fabulous. Also @raghudixit11 sir for a memorable soundtrack. Also forgive me for not able to remember all the team, because I couldn't go into the technical details at all, being completely pulled into the narrative. Congratulations for the response and Thank You for this amazement. All of you, Subscribe and Watch this series, You'll have a memory for the lifetime. #yupptv #zee5originals #btechwebseries #vinoothnageetha #teluguwebseries

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6 months ago

'Oh these passing lights, Playing hide and seek along the woods. Leaving the hints of fragrances and The flavour of mist across the path. But why are you still playing? I'm here. Always have been. Just put your charm out, and Embrace me into you. I have always been fascinated by you. The dense vines like your hairs, The warm sunshine like your hugs, The sparkling dews like your eyes, The intense caves like your emotions. I live for them. I live for you. After all, You are my Nature! Figmented Memorabilia... ___________________________________________ All credits for this amazement, For my friend, @manvataar Girl, You take a bow! A genius unparalleled. #art #artistsoninstagram #instaillustration #illustration #graphicdesign #igramming_india #indianart #writersofig #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poemsporn #indianwriters at Hyderabad

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