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5 hours ago

When my travel agent and dear friend of over 35 years @yvonneverstandig insisted that I stay @mo_lagodicomo she knew I would love it. And indeed she was correct. She knows me almost as well as my hubby does 🤣 and I always give her free reign to put together amazing itineraries and choose hotels that work for us. The @mo_lagodicomo would have to be one of the most beautiful hotels we’ve ever stayed in and this👆is one of the most stunning rooms I’ve ever seen. #lakecome #addittoyourbucketlist at Mandarin Oriental, Lago Di Como

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1 day ago

A beautiful lunch at the iconic @villadestelakecomo. The property is so stunning (see my story) including this gorgeous terrazzo floored bathroom large enough to host a party👆🙀💕 at Villa d'Este (Cernobbio)

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4 days ago

An adventurous day trip 🚝🤣to the Cinque Terre with such high hopes of walking at least a couple of the villages. Unfortunately we didn’t get to walk any (long story 😴) so we had to spend the afternoon eating instead! 🤷‍♀️😜 Two tips though if visiting the Cinque Terre and you’re keen on walking between the villages.... Check which walks are open before you go. Perhaps get your hotel to check for you. Only one of the walks was open yesterday). Secondly, DON’T forget your hiking boots. Depending on the mood of the guy who lets you through at the entrance, you may or may not be allowed through without hiking boots (see my story) On a positive, we still got to see this 👆🙌💙 at Monterosso, Liguria, Italy

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6 days ago

The best feeling when I travel is being out all day and returning to a hotel that feels like I’ve arrived home. This gorgeous property @villaromaimperiale in Forte Dei Marmi is exactly that. A serene boutique hotel that was once a private residence, where the staff all know you by name and no request is too great. At the end of an adventurous day you feel like you could almost be home in your own bed #sentirsigrata🙏 at Villa Roma Imperiale

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9 days ago

Leaving Rome today and of course never enough time spent here 😢 What a gem of a hotel my travel agent @yvonneverstandig found for me. This window👆opened up to the Spanish Steps. Not a bad view to start and end the day 🙌 at Rome, Italy

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10 days ago

For those of you who’ve been to the Spanish Steps in Rome, I bet you’ve never seen it like this 🙀 3am jetlag means a perfect opportunity for a photo from our hotel room with absolutely no tourists to be seen. The devil in me wants to head out in my pjs for a sneaky photo but I can hear my mother’s voice before I left saying ‘be safe, make sure you don’t do anything dangerous while you’re away’ 🤔 #sotempting at Spanish Steps, Palazzo Di Bolgna, Roma

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19 days ago

TBM Sparkly outfit for a very special engagement party 🤵🤵

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