3 days ago

I spent last week with my dear friend @worldcupp while he mixed some tunes for me. It is such a relief to be sitting on finished songs. Hearing them for the first time in their completed form, I was reminded that the pure joy of creation has always been the driving force behind my art and my happiness. I can't wait to share these songs with the world! But, for the time being, I'm perfectly content listening to them on my own or with my closest buddies 🙃 📷 : @andrewpaynter

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9 days ago

A remix I whipped up. I'm in St. Louis right now mixing some new music that I'm 100% JUICED about. Can't wait to finally share what I've been working on. I made the stems to my track "Be Afraid" available via my patreon (link in bio) this beat is made from them! I won't lie, it took FOREVER to memorize where the slices to play this were on my #abletonpush 💀 . . . . . . . #beatmaking #ableton #hiphopproduction #beatproduction #beatmaking #producer #beatproducer

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17 days ago

I filmed myself reacting to a bunch of beats I made when I was 14 Full vid 🔗 in bio

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23 days ago

Happy Friday. We're all dangling above and below an infinite expanse of past and future. Swing around. Try to make it fun! 📷: @graceloescher

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2 months ago

I just finished a sample pack made out of an upright piano's guts. Follow the link in my bio to support me doing more weird shit like this and to download the pack 😘 Shout out to @graceloescher for helping me kill this beast.

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2 months ago

wheeeee! On 2/18 I'm opening up for @serengetidave at @momosacramento I had a very good weekend swinging through treetops and whispering to ferns. Happy February 🌿💚 . . . 📷 : @shaherazhad

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2 months ago

My old band, @tsosis, is playing its first show in over 5 years this Friday! I've been relearning loads of whacky riffs and having so much fun doing it that I decided to make a video of me talking through some of the thought process that went into their writing. Peep the link in the bio for the full vid (it's the first new post on my Patreon :) Can't wait to see u guys! Tickets are going fast and it will likely sell out the night of so be sure to get urs in advance if you want to be there!

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3 months ago

I recorded myself singing Disney songs from memory in horrible voices then sampled that to make some lil bops. This is part 2 in an ongoing series where I sample the worst vocals. It's a new year of new creative goals! Peep the link in my bio to learn more about how I play with sounds and how u can learn production techniques from me ♥ Come on this journey 🔊 🐲 🦄 #ableton #abletonpush #studiosetup #beats #sounddesign #musicproduction #producingmusic #songwriting #beatmaker #disney #disneysongs at Sacramento, California

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3 months ago

2018 is ending.. and so it is time, once more, to put this year's Damien on ice and transfer my consciousness to a new clone. y2k18 has given me so much and I couldn't be more grateful to it. I've learned a lot about myself and the world I inhabit. A picture of who I hope to be has begun to form. Next year, I'd like to continue sketching out my definition of "value" while finding new ways to contribute to this thick-ass beautiful tapestry we're all weaving together ♥ #newyearnewme #prettyformymommy #y2k19

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3 months ago

See me play one more time in 2018 tomorrow night at @holydiversac! Going to be a real good time 😎 Last night I watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and there's this shot with Kermit's entire body in view from his head to his toes 🐸 and I thought, "woah, there's the whole frog". I decided i should do something similar so that my followers can be just as inspired/horrified to see my full figure as I was to see K the F's. Happy holidays! May your chosen gods be merciful 🎄🎅🐸👺👾🧙‍♀️👤🐧

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3 months ago

For months I've been working on this project to build a meaningful creative community for myself and you lovely people who support me. I hope you'll take a second to check out the link in my bio to see if any of the rewards I'm offering interest you <3 This is an opportunity to engage me and my art in a more personal way through behind-the-scenes video, long-form posts, a private chatroom and the isolated "stems" of my tracks. Other rewards are geared towards musicians and creatives. Sample Safari is a library of sounds that I'll be expanding on monthly. These will be the same sounds I use in my production. I'm super excited to share these ingredients with you and to hear what you make with them! I'll also be creating monthly tutorial videos about performance, song-writing and production. I've been so eager to launch this project. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out <3

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4 months ago

On January 25th I'll be pulling double duty opening for @tsosis This will be our first show in over 5 YEARS 😱 don't miss it! This is still one of my favorite things I've ever written. I was (and still am) a huge nerd, so I wrote a Call of Cthulhu inspired lovesong about two star-crossed archeologists awaking an ancient and terrible power 👾 at Sacramento, California

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4 months ago

Commune with nature. Conquer clowns. ❤️🌳.🚫🤡 at Mt Shasta City Park

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