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@smagical  I’m an incomplete quadriplegic w/ the mind of an able-bodied athlete. Contact : Thanks everyone! ❤️

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No this shot isn’t from today, but what happened today was quite a bit cooler. I entered my first Trials event on a trials bike and ended up winning the Amateur class somehow! . . . Unfortunately my phone decided to have a flashing green and black screen out of nowhere and I can’t get at any of the footage from the event that was shot for the Smagical Update video. Kind of a bummer because I am so stoked on todays video and how the event went but hopefully I can get the phone fixed next week. . . . Until then I’ll be thankful I’ve got this backup old phone to use when there’s WiFi, and also thankful to Maddie Hoover for letting me ride her @gasgasmotos 250 since my twig arms aren’t ready for a 300cc Trials bike in competition yet. 💪🤔

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Smagical Daily Update 365,492: While I wouldn’t call this a “milestone”... I wouldn’t not call it one either. 🤔🤔 . . . I am finally able to hold myself into a plank position... but it gets even “gnarlier”... I can kinda-sorta-almost do a 2” push-up. . . . While you can tell how much of a struggle it was for me to do this, it was a struggle of joy. I remember a number of months ago at therapy I had to wear a fall-belt and get held up by the therapist 100% to even get my body into this position... so while this might not seem too major, it actually was a huge step forward! . . . Sure, it shows how far my arms have to go to be even remotely close to “normal”, it also shows some improvement, which means there is POTENTIAL... and sometimes, that’s all you need. 👊 . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalStrongEnoughToPlankFor10Seconds

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2 days ago

#Fail #Friday throwback to a wild time in the Croom wilderness. The bummer of this clip is that I landed it perfect a few tries before this but the camera moved and didn’t get the clip I was hoping for so I went again and ended up landing flat and blowing out my ankles. I remember when I thought this counted as an injury... 😂😂😂 @gasgasmotos

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2 days ago

Smagical Daily Update 499 1/2: Keeping with the competition theme and people who I never thought I’d compete with, here’s a mini bike race against my pal and his 2 year old son... who beat me. . . . People that don’t ride probably don’t understand why I work so hard to get back on a bike. This little ripper Shaw is a perfect example. The amount of pure joy and happiness he had every time he sat on the bike reminded me of those same feelings as a kid my first time getting to sit on, and ride on, a bike. . . . To think that at one time it looked as though I’d never get to experience this moment with my friend and his son and his first ride just makes me appreciate it that much more. Sure I can’t go faster than my buddy with his kid on the bike, but the fact that I can ride and enjoy this moment with them makes “going fast” not feel like such a big deal in the big picture. Once again, all about perspective. 👊 . . . @road2recovery @shadesofgraymx #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalNotAsStrongAsA2YearOld @dangshades #Filming by @lukas219

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3 days ago

Smagical Daily Update No Number: My first “competition” on the trials bike and it happened to be with my sister-in-law Hannah. . . . If you would have told me one year ago that I would be battling neck and neck with Hannah (who has been riding trials 2 years opposed to my 20 years riding), I would have said no way! Now if you told me I’d be stoked to be on that level and trying my hardest to keep up with her I would have said you’re crazy. . . . But as it turned out both those things came true. We set up 3 different sections and rode them three times each and somehow we were tied going into the last section. As you can see in the video I somehow managed to hold onto the very squirrelly ride and snag a clean to edge her out for the win. . . . I honestly never thought I’d be riding the same sections as Hannah, but at one point I was told by many that I’d never ride again, so even if I had lost this friendly competition, just being back on the bike is a win in my book. . . . The trials bike sure is a humbling experience. Relying on my arms for much of the bike control is a sketchy thing for sure but you gotta start somewhere! Thanks for taking it easy on me Hannah. 😂😂 . . . @road2recovery @gasgasmotos @dangshades @novikgloves1 @evssports #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalNotStrongEnoughArmsToRideTrials

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3 days ago

Being featured in this film was a lifelong dream. I am grateful to call everyone involved in this project, both athletes and crew, family. Thanks for letting a goofy guy on a goofy bike without a seat join the fun @nitrocircus ! . . . #ActionFiguresTheMovie #2 is finally released worldwide after a few technical difficulties. The dvd version is also available at #NitroCircus web store. . . . Thank you to everyone who has supported this film. I saw first hand the amount of work that went into this project and it’s amazing what this crew can do! . . . @nitrocircus @wienerschnitzel

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5 days ago

Smagical Daily Update Lap Time Challenge: I am honestly shocked that I am able to do both the things featured in this video at this point in time. My first time back at @smagicalRetreat I literally couldn’t do anything here (pump water, rake, chainsaw, or ride anything), and now, not even a year after the crash I am able to start the saw myself and clear off downed limbs on the pitbike track, and then put laps together! . . . This just goes to show you that you can do stuff that you even doubt yourself! I didn’t have any “plans” on ripping laps on the track this year, but I also planned on working at improving every single day in some way, and here we are... setting the FASTEST LAP TIME OF THE YEAR!! (The only lap time of the year so far) 😂😂😂 Never give up hope on something because we even surprise ourselves sometimes! . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong @novikgloves1 at Wisconsin

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6 days ago

Smagical Daily Update 933,545,602: This is the most bike work I’ve done since the crash. Oil change, bar/grips swap, and a chain tightening. In the past I would have been able to do only one of these three tasks before my hands became useless. . . . I don’t know if it’s because of all the goat power around me, or just being at @smagicalRetreat , but my hands actually worked pretty decent... most of the time. 😂😂 . . . The good thing is, the more I’m able to ride, the more bike work there is going to be to do. (I can’t believe I just said more bike work is a good thing 🤦‍♂️). Working with tools really requires some fine motor skills that my hands don’t usually like to do, so the more I do it, the better it will get. As I’ve said before, it’s doing the things you don’t like doing that will Improve you. 👊 . . . @road2recovery #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalNOTaStrongMechanic @nitrorednekhubert

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7 days ago

Smagical Daily Update 943: Still on the @smagicalretreat throwback daily videos that never got posted from the last snowstorm. I was actually supposed to post this one first as this was my first 2 runs on the new @gilsonsnow X #SmagicalStrong collab. . . . I took one speed run and the board felt so natural I decided to try the pole jam. Sure my style may have been as stiff as a fused neck, but I made it to the landing and even over the spine. I was so stoked this worked so well. I really didn’t know what to expect but I am thankful that the muscles in my legs retained some muscle memory even when cut off. . . . Of course I had to throw the clip of @gary_the_smagical_goat and I from the last time I hit the pole jam on a snowboard. Instead of getting bummed about not being able to do something like flip over a goat off of a log, I am overjoyed at the fact that I can ride a board down a hill at all. . . . When something in life is bringing you down, just change your perspective and find something to be thankful for, I promise you it’s there. . . . @road2recovery @gilsonsnow #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalLucky #GilsonSnow

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7 days ago

This is exactly how I feel after a full day of working on @smagicalretreat today. I know why Chance was worn out... he didn’t leave my side through all the chainsawing, leaf blowing, and log dragging involved. This little fella put some miles on those hooves today. 🐐💨💨💨💨 . . . I’m so stoked on how #SmagicalRetreat is shaping up. I can’t wait to open this place up for some events to the public... there is so much fun to be had here. 🤙

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8 days ago

Smagical Daily Update 959,000,002: Since I am finally back up at @smagicalRetreat I figured it would be a good time to post some of the update videos I filmed here last time during the late season snowstorm that I never got to post. . . . Here’s one from my first day on the @gilsonsnow X Smagical collab board and my first rail. Even though this is about as mellow of a rail as it gets I was still super nervous to try it. . . . It took a few tries to get to the end but each one ended safely thankfully. I am still floored on how amazing the people at #GilsonSnow are for making this board happen. Although my recovery has been going amazing, that doesn’t change how much money I owe to the hospitals... and to have a company like @gilsonsnow come in and help in such a big way means the world to my family and I. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 🙏 . . . @road2recovery @gilsonsnow #SmagicalStrong #SmagicalRailSlideLong @smagicalretreat

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9 days ago

I’m so very excite to show Chance around @smagicalRetreat for his first time. He’s gonna flip out with all the rocks to jump on. The crazy thing (besides the fact that this video is “normal” for me while road-tripping 😂😂) , is the difference in Taddys behavior as soon as we even start driving up north towards the retreat. As soon as we are it’s like he senses where we are going and he instantly becomes the loving, cuddly, retreat-Taddy instead of the secluded, introvert, farm-Taddy. Animals have an amazing ability to be in tune with their senses and the world around them. I’m impressed, and I’m weird. 🤷🏿‍♀️ #Squad #up #TheGoatVanIsMeantForHaulingBikesAndGoats

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