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20 hours ago

feel like i can’t get enough🤩 song: tempted by jazz cartier dt @t6ubs @gioxvirtual

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6 days ago

never doing an ad again... sorry guys🤧 i got a wholesome edit for thursday and on a side note i really just stole @auguxts style song: unbothered by ski mask { #explore #edits #aesthetic #backpackkid }

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8 days ago

baby + debora😍 movie: baby driver song: velvet light by jakob ogawa dt @s.scraps @mongakyo

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9 days ago

guess who’s posting tomorrow

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12 days ago

posting tomorrow edit: keep the train in the comments going

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14 days ago

tag someone beautiful🥴 song: beautiful by bazzi

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15 days ago

comment something you’re proud of recently song: 5:32 pm by the deli

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17 days ago

mid90s🤩 song: skater shawty by crisaunt dt @dispost @crisaunt

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18 days ago

mid90s edit tomorrow

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20 days ago

it’s just the two of us my dear🥰 song: sunflower feelings by kuzu mellow ib/dt @immxrtl @skrr7.edits

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