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24 hours ago

💧S H O W E R💧 . Idk how @desseydoll makes it look so easy🥵 . Here are some things I’ve been using in my hair recently. I LOVE the Lush solid shampoos; they last forever and no plastic🌎 This on is the Karma Clean scent and first of all, not to be dramatic but it’s the most stunning shampoo I’ve ever seen. A fried flower???? Really??????? Speechless. This scent is heavenly, definitely my favourite by lush. It smells like oranges and patchouli🍊 I have the solid perfume of this and I’m planning on picking up Karma Cream when I run out of the cream I’m current using. . Next we have soulfood by amika🍬 Such a heavenly scent as well, and I love breathing it in and relaxing in the shower while the mask works to repair my hair🌈 You can use code SKINISSPOOKY for 10% off your amika purchase❤️ Link in bio bbs. . What’s a staple in your shower routine?? . . . . . . . . #igtopshelf #intothegloss #amika #lush #loveamika #skincare #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #beautyjunkie #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #instabeauty #instaskincare #instagood #love #beautygram #skindiary #beautyblogger #dewy #glow at Oshawa, Ontario

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2 days ago

🍬H A N D S🍬 . Take good care of your hands❣️ They show your age first;-) I’m 21 I would know!!!! Jk but there’s nothing like a lil preventative maintenance amirite ladies??? . I use this Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter and Glossier BDC on my cuticles to keep them from splitting. For hand creams, I’ve still been using up my Lanolips Rose Hand Cream and my Weleda Skin Food for those dry dry days🤧🤧 Skin Food is a bit greasy but ends up soaking in and Lanolips isn’t greasy at all!! I think both are good for nourishing, Weleda is way cheaper and smells like gin and tonic if you don’t mind that. . What’s your hand care routine?? . . . . . . . #igtopshelf #intothegloss #byrdiebeauty #nails #pink #glossier #glossierpink #burtsbees #weleda #skinfood #lanolips #crystals #love #skincare #shelfie #beauty #igtopshelfie #skincaregoals #beautygram #igskincare #instabeauty #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #beautyjunkie at Oshawa, Ontario

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4 days ago

🦋M A S K🦋 . Hi I want to share 2 masks that I LOVE to apply with my Makeup Drop❣️ The texture of these masks are so smooth and creamy and glide on perfectly with my fav little silicone applicators!! . I use the Tatcha mask about once a week and usually in the morning because I find it leaves my skin looking really even and plump. I don’t think I’ll repurchase though because of the $$$ and I like to experiment with masks! . I only have about 1 use left out of the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. I’ve really enjoyed this mask, it feels really cooling and hydrating on the skin, and you can see it soaking in which is cool. I LOVE to mix this with Leo Oil for some extra hydration😤 I probably won’t repurchase this one either though because once I’m don’t I’m thinking of picking up the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask since it comes in a tube and has all clean ingredients🤧 . Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts🤪🤪 . . . . . . . #tatcha #glossier #glossierpink #makeupdrop #intothegloss #byrdiebeauty #texture #texturetuesday #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #beautyjunkie #beautycommunity #luxebeauty #skincarereview #productshot #igtopshelf at Oshawa, Ontario

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6 days ago

✨G I V E A W A Y✨ . I’ve teamed up with AUrate New York to gift one lucky winner with their stunning Bold Ear Cuff (pictured here)👼🏼 . This ear cuff is made out of gold vermeil; so it won’t tarnish✨ I wear mine every day, it’s such a good staple piece to have! . Why should you support AUrate New York? Let me tell you. This female founded company believes in creating beautiful pieces from ethically and sustainably obtained materials, and selling them for a transparent price. So, not only are the pieces beautiful, they’re also durable, and you can feel good about wearing them. . 🌿R U L E S🌿 1. Follow me (@skinisspooky ) and @auratenewyork 2. Like this post & comment one thing you love about a woman in your life; be sure to tag 3 friends in your comment FOR 1 ENTRY!! (Max 1 comment please😊) 3. For an EXTRA 3 ENTRIES share this post to your story and tag me✨ . Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY🌎 Winner will be announced 25/3/2019. . DISCLAIMER: AUrate New York kindly gifted me their Bold Ear Cuff in exchange for me facilitating a giveaway🦋 . . . . . . #giveaway #aurate #auratenewyork #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #sustainable #sustainability #luxebeauty #jewelry #igtopshelf #vanity #byrdiebeauty #intothegloss #earring #earrings #piercing #piercings at Oshawa, Ontario

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10 days ago

🍭N E W B I E S🍭 . So I went ~shopping~ on the weekend and here’s what I picked up. . I had to do it to em😤 I bought the Chanel hand cream bc how could I resist?? This lil eggy bby is so cute🐣 But srsly, I bought the rich version bc my hands get super dry and crack🤧 Not gonna lie I really like this LOL don’t sue me. It doesn’t feel greasy and I feel like it’s hydrating as well as moisturizing. Also, it smells superb and expensive. Do you need this? Absolutely not. Do I love it? Absolutely. . My beloved amika soulfood hair mask is the second bb I picked up at Sephora bc it’s one of their point perks right now. First of all, this hair mask smells AMAZING, it really makes the shower feel like an ~experience~ and I’m here for it. This hair mask is super nourishing but doesn’t weigh my hair down which I LOVE. I really love that this mask contains jojoba oil; it’s one of my fav oils to use on my face and hair. Fun fact: jojoba oil is the closest to sebum naturally produced by your skin and hair❣️ . ALSO, I have an exciting announcement. As of today, your girl is officially an amika brand ambassador💕 Super excited to support a great brand that values fun, creativity, and experimentation. For transparency, this means I’ll have a link for you guys to shop through to get 10% off your amika purchases and I will earn some commission off through this. I am super excited to be a part of this program, I absolutely LOVE testing out new things and posting my thoughts for you guys. Stay tuned bbs🦋 . . . #amika #loveamika #chanel #welovecoco #intothegloss #sephora #skincare #skincareobsessed #flatlay #productshot #luxebeauty #byrdiebeauty #skincarereview #beautycommunity #beautyjunkie #skincareaddict at Oshawa, Ontario

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13 days ago

🌿F U R🌿 . So I posted about these babies on my story the day they launched, but I wanted to make a post as well in case some of y’all missed it💛 . @fur_you kindly gifted me these products no strings attached to test out before their launch. They gifted me their Ingrown Eliminator, along with their Wash Cloth. Long story short, I love both of these products. . I was a bit skeptical to use The Ingrown Eliminator, since one of the main ingredients is willow bark extract and my face is sensitive to this ingredient. Thankfully, I didn’t have a bad reaction when using this on my body. This guy is a little finger mit, that you use to massage any ingrown hairs that you may have. I found this to be effective, as well as cooling to use. . I have also been testing out The Wash Cloth, which has been a LIFE SAVER throughout my switch to natural deo👼🏼 This cloth is perfect for a quick refresher, whether you just got back from the gym with no time to shower, or you’re just extra smelly rn and hoping it’s a phase (like moi x). The Wash Cloth is infused with their signature (and my favourite) Fur Oil to nourish whatever hair/skin you use it on🌿 . I’m also grateful that Fur considered making the single use products biodegradable🌎 I just wish they didn’t come in single use plastic wrapping but I’m not sure there’s any alternative? . Have you tried Fur? What are your thoughts? . . . . . . . #fur #furyou #furoil #skincarereview #skincaretips #byrdiebeauty #intothegloss #igtopshelf #luxebeauty #productshot #skincare #beautyjunkie #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #palmbffs #femfeed #skincareobsessed #skincareaddict at Oshawa, Ontario

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15 days ago

🦋G E N G🦋 . I’m trying to be more ~confident~ and wear colours on my lips. If you rock lipstick I commend you srsly. I think this is my favourite colour Gen G lipstick (it’s Like btw, I haven’t even said that yet). On me, this colour is like a “your lips but better” shade. I usually put 1-2 layers of this on, it’s a bit hard at first but when it warms up to your lip it applies nicely. It’s a sheer lipstick so if you don’t like that then I don’t think you’ll like these. I also have the shades Cake and Jam, I’ll definitely be wearing all 3 more now👼🏼 . Have you tried the new Generation G lippies yet?? . . . . . . . #glossier #generationg #intothegloss #glossierpink #youlookgood #intothegloss #beautycommunity #skincarecommunity #vanity #palmbffs #femfeed #makeup #lipstick #byrdiebeauty #diptyque at Oshawa, Ontario

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18 days ago

🌩O V E R T I M E🌩 . I picked this up as a #Supergreat reward a while ago and I have some first impressions. I used this mask for the first time two nights ago and my experience was lovely. I did as the packaging suggested and GENTLY massaged the mask all over my face for 1 minute, and then left it to sit for 10 minutes before washing it off. Right off the bat, I have to say I love the scent because it smells like fall and pumpkins. After I rinsed the mask off, my face felt as smooth as a baby’s 🍑 . The mask contains pumpkin and apricot seed powder to exfoliate your skin chemically and physically. I didn’t know pumpkin contained fruit enzymes, vitamin A and vitamin C!! These ingredients help to slough off dead skin, support cell turnover, and brighten. I didn’t find the gritty bits to be too abrasive even for my stupidly sensitive skin. I’m SUPER excited to continue using this, I had a really lovely first time✨ . BTW work has been nuts the past week and has slowed down my posting. Trying not to burn myself out; thank you for being patient🦋 . Have you tried #SummerFridays ?? . . . . . . . #skincarereview #skincaretips #pmroutine #skincare #luxebeauty #productshot #facemask #crystals #citrine #palmbffs #femfeed #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #skincareroutine #igtopshelf #vanity #vanityviews #beautyjunkie #skincareobsessed #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #byrdiebeauty #intothegloss at Oshawa, Ontario

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24 days ago

☁️G I V E A W A Y☁️ . I’ve teamed up with Caudalie to give 5 of my followers their own deluxe samples of these 3 bbs✨ Giveaway instructions after the review👼🏼 . Caudalie gifted me their Vinoperfect line at the beginning of the month so that I could try out their brand new Glycolic Night Cream. I use this trio every 2 days and I am loving the results so far (I can’t wait to continue using this routine). My skin is super sensitive, and I’ve never used glycolic acid before so I was a bit nervous as to how my skin would react. I LOVE that Caudalie products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind; the night cream is packed full of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like organic shea butter, olive squalane, hyaluronic acid, and grapeseed oil to make sure that sensitive skin won’t be irritated. So you don’t have to worry, just sit back and let glycolic acid and papaya enzymes do their thing✨ When I use these bbs, I wake up to even and hydrated skin. I’ll be counting on these to help with my post breakout pigmentation🤪 Be sure to check out my Caudalie highlight if you want to see how I use these bbs✨ . 🌿R U L E S🌿 1. Must be following me (@skinisspooky ) and @mycaudalie 2. Tag 3 friends in 1 comment below for 1 entry 3. Share this post on your story and tag me for 5 extra entries! . This giveaway is open to Canadian residents ONLY. Winners will be contacted in 1 weeks time👼🏼 Good luck bbs🦋 . . . . . #skincarereview #skincaretips #pmroutine #skincare #caudalie #mycaudalie #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #vinoperfect #luxebeauty #femfeed #palmbffs at Oshawa, Ontario

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1 month ago

💧H Y D R A T E💧 . Thought I would showcase what I decided to pick up to replace my beloved B-Hydra. If you want to know why I’m no longer supporting Drunk Elephant, go view the ☕️ highlight over on @thepamperplace 😋 I don’t have time for that kind of behaviour in 2019😴 . I decided to pick this one up because it contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 just like B-Hydra. Something that initially spooked me is that organic coconut oil was listed as an ingredient, but the lovely team at @ledewbeauty informed me that it’s fractionated coconut oil (same as Lapis) and makes up less than 2% of the serum. First impressions - this smells so good like a coconut. The texture isn’t oily, it’s serum-y which is what I was hoping for. I noticed my top unscrews by instead sometimes? Is this normal? Do I have a ghost? Lmk. . I’m going to start using this at night and patch test. I only have 1 more B-Hydra mini so this better do the trick💧 . What’s your HG hydrating serum?? . . . . . . #ledew #ledewbeauty #milkydrops #pink #glossierpink #glossier #glossieryou #intothegloss #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincarereview #skincaretips #pmroutine #beautycommunity #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #productshot #luxebeauty at Oshawa, Ontario

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1 month ago

🦋D R E A M🦋 . Chemically exfoliate, hydrate, repeat. . At the beginning of the month @caudalie was sweet enough to gift me their whole Vinoperfect line to test out. I’ve finally introduced all 3 items and my skin is H A P P Y. I’m going to post a pm routine later tonight so I can show you guys what I’ve been doing to keep my skin’s texture at bay even through that time of the month.🌱 . Even though Caudalie’s products are made with nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin, I have to go the extra mile and apply Leo Oil on top to lock it all in✨ . What’s your favourite skincare step? Mines applying oil because it’s soooooo smooth and I feel like it protects my skin👼🏼 . . . . . . . . #leooil #mycaudalie #caudalie #pmroutine #skincare #vinoperfect #skincareaddict #skincareobsessed #skincarecommunity #palmbffs #femfeed #jaderoller #jaderolling #productshot #beautycommunity #skincarereview #skincaretips #mejuri at Oshawa, Ontario

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☁️C O Z Y☁️ . Sometimes u just gotta put some fuzzy socks on and moisturize bc u live in Canada and yesterday ur entire driveway was a hockey rink. . In other news both of these r favs and Balm Dotcom bb isn’t looking thicc anymore:-( good thing I have a backup. . . . . . . . . #skincarereview #skincaretips #skincarecommunity #pmroutine #glossier #glossierpink #intothegloss #beautycommunity #productshot #balmdotcom #femfeed #palmbffs #lanolips #skincare at Oshawa, Ontario

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🌱B L U M E🌱 . Another oil... are you surprised? I was so excited to receive this as an Xmas gift because I have been wanting to try @meetblume so bad. I love their brand, their marketing, their ingredients, their message... ok everything. This is their acne spot treatment and it’s a blend of oils (I love). It claims to soothe irritation, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. I like to use this on days where I’m not putting on my Zit Stick, because if I use Zit Stick too many days in a row it can be a tad irritating. I feel like this oil not only treats the blemish, but also treats my irritated skin and nourishes it. I put one drop of this on my finger and apply it to the blemish and I find it significantly reduces size and redness. It also had rosehip oil which helps to prevent the scarring which I love. The main ingredient in this is black cumin seed oil, so this bb smells a LOT like pepper. James can tell exactly when I’m wearing this because I smell like pepper lol. I will say the scent does wear off on the skin, but at first it’s very strong. . I’m so intrigued by this brand, next I think I want to try out their natural deodorant because I’ve been looking for one and I think I’m ready to take the plunge. . . . . . . . . . #skincarecommunity #skincarereview #skincaretips #skincareproducts #beautycommunity #meetblume #blume #productshot #skincare #skincareroutine #pmroutine #acne #acnetreatment at Oshawa, Ontario

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🦋C O O L🦋 . Act cool baby. Here’s a few things I put on my big head every damn day🤧🤧 I couldn’t live without any of these products. I DOUSE my face in oils especially in winter bc she protecc. Layer w B-Hydra to get an extra oil boost + help w texture. And protecc my lippie bbs w Balm Dotcom⚡️ . See any favs?? . . . . . . . #skincarereview #skincaretips #skincarecommunity #skincareproducts #beautycommunity #drunkelephant #biossance #herbivorebotanicals #herbivore #glossier #balmdotcom #crystals #palmbffs #femfeed #productshot #luxebeauty at Oshawa, Ontario

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☁️C L O U D 9☁️ . I want to stay here forever🌙 . I haven’t reached for my Moon Mask in a while, I don’t know why, just haven’t. I’ve seen a few people, one of them was @cafeconclarissa , mix a few drops of Leo Oil into this mask. I love it!! I forgot how beautifully this mask soaks into your skin, even better with the Leo Oil💧 Surprisingly, this mask says it’s good for 24 months so I was pleasantly surprised when I dug it out. Wonder what’s in it that keeps it OK for so long... Btw all of this was applied with my Makeup Drop (of course). . Also, when I was going on Glossier’s site to look up this mask, I noticed how sh*t a lot of the reviews were😂 I saw so many people saying this mask smelled like chemicals and burned their face??? That has NEVER happened to me with this mask... did they change the formulation?? Lmk if this burns ur face🤧 . . . . . . . #glossier #leooil #makeupdrop #skincarereview #skincaretips #skincarecommunity #skincareproducts #beautycommunity #luxebeauty #pmroutine #productshot #femfeed #palmbffs #facemask at Oshawa, Ontario

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