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15 days ago

I’m never alone when I’ve got the strength and support of the women who have given me their worlds in front of my lens. My appreciation and joy never stops when I’ve got such inspirational and beautiful women like this in my corner. Happy #internationalwomensday

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18 days ago

ADVOCACY I never expected this to be such a big part of my job. Even when I awkwardly chuckle and tell people I don’t have a job right now (freelance life) this is why I do it. The girls of @youngwomenwhocrush continue to change my life. They showed me love when I couldn’t climb because of my broken leg, they show their beautiful true selves to my camera, and they fearlessly change the face of women in our climb community. Women belong in the outdoors, behind the lens, both and beyond. I have no idea what I’m doing- what it means to be this kind of photographer- but I want other women to know it’s possible whatever this is. Working on my presentation for REIs Speaker Series is concrete evidence how important talking about this is. No one ever agreed and told me I could do this and I proved people wrong. I want to give girls the support to know they can do photography and they can thrive on a wall or in a wave or whenever their hearts and lens are pointed. at Patagonia

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20 days ago

You could say these were my first images. I wouldn’t be offended. This was June of 2018 and I volunteered to shoot this program because it was the first time I felt an overwhelming drive to capture something I felt so passionately about. The Young Women Who Crush is an incredible program and the hard workof @alexiskrauss @eekamonkey and @ervarisco plus some amazing mentors. The program brings the outdoor skills and mental lessons of climbing to high school girls here in NY. TOMORROW the @patagonia meatpacking will be showing the @nomanslandfilmfestival and 100% of @dank_brooklyn proceeds go to the girls. Stop by- buy some kick ass 🍌 bread- I’ll be shooting 📸- Meet the girls and the mentors-please support you won’t regret it! 🧗🏽‍♀️ LINK IN THE BIO

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1 month ago

STAFF MEETING On an unusually warm February day I joined some of the @thecliffslic staff for a little meeting outdoors. Still in the boot for my fractured tibia, I trailed behind the coworkers through early morning ice. By mid afternoon I lounged on the wall side in a sports bra and photographed. @emillion_bucks and I chatted as she belayed. Our backgrounds similar in the world of Crossfit it’s refreshing to hear another woman’s perspective of the powers of becoming an athlete and taking that into new sports like climbing. We all belong here. So here’s a collection of her crushing it. Link in bio for the latest shoot on the wall. at Shawangunk Ridge

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1 month ago

Portra 800 captures the end• Adventure kept going long after the trail ran out• last looks captured here at the trailhead• I hope I found the peace I gain here•

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2 months ago

Porta 800 captures the rugged backend of Mono Pass 12,060 ft elevation• Danna and Johnny out ahead• Thoughts of a someone I’ve struggled to let go: trailmarked here• Trail snack: likely licorice or Cheese it’s.

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2 months ago

Porta 800 captures the High Sierras, CA• Song played on the car ride in: Gooey by Glass Animals• Food consumed post trail: Pizza at a shop in Mammoth. I’ve finally gotten some film exposed and developed from my travels this September. I did no work to capture this- thanks all to Mother Nature for being that damn beautiful.

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2 months ago

I remember the first time the ocean held me down. I fought back hard. I was 8 so I fought back even harder because I actually thought I’d win. I think about that a lot when I get held under now. What it was like to be under that first wave I won’t forget and fight for air. Now I just relax and think of people. Friends who make me laugh, boys I’ve loved to a fault, family I left behind in CA. I suppose I miss the days when it was just a wave and a need to breathe. What do you think about when you’re down there? #frozenslides at New York, New York

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2 months ago

Here’s the funny thing: surf photography requires all the same skill sets as getting out past the inside sets. Timing and good luck. Both are a gift; individually just nouns no one cares about unless it works in their favor. And in this case It did for me. And in this case it did not for him. But I thank that surfer for the takeoff of valor and know that Rockaway gave him a solid thank you too by giving him one big bear hug to the head. at New York, New York

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2 months ago

I was so scared. There was a crowd of boys on the shore watching me retreat backwards into the break. It was bigger than I thought and when you’ve got only a camera housing to “protect you” the waves become even bigger monsters. I couldn’t tell if I was pushing my limits or way in over my head. When I started to swim out I could feel the pull. “Come see what I can do” the ocean said. But before I could hesitate this guy held up his board for me. I suppose first and foremost she wanted to show me- were all just kooks out there. #frozenslides at New York, New York

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2 months ago

Of all the storms I’ve chased so far in the Northeast, Riley still keeps me dreaming. Many of the images I took have been shuffled onto my hard drive and left for some time. But with @patagoniabowery rolling out the carpet for #frozenslides I thought I’d break out a few. I’ve never liked the big days. They often feel insubordinate and mentally chaotic, becoming a battlefield rather than a playground. When I step into the water housing in hand, the energy of the ocean has changed. It’s electric, as if a shock is about to charge the hair on your arms and as if something either terrifying or life changing is about to happen. Ive never give a shit about the biggest wave or the sketchiest sets and that’s what these days revolve around. But I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t cherish moments like this. Where waves become dance partners again and the plethora of high performance boards disappear. Guess it’s worth the shock. at New York, New York

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3 months ago

Friends are a funny thing. Climbing friends are an even funnier thing. I didn’t use to think of myself as a nomadic person but I often find myself up and moving from place to place hating to stay still for long. My friendships however are the thing that keep me grounded. My climbing friendships do that too- all while gracefully dangling 55 ft off the ground.

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3 months ago

Shuk Yee stoke is real. @shukyee.poon has an ever enchanting excitement to climb and to never stop. Not even at the anchors. Photographing climbers on a wall is so different than from the ground. Never mind the angle but it’s this place you find them up centerfold of a problem. Sitting there harnessed in I got to see the stories unfold of how each person gets through the climb. And its all I can hope to catch a glimpse of again some day.

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3 months ago

I recently told a friend how angry I’ve felt since breaking my foot. Maybe angry was just the wrong word... maybe I’m just scared and frustrated at the curiously uncomfortable situation I’ve found myself in. But the reality behind it is I would still do this year over exactly the same, even though it was beautifully painful. My last day of 2018 I hauled myself up to the Gunks to do the one thing I love the most. The thing that helped me quit my job, fall in love with climbing, be a better surfer, brought me new friends, and got me up on a wall despite having a boot on. 2019 here’s to more photography and to the overwhelming joy it gives me. Here a new friend crushes a problem in the Gunks- 12-30-18 at The Gunks

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3 months ago

“You never conquer a mountain. You stand on the summit a few brief minutes and then the wind blows away your footprints.” -Arlene Blum BREAKING TRAIL

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3 months ago

A Merry Christmas to my fellow photo adventurers and lovers of the outdoors world! I can’t be more thankful for getting to see places like this : truly the gift of the year. Let’s be mindful of your environmental footprint this season as well as participation in consumerism. Our greatest gifts are happiness, friendship, family and love. Happy holidays!

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3 months ago

“..In reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”- Jon Krakeuer INTO THE WILD at Long Beach, New York

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3 months ago

”But at times I wondered if I had not come a long way only to find that what I really sought was something I had left behind.” Thomas Hornbein- Quoted by Jon Krakauer INTO THIN AIR at Long Beach, New York

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