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Summing up my lifetime of feelings about this day. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! #Repost @emilymcdowell_ with @get_repost ・・・ You know who you are.⚡️I wrote this as part of the caption on a post of one of our cards by @noraborealis the other day, and someone commented that they wanted it as a card. Well, it’s not a card (yet) but here it is as a Digital Thing on the Internet! Tag your people. And tag yourself if you’re onto some NEW bullshit, because good job. There will always be bullshit, so I like to measure personal growth by noticing the length of time I’ve been talking in circles about the same damn thing. 🙏❤️ #galentinesday #emilymcdowellstudio #emilyonlife

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2 months ago

Gay Yuletide December 2018, feat. The Best Christmas Sweater Ever; my sweet little tree; party gingerbread cake; @sweetbackdish Singalong Spectacular; @thebinglet with a new friend; Dyker Heights extravagance; cactus right on schedule. at Massachusetts

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2 months ago

Saturday at #Dia: Self-portraits with Robert Smithson & @thebinglet — white by Robert Ryman — Michael Heizer’s terrifying hole — art that’s barely there by Fred Sandback — Serra with Flavin colors. at Dia:Beacon

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2 months ago

Vintage stamps apparently tailored just for me on this year’s Christmas letter from my dear friend Jim. The letter talks about selling their dairy herd, and, saying that after milking twice a day for 40 years, he’ll always be a dairy farmer, he calls himself a “repurposed dairy farmer” now. Indeed: Jim is board president of National Family Farm Coalition, and is as active and engaged a president as one might hope for. Getting to work with him regularly is one of the great joys of my professional life these days. #farmerfriends #northwoodfarm #askusaboutsupplymanagment

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3 months ago

Acknowledging the f’d up origins of this holiday and also feeling grateful for this little beauty at the end of my block, for the holiday-empty city, for friends and family, for a day that includes taking a pie on the train to the beach. Happy thanksgiving, friends. at Long Beach, New York

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4 months ago

Just mailed off the last of my 50 letters to unlikely voters in IA and UT today to encourage them to vote, for the love of god & country. Written on the MTA, LIRR, in a car going upstate, while watching the World Series, and on my stoop. #voteforward @votefwd #bluewave #VOTE

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@shaffies shared the most beautiful picture of my homeland for @mtholyoke #MountainDay, and also these beautiful words (swipe) about the people whose homeland it was long before all the generations of my migratory and colonizing family arrived. I love this land deeply, and it is stolen. Trying to reckon with this hard past recently as I learn more about where my people have settled over generations.

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4 months ago

Took a respite from the national dumpster fire this weekend for two offline days of mist, nighttime rain, falling leaves, glacial moraines, mountain views, outdoor cooking, and a campfire-reheated plum galette. Feeling grateful for a lot of things and ready to make a lot of calls to voters in the next few weeks. 📷🔥⛺️& much more: @thebinglet at Jenny Jump State Forest

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5 months ago

An October miracle at the New World Mall in Flushing: I lost my phone there on Friday night. Ever-hopeful but not optimistic, I called the mall office Mon. morning, and they HAD IT! We were reunited yesterday, with celebratory dumplings and noodles and milk tea. #noteverythingisterrible at New World Mall

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Hard to get a lot of work done today with this nightmare happening in DC. Words by Muriel Rukeyser. . . . #Repost @tianaclarkypants with @get_repost ・・・ I believe you Dr. Ford! Sending love and light to all survivors, including myself today. Clutching this excerpt from Muriel Rukeyser. #BelieveSurviors #BelieveChristine

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