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@shesummitsorg  Community festival empowering people through female-focused adventure films, sport clinics and special events. (In partnership with VIMFF)

2 days ago

Thank you to the amazing @brendonpurdy for these beauties from our She Summits Panel Discussion!!! This event made my heart swell💓 Posted @withrepost@brendonpurdy Just amazing listening to this panel of young athletes speaking openly about gender inclusion and specific challenges last weekend! Put on by @shesummitsorg at @arcteryx and hosted by @jess.odowd, it was an inspiring look into this next generation of leaders. Left me humbled, reflective and stoked! Check these pros out: @andreaneln @andrew__funk @sanoa_olin @mathea_olin #shesummits #northvancouver #northshore

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10 days ago

Loved this post by @andimcleish 🙏 Posted @withrepost@andimcleish Yesterday was pretty surreal - the opportunity to photograph and soak in the coaching of one of your heroes doesn’t come along very often, if ever. Lynn Hill is someone I’ve admired for many years and I’m still not quite believing it was real!! Images shot for @hiveclimbing and @shesummitsorg at The Hive North Shore. Thank you to all the ladies who allowed me into your individual sessions and to @_linacolina_ for your insight and being the lovely person that you are!

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11 days ago

@forestandthefemme does amazing work!!! See how you can support the truly inspiring work they do🙏 Posted @withrepost@forestandthefemme We're on our way! This past week we've had so many opportunities to share our work with the community. From the @wildnorthernway wild meat tasting event, to the @takingstepswarriorwomen documentary premier, to the amazing panel and film events at the @shesummitsorg festival, having the chance to share the work of Forest and the Femme has been such a pleasure! Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response from the community was a great reminder of how important the healing power or nature really is to us all. Thank you to @arcteryxkitsilano @arcticfoxkitsilano @drcarlacupido @jess.odowd and everyone who else supported us this week to get the word out. It's been incredible! After having the opportunity to engage with so many people enthusiastic about our work we're well on our way to meeting our fundraising goal! Stay tuned for an update tomorrow. Donate to help us meet our goal of raising $10,000 my the end of the month! Click the 'DONATE' link in our bio #allmyfriendsarewild #natureheals

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12 days ago

Thank you @vssl and @jillianabrownphotography for creating this beautiful piece we got to share and for your financial support to help make She Summits fly this year! You guys rock!!!!!!!! @mathea_olin @bryannabradleyphotography @_linacolina_ - VSSL is stoked to send you a package too:)! They rock!!!! Posted @withrepost@jillianabrownphotography Nothing is placed in front of you that you don’t have the strength to overcome; it’s just shifting your mindset to believing in one’s self enough. I started telling myself this while in an abusive relationship, and being thankful I knew I had that strength and that it was me there instead of someone who didn’t; cause they may not have made it out. Hearing PTSD, caused confusion and pain and yet, when I shifted into believing I could use this to empower me rather than withdrawing me, It opened me up to share, heal and inspire. It has allowed me to say yes ( #sayyesmore ) to opportunities and challenges without fear or hesitation. If we each believe we can overcome, whatever that obstacle may be, as simple as getting up and still going, leaving the house without makeup on, or pushing to reach the next unclimbed summit, within all the negative pressures society and we put on ourselves, that right there is extraordinary and we each deserve to be proud of ourselves for those moments. “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” #roytbennett • • Huge thank you to the amazing team @vssl and @paramountmediahouse for putting together such a beautiful piece! #vssl #shesummits #currentdesignkayaks @lendalna @cdkayak #otvadventures #womensbest #womenempowerment #selfmagazine #explore #bellletstalk #mec #vimff #neverstopexploring #unrulydreamers #jeep #redbulladventure #natgeoexplorer #mydiscoverycanada #outdoorwomen #expeditionunknown #expeditionhappiness

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13 days ago

Be sure to meet Kim from @girlinthewild tomorrow! This woman’s heart is seriously huge and her work is so beautiful!!! Check her post below to get a flavor of the awesome woman she is! Posted @withrepost@girlinthewild News flash: All girls are NOT in a competition with one another. There is no game to win. No trophy to collect if you successfully put down all of your peers. There are zero accolades for a life spent bullying your sisters. There is no glory in talking behind backs. But there is a way to win. It’s no big secret, but we’ll share it anyway in case you missed the memo: Lift each other up and we ALL rise. Stand united and we ALL triumph. Support each other and we ALL win.

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13 days ago

@arcteryx donated their table tomorrow to @forestandthefemme for our 2pm show and I’m so excited for those of you coming to check them out! Their work is so incredible!!! See if you can even give them $2 - something to help them continue doing their incredible work in the world! Posted @withrepost@forestandthefemme Today we're reflecting on how our work aims to encourage new possibilities for women. Our aspiration is to create a future in which marginalized women will experience a sense of belonging, a source of hope, and an opportunity to feel optimistic about their place in the world. To achieve our mission, we believe that nature has the power to heal and transform, creating strengths that will carry throughout all aspects of our lives.  Since we began programming in 2012 we have taken over 100 participants on over 400 trips, which is almost 2,500 hours of time spent in nature! Our program is unique in that it connects women living in Vancouver's DTES with nature, places not otherwise accessible, and strives to be trauma-informed and low-barrier. We are so looking forward to another season!  We hope you can follow along with our adventures this year. #natureheals #allmyfriendsarewild

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13 days ago

Love this post!!!!! Thank you Angela! Posted @withrepost@_angela.chang_ The @shesummitsorg @oceanambassadorscanada family event today brought us out to Deep Cove to learn about organisms in or near the ocean, the harm of plastic to our ocean, and a chance to try kayaking. We had a blast being outside, learning new things and talking to people who really gives a rat's ass about the ocean. Thank you @bluehousecoffeegoods for the lovely coffee and treats and @deepcovekayak for teaching us to kayak. #familytime #deepcove @thevimff

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14 days ago

Thank you Breanne for catching this beauty of @jess.odowd taking a moment during our panel this evening at @arcteryx with @andreaneln @sanoa_olin @andrew__funk and @mathea_olin - they were all AMAZING!!!! What an inspiring night:) Posted @withrepost@breannefleischer She Summits #shesummits #empoweringwomen #community #outdoors #local #adventure #northshore #westcoast #pacificnorthwest #northvancouver #getblended #womanempowerment #photography #photooftheday #blackandwhitephotography

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14 days ago

I love this!!! Mathea speaks about working with SUPA Society in her presentation for Sunday’s 2pm show and it’s so beautiful how our worlds have brought all together again here! 🙏🙏🙏 Posted @withrepost@autismsurfsup At SUPA Society we meet some pretty awesome humans. Support comes from everywhere. They are there to fire the stoke in the belly of our kids that step on the boards! To let them know “you got this”! We had the pleasure a couple times now to have the wonderful soul @mathea_olin be a part of Surf’s Up. Last year she stepped into a role of a surf instructor. She absolutely took care of business, taking her time with the kids and making them feel comfortable. She didn’t have to volunteer but she did! You see she was hours away from having to catch a flight to Japan for the World Surf Games. This was an important competition to help her qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Surfing is her passion but to also give back to her community is just as important. Mathea will be a speaker at this weekends SHE Summits in Vancouver. She’ll talk about the empowerment and inclusivity of women in the world. She also shares some of her experience with Surf’s Up in a video. If you haven’t got tix for the SHE Summits go to You’ll be inspired by Mathea and other speakers at this event! We are so honoured to have been able to have Mathea a part of SUPA Society! @ripcurl_canada @ripcurl_women #livethesearch #surfingiseverything #autismsurfsup #skateallbarriers #supaonsnow @tourismtofino #smilesformiles #autismacceptance #breakingbarriers @shesummitsorg

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14 days ago

We kick things off tonight at the @arcteryx Pub (part of their factory store) at 6pm this evening with our Teen-Focused Panel Discussion AND our She Summits Social at @hiveclimbing North Shore. Grab your friends, family, kids, etc. and join the conversation with world ranked athletes @mathea_olin @andreaneln @sanoa_olin and elite climber @andrew__funk and moderator @jess.odowd Don't miss the party at the Hive from 5-10pm (DJ, treats, >20 draw prizes). These events run across the road from each other, so come join in for both! Thank you Maria from the @northshorenews for this great piece on She Summits. @_linacolina_ @mathea_olin @bryannabradleyphotography @jess.odowd @nsmba @kyle.cupido @vssl @barrefitness @girlinthewild @spuddelivers @befreshlocal @ripcurl_canada @oceanambassadorscanada @barnaclebabes @coastoutdoors @deepcovekayak @medialifemedia @clifbar @methodcycling @coastperformancerehab @girlswithgrit_vancouver @blendedforyou @brendonpurdy @verouniq @mojacoffee @corkitwine @rossallenfilm @annefloremarxer @paigealms @bjarnesalen @zoyalynch @izzy__lynch @tonicofthesea @billiejeanking @alinebock @room6deepcove @room6deepcove @bluhousecafe @cpaws_national #SheSummits #Vancouverevents #inclusivity #genderequality #equalityinsport #surfing #climbing #womenempowerment #strongwomen #mountainfilm #surffilm #surfphotography #strongmoms #skiing #snowboarding #running #swimming #fishing #mentalhealth #movementismedicine #natureismedicine

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15 days ago

Honored to have Jillian in the house with us tomorrow with the @vssl team! Be sure to stop by their table and meet this phenom taking on adventures that blow my mind! Her msg below is powerful! What an inspiration!!! 🙏👊 Posted @withrepost@jillianabrownphotography Having a voice to inspire and motivate others to follow their passions to be active, outdoors, and to overcome has been my own personal motivation to go out into the wilds. Whether it is by means of paddling, or just for a walk, as much as it is for my own healing; it has truly become my inspiration for sharing. Offering a connection to others I never imagined I would have. Facing obstacles such as PTSD that leaves you feeling so secluded, misunderstood, and alone, even within yourself, and yet it wasn’t till I began to share my struggles that I felt connected to my inner battles and thus to others. The smiles I now showcase are that caused by the thought of how my actions can effect change, shifts and beauty for others. “Instead of worrying about what you can not control, shift your energy to what you can create.” #roytbennett • • Giving away tickets to Sunday’s @shesummitsorg in North Vancouver! Tag a friend you’d like to bring below to be entered! #vssl #nrsweb #shesummit #mec #camp4pix #gopro #redbulladventure #sayyesmore #mydiscovery #unrulydreamers #canoekayakmag #neverstopexploring #otvadventures #adventuretime #adventurestartshere #natgeoadventure #tedx #inspire #womenwhoexplore #bellletstalk

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16 days ago

This rad @hiveclimbing event is part of She Summits - it’s going to be amazing!!! Posted @withrepost@hiveclimbing Learn how you can improve your climbing with us in a supportive small group atmoshphere with Boulder Basics on April 7th with some of our favourites @allisonvest (📷) and @sarahmbeaver 💪This clinic includes an early morning coffee date with the legend @_linacolina_ and a 2 ✌ week membership. LINK in bio to sign up! 📷 @kimstagraham.mcg

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