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13 days ago

Please check out this post from @sacredborn who is doing amazing work within the birthing world. Take time to read our interaction about addressing the importance of compensating women who are sharing wisdom and knowledge from different cultural backgrounds. I too often see women who are not POC profiting and benefitting from other traditional practices without any acknowledgement to women of those cultures here practicing in the states such as @maytethewombdoula who I will be studying with and the @matrizmidwife among many who have been taught within their own cultural settings. I support and uplift any woman who is guiding others and helping, but this is something that must change. Anyone learning from other women using their cultural practices need to compensate justly not only by honoring their wisdom and knowledge. This conversation is about educating, supporting and holding each other accountable. Check all these women out, they are all doing invaluable work!

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2 months ago

@littleheroesyoga thank you so much for such beautiful guidance and sharing all your insight and wisdom. I feel so empowered and grateful to add such amazing tools to my practice that are so seamless and easy to implement. I'm excited to offer what I've learned to my little friends and mama's. Thank you for being part of and enriching this unfolding journey! Oh my goodness, it was so fun!! #yogacommunity #yogateachertraining #childrensyoga #prenatalyoga #babyyoga #gratitude #yogaisfun #thejourney #learning #yoga #yogislife

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2 months ago

Lamb chops & potatoes, hello valentine! Happy day of love and friendship to all. Be your own valentine, this honoring of love put in super focus today should be the standard of celebration for yourself and anyone you allow in your sacred space. Not everyone is going to get a seat at the table, but for those who do, valentine's day is everyday! Sending love, celebrate yourself everyday! #beyourownvalentine #selflove #compassion #loveofself #loveforothers #love #unconditional #valentines

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2 months ago

"I highly recommend Sherry. She is passionate in working with families, moms, and babies and it shows in her work as a doula. There is no doubt in my mind that she can provide positive contributions to any family’s birth. " ❤️ Skylee’s Mom In celebration of the miracle of life! Doula's hold space, celebrate, honor, support, love, share, encourage, listen and love! #doula #passions #postpartum #supportmamas #purpose #ilovebabies #mamasrock #doulalife #soulful

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3 months ago

Bringing a precious healthy being into the world with a healthy mother is the best birth. A space where a woman's space and desires are honored is the sacred birthing space. There is no right, bad, unnatural way to bring a child into the world. Women are the world and are connected to earth. Birth is everything infinite, divine, and beautiful. Every time a women births she is connected to nature. Always so honored to be part of the ceremony of birth. The best way to birth is exactly how each birth unfolds! #birthfacts #csection #doulalife #honored #birth #womanareamazing I'm ready....

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