27 days ago

John @forestledge and I were honored to be invited to two family gatherings to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival while in Foshan, Guangdong, China. The first was a family dinner with four generations of the Pang family. Our friend Paul invited us. Pictured is Paul's son. Then we went to the home of Paul's Mother-in-law for a traditional BBQ. It was fun to meet so much family and to witness the family dynamics. The mooncake, which has been one of my favorite things for a long time, was made with birds nest. Delicious!!! #mooncakes #autumnmoonfestival #familyisfamily #chinesebbq #china

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1 month ago

An adventure this evening. John and I ate out alone with a translation app. The dishes were delicious. And the Pu'Er tea, authentic. The only dish we were sure of was the duck. I had never eaten fish heads before (thought I was ordering shellfish from the looks of the photo) but they are delicious!! The main waiter obviously was making fun of us to the delight of the rest of the patrons. We created community by existing in that scenario. They certainly enjoyed laughing at our expense. A great evening!! at 華美達酒店

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2 months ago

A couple of photos from our wedding. @forestledge played a song on the organ for me, and later in the evening I changed to more comfortable clothes in the traditional bridal color. Thank you @lenamelikov and @jkannin for the photos. at Seahurst, Washington

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2 months ago

Walked the Chinese Garden at South Seattle College today. I was transported to an experiance in Fujian Province. @vivacious_love is attending SSC this year for a special program, so I will be able to visit more often. ❤ at The Arboretum at South Seattle College

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2 months ago

Thanks to my beautiful friend @rebeccamillerart for the, much needed, and most delicious, respite from the pre-wedding/event whirlwind. The best evening! So much love. ❤🥂 at Burien Pizzeria

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