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@shauntopper  ✉️: for appts. 🖤@JETBLACKSUPPLY🖤 🌙 OC California 🌴 - - @tattoodo ambassador

9 days ago

Fun tattoo and great conversation. Thanks William! If you see a bear while you’re hiking- it’s always best to wear them down with body shots. Put a little water in the basement. at Eastside, Costa Mesa

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11 days ago

It is what it is, ‘til it ain’t. #macmiller

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15 days ago

Cool new client popped in last week and picked this from my sketchbook. I love tattooing :)

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18 days ago

Rope-a-dope. But Jeff isn’t a dope. He’s actually pretty intelligent. Anyway, heres his leg. at Captured Tattoo

2k 21
26 days ago

Back in town early and I’ve got time open Saturday and Sunday- if any of you lovely ladies and gentlemen want to sneak in, 🖤 dm me

2k 15
27 days ago

Another back piece completed recently. Sundancer on Melissa. Partial coverup and working around a bit of pre-existing work. Thank you Melissa! at Costa Mesa Newport Beach

2k 17
1 month ago

Finished backjob in collaboration with my man @dansmithism. Big respect to Anthony who flew in and sat like a stone for all of his sittings. Some of which were quite long with Dan and I both working simultaneously. You’re a soldier Anthony, THANK YOU!

2k 31
1 month ago

Anchor tattoo — Can’t go wrong with the classics.

2k 6
1 month ago

Remember this? When my client asked for “Kramer skanking through Jerry’s front door” ... you want it? You got it. #giddyup

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