1 day ago

New year. New intro. 👁🔺

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3 days ago

New year. New tea. 🍵🔥

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4 days ago

👁🔺 Link in bio

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5 days ago

I made luxury Gucci slime in @jeffreestar’s honor. 👑🎀💰

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11 days ago

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12 days ago

I take my 2am slime reviews very seriously.

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14 days ago

Couples fight caught on camera *Live Footage*

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14 days ago

There’s something sad and hilarious about getting a “social star” award and having it sent to me because i’m not social and I never leave my house. Either way, i really appreciate u guys and this inspires me to make more stuff i’m passionate about in 2019 :,) thank u so much for always being there for me. ❤️

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16 days ago

My first time sledding. Listen for my echoed screams.

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21 days ago

I tried to make a viral slime instagram video and then everything went wrong.

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22 days ago

Dadsicle ❄️

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