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7 days ago

I am super excited to share some new timelapse clips taken with the @NikonUSA #D850. I put the camera through a variety of tough #timelapse lighting situations and am super impressed with the results. I cannot wait to share more with you all! #Sponsored #Nikon #NIKKOR at Utah

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11 days ago

The last bit of light on the dunes. One of my favorite moments to witness. As the light kisses the ridges of sand, creating incredible patterns. The sun dipping behind the mountains, as the final moment of glow fades into twilight. These are the little moments, that make me so thankful to be a landscape photographer. at Death Valley National Park

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17 days ago

“Cloud Rush” swipe to see the full image! I am going to start doing a feature Fridays over on my IG Stories to see some of the work that you all are creating and pick some of my favorites. Use #shainblumff to be a part of it. I look forward to seeing your creations! :D at San Francisco, California

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23 days ago

Evening fog flow above the Bay Area. One of my favorite views to capture. Swipe to see the full image. at San Francisco, California

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27 days ago

Once the storm clears and the light finally pushes through. One of my favorite mornings in the Dolomites. Swipe to see the full image. at Dolomites UNESCO

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28 days ago

Caught the Blood Moon #eclipse over San Francisco tonight. The storm clouds finally drifted away for a clear view during totality. Swipe right to see the wide angle image. Both images are single exposures. at San Francisco, California

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29 days ago

“Guardian” Taken during a beautiful summer night, 2013. at California

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