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@selfiekiller  @Ariatheeprincess mommy 👶🏼💖 snapchat: Stina842842 YouTube: Christina Crockett/ watch my new video: ↙️

2 months ago

I hope everyone’s 2019 is better than 2018, even if it was a good year for you 🌟 #2019

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2 months ago

Can’t believe I’m 24 already, this year went by so fast, especially fast because I have a baby. Thanks for all your birthdays messages today 🥰 #24

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3 months ago

A onesie kind of day ☁️

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3 months ago

Had way too much fun with this 😂 video is now up!! YouTube: Christina Crockett (LINK IN BIO) thank you all so much for your support on my channel ❤️

10k 301
4 months ago

Going to heart everyone’s comments 🔥👀 also thank you all so much for 100k on YouTube! Doing a crazy video to celebrate, I can’t wait to post it!

15k 523
4 months ago

Halloween costume ideas video is now on my YouTube channel! 🎃 (LINK IN BIO) worked really hard on this video I hope you like it!

9k 236
4 months ago

I was trying to take a picture with Aria, but she wasn’t having it today. so I put her in the background instead 😂 swipe to see one of many failed attempts

12k 340
5 months ago

Posted probably one of the funniest videos ever on my YouTube channel, who’s seen it and wants a pt. 2? - link in bio 😎

11k 336
5 months ago

Need some Halloween costume ideas 🎃 comment some ? 💖 (+baby costumes)

12k 317
6 months ago

Back to posting frequent YouTube videos! 👏🏼Comment which videos you’d like to see :D

12k 289
7 months ago

Can you tell I’m in the babies room 👀 (/Brooke’s room) new favorite place for selfies tho

12k 310
7 months ago

New get ready with Aria and I! Link in bio ☺️ it was so stressful lol

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