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6 days ago

With a mixture of Dutch and Native American (Cherokee/Apache Indian) blood propelling me through this cosmic journey; to even use the term culturally dysphoric would be understated. Yet, across the many lands I’ve been lucky enough to traverse, I’ve never felt a true sense of home as I do in Australia. Since moving to the Eora lands, and engaging with members of the communities; acknowledging, mourning and healing our collective ancestral traumas, I instinctively knew my ultimate soul work was veered towards aiding the self determination of the First Nations People of this land, in which ever macro or micro ways that would be. While traversing the Sunshine Coast, I was fortunate enough to connect with Nathalie, a descendant from the Ngarabal/Nucoorilma people from Tingha and Glen Innes and the Biripi people from Dingo Creek in New South Wales, and also founder of the first Indigenous Australian label to showcase their label at New York Fashion Week. Made from regenerated Lycra and fish nets, their 100% silk resort wear is eco-friendly being made from silk worms, as well as being chlorine resistant boasts a sun protection of UV50+, but most importantly, working closely with Indigenous Artists to feature authentic work sharing stories of the Dreaming with the world through the medium of fashion. Each garment is handmade, designed, and inspired from their indigenous culture. All of us on this sharing this journey on what is now known as Australia have a commitment to the self determination of the true custodians of this sacred island, and with love I encourage you to connect and educate yourself on the ancient, ancestral energies of this land. The set I’m wearing is called aptly called ‘Rainbow Serpents’. Thank you again @nativeswimwearaustralia for this beautiful gift I will forever cherish #alwayswasalwayswillbeAboriginalLand at Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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8 days ago

Over the years and across many a dancefloor, I was lucky enough to find my soul family assemble around me. Uniquely eclectic souls, united by one common denominator; the bass line. As i inched my toes slower into the waters of the nightlife world, I found the community and culture created by the iridescent souls grooving in their own ways, yet in total symbiosis with my own, crucial in letting the light in to my own creativity. Under the glow of numerous disco balls, that primal essence connected our collective consciousness to what truly mattered, unity and hope in spite of the cruelties of the world. While I’m no veteran of dare I say, “the scene”, it’s been crushing to see the Sydney that gave me the wind in my sails reduced and crippled under the clenched fists of the lock out laws at the expense of government agenda and propaganda. So for the sake of the the clubbers yet to come, the community and all the hard working souls out there keeping Sydney grooving make your voice count this Election Day and let’s make Sydney late again. #makesydneylateagain at Sydney, Australia

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18 days ago

Gratitude for all the divine feminine forces that had, have and continue to carry me through this blessed cosmic journey ♥️ and to @tomboybeauty for including me alongside these enchantingly empowering women #internationalwomensday

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21 days ago

imagine being this iconic bc my mother literally is ♥️

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21 days ago

72 hours since Mardi Gras and i swear to god Kylie Minogue’s ‘come into my world’ is STILL playing softly somewhere in the distance at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

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mute me

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