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@selfiec  Hi 🤗 All you need to know about me is: I am a caffeine-a-holic #FitBrū And I like to lift stuff 💪🏼 #BlueMind Code “SelfieC” for 15% off ⬇️

2 days ago

Who’s graduating high school or college this year? —— So many of my friends are graduating college and I’m so jealous! I took a different ans longer route, but I wouldn’t change how I did it. (I’ve been to like 4 colleges) I’m hoping to graduate by fall 2020. #mylegisntbrokeniswear #flexin

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4 days ago

Hi I hope everyone is having a great day! —— Literally counting down the days until I’m done with this semester of school. Let’s pull through it everyone 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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9 days ago

Jet lag has taken over my body for the past few days, but everyday is getting better and better. So thankful to be back home safe but I’m missing Japan at the moment ❤️ #iwearthisoutfittoomuch #butitsstillcutetho

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14 days ago

How do you like your coffee? Comment below ☕️ (discount of @fitbrewingco in my bio)❤️

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17 days ago

These cherry blossoms are so beautiful 🌸 at Kyoto, Japan

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17 days ago

I’m very happy here. Osaka, you are amazing too! 😍 at Osaka

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19 days ago

Thankful for my health. Everyday I look back on how I used to feel and the hardships I went through. I am thankful that I no longer am in terrible pain everyday. I’m thankful that I don’t have clumps of hair falling out every minute. I’m thankful that I’m not light headed everyday and pale anymore. I’m thankful that my digestion has improved tremendously. I’m thankful that I can go out and dance and have fun without having to worry about stopping every 10 minutes to use the restroom. (TMI but that was my life for 2 years). - Most importantly, I’m thankful that I have a community of wonderful people to help me. #chronicdiseasewarrior #ulcerativecolitis

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22 days ago

Taking in every moment I have here. What a beautiful culture. Who’s been to Japan? at Tokyo, Japan

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23 days ago

Hello Japan 🇯🇵 you amaze me. at Tokyo, Japan

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27 days ago

It’s another beautiful day to share love and positivity. ❤️🥰

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