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Customer satisfaction is our overarching modus operandi. 😊 at Sydney, Australia

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The dog is thinking “don’t even think about it!” 😂 Thanks for sharing @thesunnielife ”Mum what are you doing? 🐶 Home Laser Update: I’ve had so many ppl ask if it’s actually working! Well here it is: I’m about 6 weeks in & I started with my underarms, arms, legs & ethnic ladies, my upper lip & chin! Results = Amazing, I’m seeing significant less hair already, so I think by the time I do 4 more treatments every week, I’ll be done!” at Sydney, Australia

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11 days ago I have been using Home IPL hair removal kit on my arms and loving the results so i have just started on my legs 🙌🏽 next I’ll start on my underarms and I can’t wait ! I have always wanted to do IPL but with children at home I don’t get the chance or spare $$ to do it so this kit comes in extremely handy as I can do it once the kids are in bed and for a fraction of the price. What more could you ask for 👌🏽I’m going to be silky smooth for summer. . . . . #selfieskin #selfieskinsquad #ipltreatment #iplhairremoval #documentingmotherhood #instamum #momsofinstagram #momlife #mumlife #mumtribe #naturalmama #aussiemums #mynameismama #cameramama #clickinmoms #unitedmotherhood #memoirsofmotherhood #motherhoodrising at Perth, Western Australia

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@lisaschmidt84 lisaschmidt84 Hey guys!! Just wanted to update you all on my results using the IPL laser hand removal set! Being a busy Mum of 4, it is almost impossible to find the time to schedule in appointments throughout the week, so this has been an absolute lifesaver! And the best thing is, I got to see results after just 8 sessions. My skin is so silky smooth as a result and it’s super easy to use! Win, win 👏 You won’t regret purchasing this 😍 #selfieskin #ipl #ipltreatment #iplhairremoval #beautytips #beautytrends at Sydney, Australia

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20 days ago “As a long term waxer, something I really wish I’d gotten onboard with earlier is laser hair removal! Not only is it relatively painless, its effects are way longer lasting and permanent because it works to target hair growth at the follicle. I got my in home laser hair removal system in May and I’ve been using it fortnightly since then from the convenience of my own home. Because I’m flat out during the week days I love that it only takes me 20 mins and I don’t need to make an appointment - I mean if you don’t count a date with Netflix while I do it 🤣 I’ve definitely noticed that my hair growth has slowed and become less over sessions - pretty soon it will be gone all together 🙌🏽🙌🏽” at Sydney, Australia

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