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When you think your outfit is killin’ it but realize you left your keys on your belt loop like a damn dad. 🤦🏻‍♂️ • • • • 📸: @shelbysorrel at Hank's Austin

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2 days ago

“I see poetry in your eyes. You’re the only reason we rhyme.” at Kitty Cohen's

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4 days ago

Bar bathroom finds. 💓 at Weather Up

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4 days ago

We are 19 days into 2019 already and I’m thinking about some goals I have for this year. 🤔Check the link in my bio for a blog post on this! And share some of your goals for 2019 below 👇🏼 • • • • 📸: @and_media | @aidnate at Austin, Texas

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I like you, even if you are a little old fashioned 🥃 at Native Hostel

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“Wish you were queer” is one of the first designs I ever drew up for @flavnt_streetwear back in 2014 — I drew the original sketch on a napkin at my coffee shop job in NYC. @courtney__25 tends to design the majority of our tees at FLAVNT because I have to be ~inspired~ but that’s why we make a good team, and thankfully she can’t fire me since she needs a unanimous decision from the owners and I’m half the vote. 😂 • • • • •📸: @and_media | @aidnate

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