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11 hours ago

I love the color palette #SecondSkin user @shaintattoos used on this lunar(?) moth. And the presentation is beautiful as well 😍 ・・・ Was able to wrap this up yesterday! So much fun creating this one 🙏🏽 she looked in the mirror and cried when it was done and that is one of the most beautiful responses I could ask for. Tattooing is so much more than a fad, so much more than looking “cool” to be able to alter someone’s body, to have them be able to look at a part of them and “say I love this part of my body” is such a beautiful thing and I will never take that power that I have for granite. Appointment inquiries can be made through the link in my bio - love&light ❤️☀️

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7 days ago

Pro Team member @inkbysaga doing his Star Wars thing 💫 #secondskintac #secondskin #colorrealism ・・・ Fall of the Republic ☰ 3-day piece we did on the weekend at the @dctattooexpo, took 18h. Thanks so much to Donny for sitting so well, my biggest show piece to date! Great to see some old friends and meet some new ones at show ⚔ #inkbysaga @therealismclub @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @medtatt @fkirons #spektraxion @secondskintac @blackworksupply @stickystripz_ink_caps #realismclub @inkedmag @inkfusionempire #inkfusionempire @deathstartattoos @starwars @starwars_siths

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10 days ago

Happy Monday y’all. @alliebeetattoo using our foaming wash to reveal this masterpiece. You’re welcome 🦡 ・・・ Hahahahaha dude you are a legend. Using @secondskintac ‘s dope foaming soap and wrap 🖤 ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ #utah #utahartist #slc #slcart #slcartist #ink #illustration #illustrator #illustrativeart #tattoo #slcink #slctattoo #utahtattoo #utahtattooartist #utahtattoos #slctattoos #slctattooartist #availabletattoo #flash #badger #animaltattoo #pussy #snakepit #makemomproud

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24 days ago

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Pro Team. We intentionally keep our team small, so that we can be sure the people on it are not only great artists, but great people who reflect our company’s culture as well. I can honestly say I’m proud to call any of these fine folks friends 👏🏽 In alphabetical order, starting top left and going clockwise, @tattoosbyalisha @dbkaye @ben_ochoa @eva_jean @jonleightontattoo @cloutiermichael @laughingloone @ponylawson Page two: @therubygore @inkbysaga @shadowink @shannoneperry and @vicback. Thank you all for the support you’ve given us . . . #secondskintac #secondskin #topnine #tattoos

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