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3 days ago

These amazing women with magnificent voices @bclsinclair and @yurayunita looked stunningly gorgeous in Sebastian Gunawan Couture; Cromia piece, as their performance dress at the “Lazada Simfoni Ramadan” by @lazada_id Swipe to get inspired by some of their gorgeous look!👉🏻 . Dress @bclsinclair & @yurayunita by Sebastian Gunawan Couture Make up BCL by @bumiauw Photo BCL by @davianakbar Styled BCL by @imeldaimew Hairdo BCL by @ardndut Makeup Yura Yunita by @ferryfahrizal Hair Yura Yunita by @krisna_endi Photo Yura Yunita by @claudianrh #sebastiangunawan #sebastiangunawancouture #bclsinclair #yurayunita #lazada #lazadasimfoniramadan

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5 days ago

Elegance is woman with character of confidence. Gorgeous @janemichellehartono wore @sebastiangunawanofficial collection to glam her sweet 17th birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday dear, Michelle! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may your days become better and brighter as you entered into adulthood. Thank you for trusting and wearing Sebastian Gunawan Couture✨ . Dress by @sebastiangunawanofficial Makeup by @christineunicemakeup Video by @avelinegunawan Styed by @andreas_pao Tour agent @karmeltoursurabaya @megawati.santoso #sebastiangunawan #sebastiangunawancouture #cromia #collection #getlOZtwithJM

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10 days ago

Sebastian Gunawan Couture for Jasmine Sokko’s New Single Music Video✨ Singaporean singer @jasminesokko looked amazingly stunning in a black and gold details dress by Sebastian Gunawan’s Couture as her performance dress on her New Single’s Music Video “TIRED”. (Swipe to see details) Thank you for the amazing; Photographer @warrentey Director @choann_studio @warnermusicsg Stylist @randolph_tan Hair @mervynlee_ @instahairloom #SebastianGunawan #SebastianGunawanCouture #MV #JasmineSokko #Singapore #MusicVideo #warnermusic #Choannstudio

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11 days ago

Sebastian Gunawan Couture for #METGALA #CoralChung of @senreve rocking the 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp wearing Iconic gradation ball gown dress Sebastian Gunawan Couture. The theme ‘Camp’ loves to play at the boundaries of gender. That makes pink an exciting partner. Marked by a full skirt and a small waist, this dramatic silhouette will undoubtedly make a stunning entrance. PR agency @brooklynprla Dress @sebastiangunawanofficial Makeup @taylorfitzgerald_ Hairdo @dinadipietro Stylist @karenraphael Jewelry @zameerkassam @wendyyuejewellery Clutch @senreve #SebastianGunawan #SebastianGunawanCouture #Metgala2019 #MetCamp #CoralChung

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12 days ago

Sebastian Gunawan Couture for #METGALA No color makes a stronger statement than that if the bright and bold red. The gorgeous #CoralChung, CEO of @senreve wearing the very iconic gradation and figure-flattering ball gown dress by Sebastian Gunawan Couture, rocking the 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Note for fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY City. PR agency @brooklynprla Dress @sebastiangunawanofficial Makeup @taylorfitzgerald_ Hairdo @dinadipietro Stylist @karenraphael Jewelry @zameerkassam @wendyyuejewellery #SebastianGunawan #SebastianGunawanCouture #Metgala2019 #MetCamp #CoralChung #Redcarpet

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13 days ago

Now for the main gown of “The Day” of #SYAHREINO. An exclusive design by Sebastian Gunawan for @princessyahrini @reinobarack Intimate Dinner Silahturahmi, Jakarta. Congratulations once again @princessyahrini @reinobarack and thank you for wearing SebastianSPOSA. Wedding Gown by @sebastiansposaofficial Crown by @rinaldyyunardi Photo credits @riomotret @aldiphoto Makeup by @anpasuha_official Hairdo by @hairstylist_arrusa WO by @litabyfaith Decor by @yu_cienlotus #SyahReino #PrincesSyahrini #ReinoBarack #wedding #EnergyofAkad

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14 days ago

Another exclusive design for our gorgeous @princessyahrini as her wedding night gown. #SYAHREINO This gown has been through a number of design processes in the making such as finding inspiration, assembling it from scratch to digital, and also having an intimate discussion with our special guest so it was designed perfectly for them. Thank you @princessyahrini for wearing and trusting Sebastian Gunawan Couture. . Wedding Gown by @sebastiangunawanofficial couture Accessories @rinaldyyunardi #SyahReino #PrincesSyahrini #ReinoBarack #wedding #EnergyofAkad

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