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2 months ago

Absolutely amazing overnight trip to Ocotillo Wells with the boys this week. Spent the whole day tearing this massive park up with wall rides, jumps, woopty-woos and more. I’m gonna need a massage after this one at Ocotillo Wells SVRA

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5 months ago

It’s been over 5 years since I’ve been back here and this place is still more breathtaking than ever. A lot colder than last time, but an incredible way to spend Thanksgiving weekend! Be safe everyone and have a lovely holiday 😊 at Zion National Park

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5 months ago

Ay LA hip hop heads!!! Come through next Tuesday the 27th to see my man @trehype slay the mic next to some crazy local talent! It’s at the Virgil, only 10 bucks. Come on, you know you got ten bucks lying around so get yo ass up and come see the show!! #realhiphop #tregotbars #LAlocal #supportlocalhiphop

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5 months ago

I spent the last four days in a hidden paradise off the coast of Baja California. Worked with an AMAZING crew shooting a short film and getting our hike on both at the beginning and end of days. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience with all of you. Happy to have found yet another crazy film family to call my own ❤️ #buoyshortfilm #setlife #mexico #secretcove

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6 months ago

Another amazing day out with the homie, Joe! If only he had an Instagram... anyways, today we kinda explored the west side of the 15 up in Cleghorn Canyon, got a bit lost, rode until the sun was gone and definitely beat ourselves up with a nice workout. Always an amazing time out here, happy the weather is staying so nice #dirtbikes #sanbernadinoforest #cantstopwontstop

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6 months ago

Absolutely stunning day out with the boys yesterday. Hit two new trails we’d never seen before and the views were amazing. Can’t wait for the next one #sendit #millercanyon #dirtbikes #offroad

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7 months ago

Pretty crazy set from yesterday. Drove towards a fire up in Santa Clarita but it never got close 🙏 #setlife #theworldisonfire

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8 months ago

Red light.

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9 months ago

I guess when you spell it phonetically, it’s really the only way that makes sense 😂 #soclose at Starbucks

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9 months ago

Water is cool

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9 months ago

I just joined a band called Dizzy Dames and we’re playing a show tonight at the Satellite in Silver Lake! We’re playing at 8:30, tickets are $15. Gonna be a great show, come through if you’re free!! at The Satellite

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