17 hours ago

Family trip to the Everglades and my dad managed to snag this picture of a flock of roseate spoonbills. It’s always so exciting to see the amazing wildlife in the Everglades and also learn so much about the Everglades ecosystem! at Shark Valley Visitor Center

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7 days ago

Gearing up for this last round of interviews, so of course I’m going to post an airport bathroom selfie. I mean, what else is there to do? I have a fun blog post in the works on all things related to job interviews (with a particular emphasis on academic jobs). Leave a comment below if there’s anything in particular related to interviews that you’d like to hear about! . . . Happy Monday, everyone! at Miami International Airport

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8 days ago

Six months ago was when this incredible day took place. I am forever grateful that this guy is in my life. at Amara Cay Resort

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9 days ago

Taking a little break from the absolute madness of this phase of my life, jetting all over the country for interviews. It’s been amazing to catch my breath. at Oleta River State Park

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17 days ago

Happy International Women’s Day, my friends! I can’t express how grateful I am to know so many incredible and inspiring women and also to live in an age where women are spearheading so much progress. This year’s recipient of the Cole Award (a top award in Biophysics) is an incredible scientist and is only the 5th woman to receive this prestigious award in its history. The energy in that room as she received her award and delivered her talk was indescribable. . . . Here’s to more years of progress and making waves with my fellow badass women. at Miami, Florida

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19 days ago

That’s a wrap for the Biophysical Society Meeting. I had the most amazing experience at this conference and now I have no voice after my poster presentation. It was so great to catch up with some old friends and also present my data and get a lot of helpful feedback. at Baltimore Convention Center

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23 days ago

Baltimore, here we come. The annual Biophysical Society Meeting is a 5 day long event with 5,000 of the world’s top biophysicists and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s meeting. Today kicks off the Membrane Biophysics Subgroup Saturday with talks all about dendritic excitability. I was so excited for the lineup of talks and didn’t want to miss anything so I booked myself on a 6 am flight to get to Baltimore.... This probably wasn’t one of my most brilliant ideas, but views like this make it a little better. at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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1 month ago

In the spirit of the upcoming Biophysical Society Meeting I’m breaking out the “Ask Me About My Research” pin! I’m so excited to go and learn about all sorts of amazing science and also get input from experts on my own research in just one more week! . . . Happy Friday everyone! And of course: ask my about my research! Anyone have any questions they want answered? at University of Miami Medical Campus

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1 month ago

You’re such a QT || I couldn’t resist this because I’ve never seen a Valentine so perfectly related to my research. . . . In the heart, the QT interval is the period of time between depolarization and repolarization of the ventricles. When the QT interval is prolonged because of mutations to voltage-gated ion channels (that I study) a person is predisposed to potentially fatal arrhythmias. To prevent this from happening, I’ve been studying new fatty acids that can activate one of the channels important for the normal QT interval with the hope of eventually helping to target one of the causes of Long QT Syndrome. at University of Miami Medical Campus

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1 month ago

Cozy, rainy day manuscript vibes. Writing is the perfect work-from-home activity because I can have a cup of coffee in my hand at all times. at Miami, Florida

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1 month ago

I love our weekend visits but they’re never long enough. This fella got to come down to spend the weekend before I leave for my first interview and it has me so excited and ready for our next adventure (starting with living in the same zip code). at The Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami

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2 months ago

Time is flying by because I’ve been hustling to get as many experiments done as possible before I dive into a month full of conferences and post-doc interviews. . . . So then what exactly have I been doing? I’ve been testing these little guys - polyunsaturated fatty acids - on voltage-gated ion channels in the heart. Some of these fatty acids are found in the diet, like in fish oils, and others (like the ones I’ve been working with) have been chemically modified to make them even better at activating a potassium channel in the heart. Even though experiments never really end, I’m so excited to see where some of these experiments take us in our understanding of how potassium channel activators work. at University of Miami Medical Campus

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2 months ago

I started feeling nostalgic for Birmingham today because it’s the place where I fell in love both with my husband and with neuroscience. It’s also a fun little story of the origin of “Seabreezelife.” . . . When I was an undergrad, I got involved in research as a part of my degree in Honors Psychology, and I joined a neuroscience lab at UAB. There were two grad students in that lab, one guy (Andrew) and one girl (Laura), who were both super nice and helpful (which was great because I was a nervous little baby undergrad who had never done research before). One day, when I was at the lab bench Andrew came around the corner and asked suddenly, “Can I call you Seabreeze?” I was a little caught off guard but I said sure since then he called me Seabreeze, and often gave me incredibly useful advice like, “Don’t mess up.” I never would have guessed that this guy would later become my husband. So “Seabreezelife” is always a happy little reminder of where our story all began. . . . (PS. Swipe to the left to see a little throwback to a picture from my first month in lab and then a picture from our wedding with the best best man ever, Laura 😜) at Birmingham, Alabama

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2 months ago

TIPS FOR READING A SCIENTIFIC PAPER || I got a big response for a blog post on how to read a scientific article, so here is my most recent post on how to read a scientific paper whether you have a scientific background or not. 📄 📄 📄 I picked a paper that I read recently and found really interesting and made some notes to use as examples of how I go about reading a paper. Check out my newest blog post on getting the most out of reading a research article - the link to the post is in my bio so go check it out and get to reading those papers! at Miami, Florida

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2 months ago

Saturday morning vibes. . . . How do you take care of yourself on working weekends? I make sure to make more time for things I enjoy before grinding it out in lab. Like hot vinyasa flows on Friday nights and Saturday mornings full of coffee. at Miami, Florida

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2 months ago

It doesn’t feel like it was four months ago that we got married. Probably because we’ve only spent about a month total of that time together. . . . I’m counting down the months until we finally get to be in the same state for the first time after four years apart. Even though it’s a challenge, we’ve grown so much during this time as individuals, as scientists, and as partners and over the next few months I’m excited to see where life takes us. at Miami, Florida

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2 months ago

When you can’t find the sticky notes and have to resort to scribbling frantically on your lab glove because you have the short-term memory of a goldfish. at University of Miami Medical Campus

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