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@scuba821  Husband to @britt_westfall, father to Parker and Ezra. Crew chief @rockstarhusky

4 days ago

Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite dickhead. @davimillsaps

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5 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite person. Always holding the fort down and taking care of these crazy kids on the daily. I love you lots 😘.

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23 days ago

Parker won today and has now moved to expert. Proud of him. @britt_westfall

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29 days ago

When Ezra thinks he’s jumping the gate over Parker. Just needed the lights to go 1st. 😭😭😭

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1 month ago

Everyone wish the favorite Mexican a big happy birthday @mdavalos73 😂😂

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1 month ago

Yesterday got a little rough. My adopted son @js352 had a good crash yesterday in Phoenix for amateur day. He is off to surgery to fix his pelvis. Should be back to new in no time.

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1 month ago

Vegas is done. It was a long week for @britt_westfall but like always keeps it together. Friday Ezra 3rd Parker 4th. Saturday Ezra 2nd Parker 3rd. Sunday Ezra 1st Parker 5th. They made all their mains and couldn’t be happier. Ezra has now moved up to 5i after today.

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1 month ago

Wishing the kids good luck this weekend in Vegas. @britt_westfall holding down the fort. @davimillsaps helping with the wrenches. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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3 months ago

Happy birthday to this gem @britt_westfall. Sorry I missed your day. Have fun see you in a couple days. Love you

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4 months ago

Thanks to @scoscheinc for the hook up today. Boat is dialed now with the new magnetic holder for pliers and scissors. Can even mount your phone to it. Plus if the battery dies we have a jump pack now.

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4 months ago

We have a zombie and a shark. Then came the costume change for Dennis. Shark to UPS

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4 months ago

Pumpkin carving is done for the kids.

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4 months ago

Another fun day at the river. Ezra with big fish of the day. @britt_westfall

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4 months ago

Day 1 of fall nationals in the books. Ezra took the W and Parker got a 5th. Good day for everyone. @britt_westfall

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4 months ago

Ezra sending it on the the 50 today.

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4 months ago

Parker’s day is now complete. Maybe the entire year😂😂😂

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4 months ago

Happy anniversary @britt_westfall. It’s been a great 9 yrs. Love you

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