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15 days ago

With so much looming on the horizon, I’m definitely feeling the pressure. Thanks πŸ₯  for the reminder. #almostdoctors

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6 months ago

β€œI want to look warm and not damaged.” Check out the behind the scenes footage!

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6 months ago

I call him β€œa scribble.”

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10 months ago

Now that I’m officially done with 3rd year, should I grow a mustache?

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1 year ago

Amazing how I started medical school a pathologist and turned into a psychiatrist. I guess it’s decided then. Anyone else surprised by where they ended up?

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1 year ago

Token surgery rotation pic inspired by all the cohorts who survived it before me and @frida_okeeffe who most recently looked amazingly statuesque in her scrubs. 😘 This is supposed to be my take on the power pose. #onlytwomoreweeks #medschool #surgery #scrubs

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1 year ago

2017. πŸ€”. It was pretty chill, I guess. At very least, my standing splits got pretty solid. Happy New Year! #finalworkoutoftheyear #split

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1 year ago

No, I didn't read any of these in 2017. In fact, I've been hauling most of these around since my days at Evergreen. What do you think? Is it time to let go?

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1 year ago

Abstract notebook doodles. Tell me your interpretations in the comments!

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

Thats a lot of candles. #30

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1 year ago

Brought this skill out of retirement after half a decade to celebrate the end of Obgyn! A little rusty, yes, but I think the skip at the end compensates well. Congrats cohort F! We made it.

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2 years ago

People: "So, what do you do for fun?" Me: "uhhh... good question." #yoga #ballet #circus ?

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