1 month ago

The parking lot winds convinced @fearthenbeer and I to cut the rack and choose a mellower objective. But as we arrived on the summit slopes of Flattop after two ‘pitches’ the day emerged in all its glory! ☀️ we brewed and shared a cup of coffee and hung out at 12k entertained by the stream of folks hucking🎿 down the Dragons 🐉 Tail!! #howihammer #gottagetuptogetdown #AK2019 #teamNFG at Rocky Mountain National Park

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

Been rollin down to Shelf road for the past few weeks for some try hard with an epic crew. #worthit Repost from @nomadclimber- Fortitude, Laser Focus, and 100% effort makes the improbable possible! at Shelf Road

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