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@schwarzenegger  Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back. TikTok and Snap: ArnoldSchnitzel

5 days ago

The machines are taking over.

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7 days ago

After our @ArnoldSports South America, @eddiejowilliams showed us he isn’t just one of the world’s strongest men - he’s a damn pop star. If you want to see a monster who can lift more than almost anyone in the world sing “Lean on Me”, this is for you.

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7 days ago

Fitness. Is. For. Everyone. Thank you Diego for inspiring the @arnoldsports South America crowd. Fitness is a right. This is why we hold the Arnold Sports Festivals all over the world.

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7 days ago

Once a barbarian, always a barbarian.

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16 days ago

I’m back. November 1.

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19 days ago

Click the link in my bio! REPOST: @weareladder For the first time ever, Arnold is sharing his top secret ingredient for his protein shakes. Get started today for 10% off - link in bio ☝️ #weareladder

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22 days ago

Let’s pump up Governor @larryhogan ’s #fairmaps bill, Maryland. Call your representative and tell them you’re sick and tired of gerrymandering and want them to support the bipartisan commission’s map. Check out the link in my bio.

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1 month ago

I think this is a first: winning the @arnoldsports Strongman and getting married in the same weekend. Congratulations guys. I was honored to celebrate with you.

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1 month ago

The @arnoldsports is about training your mind and your body. And believe me, this chess game was great training - for me.

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1 month ago

Am I doing this right? Follow me on @tiktok: aschnitzel.

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