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3 days ago

fantasizing over Valentine’s Day or maybe I’m just posing to show off our new BMF Red Snapback Trucker Hat _ _ _ Happy Valentine’s Day go spoil someone and while you’re at it get them a hat or two @bodymachinefitness at Body Machine Fitness

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10 days ago

in trenches all day with @ethanmarinefit and most likely tomorrow _ _ _ make your choice you have two options it doesn’t get easier than that _ _ can’t you see the excitement in our faces, or maybe it’s just the sun #doitforthegram at Body Machine Fitness

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15 days ago

is long, windy, rocky and endless it’s always seems to challenge me and doesn’t have a dead end if I was to say my path is easy or safe I would be lying but one thing i do know is that I will never be afraid at times I halt at fears doorstep but i know fear can not be trusted as it is just a illusion my brain creates to stop me from achieving what i want, i am not afraid or fearful THEREFORE I am free _ _ my path may be different than yours but that doesn’t make it better or worse the direction I chose is just different, take ownership of your path, walk that shit with pride and courage then own it _ always listen and lead with your heart it will always take you down the right path at Plano, Texas

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17 days ago

shout out to the best training crew in #Dallas you don’t believe come check us out yourself _ _ _ by the way, while you’re in the studio today enjoy 30% off of all PureBody products _ _ my favorite is the lotion because your boy gets ashy so try some today _ our new #februarychallenge is starting tomorrow so go sign up for all the classes catch me tomorrow at 5am or 615am then a double dose of me on Saturday at 8am or 12 at Body Machine Fitness

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24 days ago

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift _ _ _ some common mistakes: rounded back squat instead hinging shoulders slouching locked knees _ _ the dumbbell romanian deadlift is a hinge dominant movement focus on driving your hips back while lowering the dumbbells slowly keep your shoulders back the entire time while focusing on keeping your core engaged by bringing your rib cage down towards your hips at Body Machine Fitness

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30 days ago

my goal each day is to be better, stronger, and wiser bad experiences are just temporary and its all about our perspectives _ _ our behaviors are belief driven so if you believe that you can, it will happen be clear, concise, compelling, consistent and committed _ _ one thought and massive action is all it takes to achieve your dreams at Body Machine Fitness

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1 month ago

follow the hype come sign up for a class free week until 1/13 _ _ come catch me the rest of this week Tue: 12, 720pm Wed: 720pm Thu: 720pm Fri: 5am, 615am, 6pm Sun: 8am, 930am at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

new year new..... cut the shit _ _ _ take those up/downs from 2018 and help them elevate your life into the new year _ _ hello 2019, and to inventing new possibilities for myself and my life at Plano, Texas

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2 months ago

short week but let’s finish the year strong, keep the momentum going into next year _ _ _ short week schedule wed: 445pm, 720pm thu: 720pm fri: 500am, 615am sun: 8,930,& 11am _ _ also don’t forget to purchase some of our new merchandise i promise this apparel won’t disappoint... 10% off until 12/31 at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a cheesy sweater _ _ Merry Christmas to everyone! at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

why do we wait for massive moments in our life to start taking action _ _ ive heard this numerous times where someone gets life threatening news such as cancer and then in a instant decide to start living and giving back to people, taking time to spend with the people that are important to them, or spending time doing the things that matter most _ _ what if you could change everything today in a instant? what if you could be whatever you wanted to be? what if you can start enjoying life to the fullest? at Terrell, Texas

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2 months ago

hey booty, I need you to drop it low _ _ _ words can’t express how much @bodymachinefitness has elevated my fitness platform, i am beyond grateful for all the opportunities, the team and culture we have created in our community _ _ december is a special month for me because it marks my first year being with this amazing company i never knew how much more i had to offer until i let go of my fears and started to embrace coaching fitness on a bigger level, looking at this video you wouldn’t be able to tell that i used to be scared to get in front of a crowd of people and be able to express myself what you don’t see behind the scenes is all of the early mornings, late nights, and continual efforts to anxiously learn and become better at this craft each and every day _ the #bmftribe is so empowering and i am beyond proud to be apart of this amazing team and community @bodymachinefitness lets make 2019 even a better year at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

merry liftmas #bmfers _ _ _ weekend takeover with @ethanmarinefit and yours truly, come catch me for all three classes this Sunday and Ethan for all three classes on Saturday remember it’s just like the Saturday class schedule _ _ you don’t want to miss this see you this weekend squad at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

no matter what you go through in life, the ups, the downs whether if you’re rich, broke, or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company _ _ _ pain is something we will all encounter, its your responsibility to decide if you’re going to let yourself suffer understand that suffering is optional _ _ it’s optional because you have the ability to change anything you want but to grow from that, again is a option whether you decide to take that action is completely up to you at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

throwing it back to our days in #Miami _ _ _ there are few people i can count on that have been by my side since day one through the struggles through the growth through the process of life _ _ here’s to another year of prosperity and blessings happy birthday @co_world223 Love ya at Miami Beach, Florida

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2 months ago

tis’ the season of love and giving _ _ _ if you’re wondering what supplements give me that extra edge and push i suggest you try these _ _ i take the vegan protein twice per day, pre workout once per day, repair and refuel twice per day our supplements are lactose free, gluten free, soy free, hypoallergenic and have no artificial sweeteners _ you can get all three for $99.00 which comes out to $107.18 with tax if you spend $100 through December 24th you get 5 classes that you can keep or gift to that special person in your life at Body Machine Fitness

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2 months ago

when you tell yourself “I did this” and you’re coming from a place of authenticity then you can find the power to change it _ _ _ it is much easier to change what you are doing than to change what someone else is doing but it has to happen organically before you change anything you have to make a choice that this is how you want it to be _ _ you are always in the process of creating every moment or day right now as you’re thinking you’re painting your creation our reality is painted In our thoughts you are the creator of your destiny at Plano, Texas

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