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Loving Life Living out our Dreams Life's a choice What's yours..

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My beautiful Veteran Valentines. I love you Gorgeous! I'm happy to be traveling with you this Valentine's day! Since last February I have been able to do what I love and travel to a new destination(s) at least once a month.. every month.. && We are still on a roll. It's almost been 10 months since I've clocked into a JoB.. I'm the happiest I've ever been living out my life with Purpose. Being blessed day after day with a Life I Love. The best thing the Universe has ever given me is you @jenniferm2511 . I'm thankful every single day! You give me happiness I could never even imagine before. When you ran into me in Miami next to the Bayside marketplace as the yachts and boats past never could imagine such a perfect life with you. I love everything you do for me. You complement me so well. You have changed my laugh, amplified my happiness & made everything I do so much more impactful with you by my side! Everyday I wake up and realize I couldn't have a better Reality. All I can say is Thank You. I'm Forever Grateful for you! at Travel Lifestyle

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Take your Life into your own Hands. Only you can free yourself of mental slavery -Bob Marely Be more then what others ask of you. Be inspiring. Don't go through life.. Live It!! #stopwastingtime

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The moment you realize you dictate every result in your Life.. You start to be real careful what you tell yourself. Get into the habit of asking yourself.. "Does this support the Life I'm trying to create?"

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The Life

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Now this is what I'm talking about.. When you arrive at the beach at 8 p.m. & the pool looks fresh & ready. I'm down with that! #blessedlifestyle

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The Beauty is in the Journey & it all starts with a Dream!

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This man Bob Proctor years ago opened up my vision to a reality I could only imagine. He was the first to be courageous enough to let others know that you become what you think about. What you see on the "screen of your mind" is exactly what you will flourish into reality. What thoughts are you feeding your own mind? Be conscious with your thoughts. They shape your entire reality!

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The beauty in Miami in unparallel! From project Miami June 2018 Wynnwood Art District at Wynwood Art District

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Million Dollar Feelings

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Those who Know.. Grow.. I applaud those for doing things differently today for a better future due to the fact that nothing will change if we always do what we always have done.. is what you're doing today that same thing you were doing last year? Those who Know.. Grow.. Look for more.. the most beautiful thing in life is having knowledge give you Options. It's a blessing when the hardest thing in your Life in just deciding how you want it to be lived. Life's a choice and everything in it. What are you choosing? Every decision shapes your Reality

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