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@sassymcmac  beer + dogs that are not my own + mountains I call home

2 days ago

reduce. reuse. recycle. Rihanna. 🌎 All joking aside, that “there’s not planet b” tag line you’re seeing everywhere is totally cheesy, and totally right. Be kind to this planet. Be gentle to this planet. Treat it like those white sneaks you just bought and try in vain to keep spotless. Remember, without it, you wouldn’t have them or anything you know and cherish. It’s not about just views. It’s about survival. It’s about our future. It’s everything. 🌍 Explore it. Know it. Challenge yourself to find out something new about our natural home every day. Appreciate it, foster it. Be one with it, because truly, there isn’t another one like it (unless you want to start arguing the multiverse theory but, you know). 🌏 Let’s make every day earth day. #happyearthday at Heaven is Just A Place on Earth

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5 days ago

Taking a brief break from fighting with Illustrator to look at things that don’t make me wait to drive over my laptop. #TGIF, amirite? (Hey @adobecreativecloud, why is Illustrator CC so glitchy?! 😭) at Utah

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7 days ago

Seriously, was this place just a figment of my imagination? Or was it truly this gorgeous? Staying up to tinker with edits, learn some new tricks, and paint a little bit. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow morning’s 5:45 am alarm feels like 😭🤦🏼‍♀️🖤 at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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8 days ago

Back home after an epic weekend of backpacking, hiking, and unintentional canyoneering. Excited to share more shots with you all, but first, sleep. In a real bed. After a nice tequila drink 🦄 at Capitol Reef National Park

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13 days ago

Friends! @primitivebeer beer is turning one this weekend and is throwing a party to celebrate! Go celebrate with them and check out their gorgeous taproom if you haven’t already! Get a pour for me while you’re there, bummed to be missing it 😭 at Primitive Beer

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15 days ago

i’m sure you haven’t already heard this on social media but oh my god can you believe it was 80 today & we have a blizzard warning tomorrow lol k colorado amirite at Rocky Mountains

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17 days ago

did my first 14’er today and I gots tha sunburn to prove it 🔥 at Hell

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24 days ago

Also, gotta take a minute to brag on my favorite fluffy dude. This old man has been sick for the last few days and is still recovering from his ACL surgery 9 weeks ago. We’ve been slowly reintroducing him to hiking on easier trails, and today he did 4 whole miles with that big ole goofy grin on his face the whole time. I was nervous to take him out, but he had so much energy pent up from taking it easy the last couple of days. What a little badass. #prouddogaunt at Denver, Colorado

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24 days ago

we froze our tushies off trying to wait for sunset here. Much like how I feel this morning getting ready for hiking ☠️ at Big Sur, California

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25 days ago

great day to hide inside and have a Tarantino marathon ❄️

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1 month ago

The past couple of weeks of heavy snowfall/avalanche gnarlyness seems to be dying down, which means it’s finally back to the backcountry. I’ve enjoyed catching up on reading, finally making it to the boudlering gym (I did it yall! I climbed a wall on my first try...then panicked at the top because I was so high up but HOKAY), and planing some spring/summer backpacking trips though. Happy adventuring y’all, I can’t wait to share some pics of everything coming up 🖤 #colorado_creative at Tenmile Range

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1 month ago

when I travel I like to have a plan, knowing however that 99.9% of the time that plan will change. This was one of those moments that spawned from that change in plans. We were suppose to be in San Francisco, however when we got there it was rainy and flooding, so I altered the path after an evening and started heading back south, where I spent hours weaving in and out of mountains near Los Padres NF. Worth it. at Maricopa, California

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1 month ago

spent #bombcyclone catching up on work, reading, and editing. Who would have figured that a snow day could be so productive? at Big Sur, California

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