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5 days ago

My favorite part of @womanevolve TV is getting to be in my PJs and learn from incredible women. Still learning and growing on the production side but we’ve got so many exciting projects for 2019 _ Who do you want to see on the next season of PJ interviews? Loved these conversations with @imericacampbell @cjakescoleman @oloriswank @seritajakes @mrstx06 _ @womanevolve - - - - - - We’re dropping a new episode of The Pajama Interviews TOMORROW!! These raw and real conversations with Pastor @SarahJakesRoberts and a special guest are sure to keep you motivated and encouraged along your journey. This week we’re hanging out with @CJakesColeman. Be sure to tune into Woman Evolve TV TOMORROW for this all new episode! . . . #ThePajamaInterviews #SarahJakesRoberts #Testimony #WomanEvolveTV #WomanEvolve #Faith #Fun #Fashion

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7 days ago

I know life throws us some crazy blows. The kind of blows that make you never want to get back up again. Our world would be robbed if we lose out on the gifts God has placed in you. My prayer is that you will seek whatever intervention is necessary so that you can begin to discover the anointing and authority assigned to your name. God took my mess and turned it into ministry. I can’t wait to see what He can do with your pain. _ Thursday night’s Activate LA message, Still the One, is available on @tphonela YouTube and podcast. I hope it blesses you.

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9 days ago

Celebrating Ella Bella today! She turned 3 on Wednesday. 😊

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11 days ago

Studying for tonight. I hope you can join us in person or online. _ 8pm PST @tphonela

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13 days ago

There is some pain that is in our control and other wounds we can avoid. The only problem is that it’s not always easy to walk away or change your ways even when you know you’ll be better for doing so.... _ On this #transformationtuesday I’m praying that you will first seek to transform your soul over your body, finances, or career. _ My prayer is that you would value your heart, your definition of family and love, and your pursuit of purposeful living more than the comfort that comes with staying where we know our hope and heart is slowly being poisoned by fear, pain, and insecurities. _ No matter where you are on your journey it’s never too late to activate what you know and pave a way back to the vision God had in mind when he placed you. _ Looking forward to being in LA on Thursday night at 8pm for more moments like this with people I love.

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14 days ago

Loving this new Wildly in Love @shopwomanevolve set. Giving me all kinds of Valentine’s vibes. We’ve just dropped a new collection for you and I hope you love it as much as I do. _ It’s live now! Check it out.

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17 days ago

Last night in Denver was so special. I’m beyond excited to see what God will do tonight at 7pm. Bring a friend and leave revived!

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18 days ago

ATL! I’m coming your way 2/21/19 and I’m bringing my @womanevolve crew with me. Four of the 7 cities we’re headed to in a few weeks are at capacity and the other three (Detroit, ATL, Chicago) have limited seating _ This whole tour has been a major leap of faith for me and I’m so grateful that so many of you have responded. We’re working on our October cities and for bigger spaces next time. _ NY, Philly, N. Cal, Florida are just a few of the places we’re scouting. Where else should we come? Drop your city below.

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24 days ago

I do a little podcast with some of my @womanevolve friends each week. When we get finished catching up on all of the week’s news, we offer one another some advice, and then end with a little bite sized word. _ Do you listen to our podcast? What’s some of your other favorite podcasts? Mention them below. 👇🏾

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28 days ago

Don’t try to stay where you once were to make others comfortable. Let your growth challenge everyone and everything around you to shift. _ Last Thursday at Activate LA I preached a message called, The Ground is Shifting. You can catch the full message on YouTube or the @tphonela podcast.

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30 days ago

Thank you @trinitymiami for an incredible night. I think it’s safe to say we reached our breaking point. 🙌🏾❤️ _ Missed it? Need some more? Join us tomorrow at a morning service to hear my king @toureroberts and come back again for a special 5:30pm service with yours truly. _ Thank you @kiwisboutique for this cute and comfy jumpsuit.

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1 month ago

When God’s presence meets our hunger we make room for miracles to happen on earth. Hard to explain the energy of an Activate LA night, but it transcends every barrier, looks past every fear, and reminds our soul that it was meant to prosper. You’ve got to check out last night’s message, The Ground is Shifting. _ Because sometimes we need a reminder that this is no ordinary ground we traverse, but holy ground meant for those who will respond with faith when God sends us in the direction of our purpose. _ Check it out on the @tphonela app, YouTube, or podcast.

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