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@sarahaines  Cohost of @goodmorningamerica #gmadays. Mom to Alec & Sandra. 4ever mama to my 1st babies (at Rainbow Bridge) Peter & Trixie.

3 days ago

We just can’t seem to get a family shot when even half of us are looking at the camera - ha! @maxshifrin #Alec #Sandra

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26 days ago

ONE day at a time...EVERY step of the way. I love you @eringrau! #wegotthis. #Repost @eringrau with @get_repost ・・・ ONE. Today I’m ONE of 266,120 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Today I’m the ONE in 8 women who will get breast cancer in her lifetime. And today I start round ONE of chemo, the first step in a long journey to breast cancer survivor. But I’m lucky, as crazy as that sounds! I have incredible friends and family (especially my chemo cheering squad @jim.grau @sarahaines @mjn158!), access to amazing doctors and treatments, great health insurance, and a flexible and supportive job (🙌 @away @stephkorey @jennifer !).

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1 month ago

So he definitely got the “thinky” face from me @maxshifrin #Alec.

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2 months ago

Edie would have turned 2 years old today...happy birthday sweet girl! In her honor, I will lift her up in kindness. *PLEASE* do something in her name today (and post here). Let her ripple effect reach far and wide. Sending even more love to her parents @amandajmonteiro @mjn158 #Repost @amandajmonteiro with @get_repost ・・・ For one year, eight months and seven days I sang you are my sunshine to Edie. Tomorrow we celebrate her second birthday. It has been 114 days since we held her last and I have continued to sing this song to both my girls even though it is now bittersweet. This recording was created by her amazing music therapist with Edie’s heart beat. Edie we love you. Happy Birthday angel! #edithjean #stillafamilyof4 #alwaysafamilyof4

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