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1 month ago

Some years ago my dear friend @dj_milkmoney mailed me this book. A longtime lover of #maryoliver, this particular book of poems is the one I revisit the most. It rests by my bedside most nights, dog eared and cried upon and lauded and wrestled over like any well loved words should be. It is the first poetry I ever read to Santos as both a bedtime story and an awakening to the day. It is the book I throw in my bag when I am traveling, because it fits in nearly any tiny nook I shove it into, and it brings endless pleasure and questioning in less than one hundred pages. • It has stones and fish and insects and swamps. It has lamps and children and dreams and holidays. And, of course, it has one dozen moons. It is a source of constant inspiration, an ode to the life cycle of grief, an altar to observation. • Mary Oliver stays by my bedside because of all of this, because she taught me what it meant to have a writing life amidst the magic of the natural world, because she showed me what it means to write love letters to a place you come to know like your own breath or your lover’s back. • She was one of the greats and she will be missed. Rest in power Mary, may the wisdom of your moonlight keep blessing us all. • #manymoons #gettingfree2019 #motherhoodrising #poetry #writerslife #countryqueers #maryolivertaughtme

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2 months ago

I spent a large portion of this year cooking my way to joy. I’ve been thinking a lot about family legacies - what is meant to stay because it has helped us survive and what we have a sacred duty to destroy because it has helped us survive. They often look and feel like the same thing in my mind and body and heart. Every time I made a mole, a tamal, a salsa, a tortilla, un caldo - I saw all the ingredients thrown in, being in process, mixing the bitter with the sweet along with memories and desire and regret and reverence. At the end I was always reminded that it was a process with no recipe and glory found when the most intuition and trust in myself was used. In these spaces of holiness is where discernment would emerge and I could witness the result of both what has been a finely tuned practice over many years along with the guidance of unseen and unknown hands and spirits. • There is this notion that we only create goodness on our spiritual journeys, that there are only high vibes and sunshine, that there is only abundance and positive energy waiting for us on the other side with the wind of the ancestors at our back. I’ve always lived on its shadow side, unwilling or unable to move outside of its trap seeing both the lessons and the pains of lineage. Finally, I’m beginning to see that maybe it is the way of my people, and a damn fine gift to the universe, that some of us can hold so much space in shadow, in death, in loss, and in grief and uncertainty. It’s a gift that we can live a sacred existence amidst all of that without losing our taste for the finer things like a well cooked meal. . . . #yearofeternalspring #felizañonuevo #comidabuena #coatlicue #nepantla #elcenote #shenandoahvalley #pozoleverde #zacatecanas

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2 months ago

What else is there left to say? I mean, look at that face. A blessing a million times over. This kid is full of grace and joy and insight and a hundred damn questions a day and just it’s all I can do to be present for as many moments as humanely possibly before he surpasses me in height which really feels like it will be any day now. 🙏🏽😭🖤 . . . #yearofeternalspring #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #thisisfour #countryqueers #cumpleaños

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2 months ago

Just successfully drove this baby 45 minutes over country roads and through town to arrive in one piece. It took me a day and a night to make - just about as long as I was in labor - and was a good meditation on all the things mothering Santos has brought these last four years. Here’s to more birthdays filled with fluffy icing and continued patience and parenting with purpose and sticking our fingers in all the sweet things of life. . . . #yearofeternalspring #cumple #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #101cookbooks #violetbakerycookbook #countryqueers #capricornseason

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2 months ago

The most magical it’s ever looked. Here’s to finding gratitude in waiting for the kids to wake and to working class values that remember that we deserve good and beautiful things. . . . #feliznavidad #yearofeternalspring

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2 months ago

Winter #solstice started with an early morning epic tarot reading, proceeded to a full day of navigating childcare and work and a flooded front yard, talking shop with @centerforparticipatorychange, ending with a popcorn ball session courtesy @son_ofa_butcher and @teamreframe, fire cider and taco making and a head cold from hell, and an inspirational video from @hwanthology. Wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. Anything! Here’s to a winter’s beginning and a soon to be new year where manifestation and desire reign supreme. . #yearofeternalspring #elcenote #nepantla #radicalwomenco #countryqueers #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged #shenandoahvalley #singersglenn #elinvierno

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3 months ago

Harrisonburg Christmas Parade 2018. Between our makeshift sidewalk Indian food buffet, lukewarm hot chocolate that Santos didn’t give one lick about, close encounters with amigxs and primas, the Shenandoah Valley Ukelele Players which was basically the dynamite dyke elders of the valley, epic parade opening by @jmumrd, and low key anticlimactic Santa Clause denouement everything yesterday was basically amazing. 🥁🎄🧣 • #yearofeternalspring #feliznavidad #harrisonburg #shenandoahvalley #merrychristmas #marchingroyaldukes #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged

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