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1 day ago

🍃🍋 at the beach 🐚🍃 Can’t believe it’s bbp season already 🥰 This year I get to experience first hand what it’s like to support a candidate @nicolegeez 😅 & let me tell you, being a pageant fan is not as easy as it may seem. Waiting for hours anxiously on screening day to hear that your bet has made it as an official candidate, then making sure they have the pasabog & feel the love 🤣 & at the same time you want to share all your ideas & plans 😅 I’m learning pretty quick that this is a full time job & kudos to any pageant fan out there for taking your time & putting all your effort in supporting our candidates, no wonder we are one of the best pageant fans in the world or should I say “the universe rather”❤️🙌🏽🇵🇭 LABAN PILIPINAS ❤️✨🥰 To anyone asking where this bikini is from, it’s from a lovely queen 👙@lovedeliciae & it’s soon to launch ❤️🥰✨

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6 days ago

One of my gorgeous besties @nicolegeez just submitted her application form for @bbpilipinasofficial PAK! DAT FACE 😵😭🥰 LABAN 👑🇵🇭✨ ✨✨✨ Btw her handbag is from her hometown Ilocos Sur! ❤️ I am so excited for your journey & I will be with you every step of the way 🥰 I can’t wait for everyone to witness the person you are, confidently beautiful with a heart ✨🥰❤️ Thank you to her fairy godmothers: -Makeup by @raymsgalang ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ -Hair by @davegrona -Outfit by @mikeeandrei at Araneta Coliseum

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15 days ago

March is all about healing & being creative 🥰🌿✨

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19 days ago

Happy girls are the prettiest 🥰 So thankful to have met such beautiful souls & get to share one of the greatest gifts we could offer each other, our time ✨ Life has its interesting ways of connecting people together & this trio is just 👌🏽meant to be 🌿 Love you girls ✨ team sparkle

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22 days ago

The smile I give when I did something naughty 😉.. like eating a whole pack of kitkats, I can’t help it... I LOOooovVe sweeeets 🥳😍🥺 What saves my smile is my @himalayaherbph Organic Toothpaste that’s free from all the nasties, like Fluoride, SLS, Carrageenan & Gluten, Keeping my teeth & gums extra healthy ✨ What’s your secret behind your beautiful smile?! 🥰❤️✨ Ps- for anyone asking where you can find them, they have it on lazada & Watsons #himalayaph #himalayabotaniqueph #itstimeto

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1 month ago

Beach Bliss 🐚✨ So in love with this yellow🍋bikini by @lovedeliciae 👙✨ Dreaming out loud: -One day I wish to have my own little (okay maybe not so little)tree house near the beach, growing my own veggies & fruit, painting in my « creative room », waking up to my bestfriend hubby & hopefully be a mother to 5 beautiful children ✨🥰 Teaching them how to value their time together, because time is the most precious thing we have. Running around chasing baby crabs & making sandcastles & having naps in the afternoon ❤️✨ Basically a safe haven where we can all feel at home ✨🌺🥰 at White Beach de Boracay Station 1

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1 month ago

Can I please be this tan forever 😅✨ Today was such a fun day, shooting for @lovedeliciae 👙, sipping on coconuts, eating pizza, jumping of a 5metres with @mselizabethclenci & making new memories & friends 🥰❤️✨ at Mrs Sippy Bali

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2 months ago

Hello Bali 🌿 Can work be like this everyday, pretty please? Loving the feel & colour of my @lovedeliciae 👙 I can’t wait for you guys to see the real pictures 🥳 they are sooooooooo nice 🙌🏽❤️😍✨ at Seminyak, Bali

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2 months ago

I still can’t believe that I ticked this paradise off my bucket list & now I’m ticking Bali too 🥰🤩😍 It’s crazy how life works... It started as a dream & now it’s a realization ... I would’ve never guessed I would come here to shoot for an awesome startup bikini brand of someone who I look up to @lovedeliciae & at the same time have extreme fun & make new lifetime friends 🌿 Life seems to be speaking to me & giving me subtle signs... that I’m following. I have no exact reason for why, where or what but all I know for sure is, that I feel at Peace, balanced & at ease... That gut feeling of «  I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know everything is going to be perfectly okay » Ps- To whoever comments mean things & gets offended by me baring parts of my skin... This is my body, my right & my choice & I wish to celebrate it & do what makes me happy, not what you would like me to be or do 🥰🌿✨ at White Beach de Boracay Station 1

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2 months ago

Island girl by heart ✨❤️ It’s my first time here in Boracay & I’m shooockethh! It’s breathtaking ✨🔥 So grateful for life... & to be working with such amazing human beings Being by the sea always makes me feel at peace & makes me sooooooo HAPPPY! This is a little in between shoot we took with the iPhone in portrait mode. 📸 credits to my talented queen @mselizabethclenci Ps- looooook at the color of my bikini 👙it’s YELLOWWW 🍋🙌🏽🥰 I got it from @lovedeliciae When they will be available, trust me. All my besties going to be rocking them 🔥🙌🏽 they are bommmmmbbb at Boracay

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2 months ago

Today I woke up feelings like I wanted to have some freckles so that’s exactly what I did 😂, I also convinced my future miss universe @nicolegeez to get dolled up & go snap some 🔥 pictures outside 🥰✨😅 I can’t believe we took these pictures with portrait mode on the iPhone🥳 Had so much fun getting to know all the quirky little things that makes her so lovable 🥰✨ like the fact that she hates cake 🍰☹️ but loves sushi cake 🍣🤣 or a chocolate chip cookie cake 🍪with vanilla icecream 🍨🙌🏽😳. It’s so refreshing to spend time with such a beautiful soul & not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous, but most importantly she is beautiful on the inside 🥰❤️✨ I know, I know I sound so sappy 🙄😅🤣 But sometimes it’s good to let them know how they make us feel, because sometimes they don’t even know themselves 🥰✨❤️ Who is that one person that you love spending time with & cant get enough of their funny traits that make them uniquely them? #appreciationpost at Flair Towers

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2 months ago

I said to myself this year, would be the year to fulfil my passion projects ✨🙌🏽🥰 Im getting ready to stop being a perfectionist & stop giving excuses because of my fears. One of my passion projects is to open up my YouTube Channel. I’ve always wanted to create videos & I’ve been doing so, but I would be always ashamed to post it, because of the quality or I would always feel like it was never good enough🙃 Im not doing that anymore. You my 🍋s give me so much courage & motivation to be my most authentic self ✨🥳 So this week I’m taking action & I will start to film! 🙌🏽✨ What do you guys wanna see? Vlogs of my favorite restaurants? Maybe some make up tutorials? How about some DIY projects? Redecorating a room? A Dance challenge? Maybe local product reviews? Get to know me tag? My dad does my makeup? Tips & tricks on how to survive a pageant? Or should I do a collab with my bomb friends? Let me know, what you wanna see 🥰 Thank you my beautiful 🍋’s fam. It’s crazy to imagine that you are almost 40 thousand lemonades following me on this crazy life adventure 🥳 ARGHHH... I can’t wait too see what’s in store this year ❤️ I owe you all so much for my growth & I promise I will give back as much love as I can to each & every one of you ✨ You are a blessing 🍋✨ Ps- a Special thank you to @jacquelinehammoude she motivated me to post more on IG, thanks babe for pushing me forward! 🥳✨ #lemonadesfam #is #thebest #mamalimonada #fkin #happy #2019 #itstimeto #livelifetothefullest #itsmorefuninthephilippines at Poblacion, Makati

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3 months ago

Happy 2019 🥰 We went all out 😂 Hope you guys had a fun New Years too 😍❤️🥰🤩✨

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3 months ago

Lazy sunday kinda day ✨ I can’t believe tomorrow is the LAST DAY of 2018✨🥺 Reminiscing about all the blessings and hardships I went thru, but I genuinely feel like this year was one of the most memorable so far ✨ The universe works in wonderful ways & it connects different souls to your path in hopes to teach you a lesson or make a life long friend or in my case Family ✨ I feel so grateful for another year of growth & I wanted to thank everyone (you know who you are) especially my lemonades fam✨ who had supported me thru out my journey & I am even more excited to share with you what’s yet to come, I promise you guys that when I do make it, i gotchu covered for life✨🤩❤️ Thank you & I f%cking LOVE YOU 😍❤️🍋 at Poblacion, Makati

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3 months ago

To my baby sister, you are one of my favourite people in my life ✨ We are so lucky to have each other & this amazing bond, that sometimes makes me forget we are even 10years apart 🤣 Life with you is wayyyyyyyy funner & you push me to strive to be a better person & to follow my dreams. You are one of my top cheerleaders and I hope I make you feel the same way (or even a little more) 😭 so you can feel safe & proud of being my sister ❤️✨ The coolest thing is that we can be genuinely ourselves around each other, doing absolutely nothing yet still so connected, or annoy the S% #* out of one another, but in the end of the day we love each other more than words can ever express 🤗🥳✨ I cannot wait until you get a bit older so we can start doing more grown up things together ❤️🥰✨(I’m so selfish huh? You just turned 14 and I’m wishing you were older? 😂😂😂sorry I cannot help it) Im soooooo grateful to have the best sister in the whole universe ✨🥳 I love you & im about to surprise you with this cake right now 🥰❤️ #bestsisterever #happy14thbirthday

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