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@sambarbertattoo  Owner of @northofwinter studio ❄️🐺❄️ 📧- Part of @theratpacktattoo family 🐀

4 days ago

Making new friends in Mykonos ❤️ 🐾 Photo by @yomicomoreno

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2 months ago

I’ll be working at this years @bignorthtattooshow in Newcastle on 27th and 28th April... if you would like to book please email me at with subject BIG NORTH .. Would ideally like to work on a 2 day piece but single day projects also welcome ✌🏻 . . #bignorthtattooshow

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2 months ago

Had a great time tattooing and talking random stuff with tattoo dad @paultlbt the other week ✌🏻This guy tattooed me like 6 years ago when I first started tattooing, like literally I had been learning for a matter of months, and I can’t express my gratitude enough for the sound advice he gave me back then and the encouragement to pursue my career as an artist.. since that day he has helped me in so many ways, he didn’t even have to give me a minute of his time when we first met but he literally got out his machines and started to explain all the technical stuff I didn’t have a clue about until midnight ! he probably doesn’t even know how much he has influenced me since day 1, and how grateful I am for him. It was super weird and nerve racking tattooing the guy who set me on the right path back then when I had barely put needle to skin, but a moment I will cherish :) we still have a bit to do on the tattoo but here is some photos of so far! If you don’t already then you should definitely follow @paultlbt ✌🏻 ❤️ one of the most honest and genuine humans i can call a true friend. at The Modern Electric Tattoo Co.

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3 months ago

My Dad’s mate wanted a Man City badge half sleeve to cover an old City badge tattoo... so yeah... hadn’t done one of these in a few years! Half healed and half fresh ...

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