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Into the wild ミ — East-Java 🇮🇩 was such a huge positive surprise! There was no limit of incredible sights. We’re planning new trips in West and Central Java and we love to get all your recommendations! . HUGE SALE! ✦ 35% discount on all presets Mobile + Desktop combination collections. Use the code SALTYFAN during checkout. at Malang

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That moment with you on a secluded beach ♥️ ⁣⠀ —⁣⠀ First of all: THANK YOU, for all the lovely birthday wishes! Expect a lot of pizza and gelato on IG stories starting this Monday when we start our little road trip through Italy & later travel to Budapest. ⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ⌲ MOBILE PRESETS now $25 - link in bio at Nusa Penida Island

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Dreaming about Petra✨ —— There’s no other place in the world were we dreamed about visiting more than Petra❤️ Our expectations were super high and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Walking around in this city carved out of stone was an absolute dream come true💫 — Our new guide will tell you everything about incredible place😍 — ⌲ Read our new free guide on SALTINOURHAIR.com ⤸ or find the link in our IG stories. — ⌲ Mobile presets only $25 - link in bio at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan

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You’re the best of travel ♥️ — Sharing experiences together and being able to look back on memories together is one of the best things of traveling. What are your favorite things about traveling? . MASTER COLLECTION PRESETS ✦ We have announced the winners in our IG Stories! 😍 at Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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OUR PARADISE ♥⁣⠀ —⁣⠀ Sri Lanka was the first country, 3 years ago, that we completely fell in love with. So much love that we even wrote an 80+ pages ebook about the country including cool graphics, transport information, and extra route options. You can get a sneak peek inside on saltinourhair.com/ebooks.⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ✦ LAST DAY TO WIN! ✦ ⁣⠀⁣⠀⁣⠀ Win our Master Collection Presets. Share your all-time favorite Salt in our Hair photo on your IG Stories & tag us. at Sri Lanka

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Bali, you got us! (read until end)⁣⠀ —⁣⠀ We'll be honest with you, we're already looking forward to returning to Bali after the European summer. 😳 We have some great projects planned you will love!⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ✦ MASTER COLLECTION PRESETS 🎊 ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Share your all-time favorite Salt in our Hair photo on your IG Stories & tag us. One of you will win our Master Collection Presets for Phone & Desktop!⁣⠀ at Bali, Indonesia

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Wherever we may wander, let it be with you ♥️ — We love, travel, argue, and get extremly hangry on a daily base but I can’t wish a better person live my life with. . If you follow our Stories, you’ve seen that we are redecorating our room and it’s getting there! Some asked, why the heck do you paint your room if you aren’t there? Well, from this year we plan to fly back a little more often to the Netherlands to see family & friends. . ✨ PRESETS GIVEAWAY: Share your all-time favorite Salt in our Hair photo on your Instagram & tag us. One of you will win our Master Collection Presets for Phone & Desktop! at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan

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TAKE ME TO THE TROPICS 🌿 — Perfect palm trees hanging over pristine white beaches. It felt unreal, wandering around the islands of El Nido. Our entire free travel guide is online on ⌲ SALTINOURHAIR.com ♥️ . We’re busy planning our upcoming trips and decisions change all the time. 🙈 We’re planning Venice, Florence, Rome 🇮🇹 plus their surroundings finished by Budapest. We’re ready to all your recommendations for the locations! ↡ at El Nido, Palawan

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Earth as our Art 🍃 — We like to see the earth as a gigantic piece of art. 🌍 A piece of art that we all need to take care of as best as possible. We got very aware of this just in the two years. Why not earlier? Well, back home everything is taken care of, and you don’t see where your garbage ends up or what the environmental consequences are of certain choices you make. . We’re most definitely not the perfect example but try to do our best to cut down plastic, use refill bottles, and eat less meat. What are the things you do and what are your top tips for us and everyone else? ♥️🍃 . ⌲ Mobile Presets now $25 - link in bio! at El Nido, Palawan

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THE JUNGLE PLAYGROUND (swipe to see a real pro jump from this tree🍃) — From the tropical jungle 🌴 to the cold Netherlands 🇳🇱 . We had some downtime, relaxed and have been catching up with family & friends. It’s always good to reflect back on the work you’ve done and we’re already stoked for the new projects and travel coming up. Nothing is planned but it’s all fantastic ideas! . LIVE Q&A 🥳 : Now we have a little more free time, write down the questions you would like to ask and we’ll answer it soon in a IG live. . ⌲ Mobile Presets now $25 - link in bio! at Siargao Island

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THE CITY’S GATEWAY ✨ — We would’ve loved to capture Egypt and Jordan by drone, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. It was challenging to search for a different level but when a local walked up to us and showed us that we could climb the tower we finally had that bird-eye view 😍 We did have to tip him afterwards 😛 . By the way; is Egypt part of the Middle East or Africa? We thought Africa but the internet says both 😳😂 . ⌲ Mobile Presets now $25 - link in bio! at Cairo, Egypt

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