21 hours ago

Wine, shows, verses!!!! I leave it all out there - Good Morning 🌞

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21 hours ago

Good Morning!!!!!!😃 I’m in the Lab today and tomorrow, Let’s get it in. You know where to find me for that work

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3 days ago

Copenhagen March, 16th

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4 days ago

Still in Charlotte!!!!! Got a couple weeks before I bounce to Europe. Holla at me for your studio needs

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4 days ago

Dot X and big Oak!!! These players today ain’t built for Oak!!! Him , Rod , and John starks my trio !!! Can’t leave off Bernard

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4 days ago

I’m back to life after my super hero treatment!!!! Ok Charlotte I’m about to go in !!!!

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5 days ago

Had to get recharged!!! Don’t wish asthma on anyone!!!! Thanks to these coolass medics in Charlotte!!!! Normally I don’t panic but I was there today!!

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5 days ago

I’m having a super bad asthma day down here in Charlotte. I have to perform in a couple of hours and I don’t have my pump

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5 days ago

Next out the chamber “ God’s & General’s “ a Double LL collaborative!!!!! - U have no idea what we giving y’all- @thirstinhowlthe3rd @coalminemusic - VIDEO DONE!!!

1k 23
5 days ago

March 8th Madrid ,Spain we will be there!!!!!

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