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4 months ago

The best kind of people are the ones that celebrate your dog's first birthday πŸ₯³ . . So lucky to have amazing group of friends to share our corgi adventures with. More to come in 2019! . . And yes those are unicorn party hats. Their #unicorgs! 🀩 at South Lake Tahoe, California

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5 months ago

Happy Holidays! Things that stand out this year: the many weddings we were a part of, corgis, work craziness, corgis, Thailand, poop πŸ’©, and did I mention corgis? #theyrunmylife #butiloveit at Bass Pro Shops

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11 months ago

One year and a corgi later. Exactly one year from now I'll be part of the Tran clan lol. Please don't let it be a heat wave a year from now 🀞😭 at Carmel Beach CA

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11 months ago

Another year down. Happy anniversary! I give you permission to eat my leftover tacos from last night 😊

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1 year ago

I use to be able to sleep in, take my time in the morning, not worrying about feeding someone else or picking after them. Life as I know has changed but for the better ☺️ @ilovecharliethecorgi #dadbod

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1 year ago

Our first family photo 🌿 __________________________ Hung and I have always wanted a dog. We've babysat friend's and family's dogs plenty of times, volunteered at Humane Society on the weekends, went to dog parks without dogs, and corgi con without a corgi and with our friend's corgis. This was our way in getting our dog fix until we had one of our own. Now I am proud to say we are parents of a 8 week old corgi named Charlie. We hope to instill all the lessons we've learned and hopefully raise a good dog. The best part is that I get to experience the joy of #corgipuppyhood with Charlie's litter mates parents πŸ™ƒ@stephyscoolbeans @jloi002 @hungster @sobellybat @richachao __________________________ Stop by @ilovecharliethecorgi to watch him grow 🌱 at Upper Lake, California

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1 year ago

She's my bread and butter, my avocado to my toast, my girl version of Hung lol. I love you so much and I'm excited to bond even closer in the next couple weeks 😘Round 2 in 2 weeks and no sleep in 1 week. 🀣 #allgrownup #letthechaosbegin at Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

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1 year ago

Celebrated an unusual Valentine's Day with these gentle giants. ❀️🐘 #ENP at Elephant Nature Park

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1 year ago

How I imagine Hung throwing pick up lines at me in a coffee shop and me laughing cuz I'm nice. πŸ˜‚ at Sea Calm cafe & bistro

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1 year ago

Sawadee ka from Thailand! πŸ‘‹ at Wat Pho

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